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The Night Owl

Most of the night (like the other nights this week) was really boring.  For the most part they all hung out together and played their favorite game where Amanda and Helen bash Judd and Jessie, and GinaMarie bashes Candice.  There as also a round of "let's do each others makeup" between Aaryn, Andy, and GinaMarie.  There are a few game talks worth mentioning though.

Early in the evening when Andy got Aaryn alone, he solidified the final 2 deal with her he has been working on all week.  He reassured her that no matter what it looks like in coming weeks, he is protecting her more than anyone else in the house.  Andy doesn't think he could beat McCrae or Amanda in the end, so Aaryn is his choice to take with him.  He said ideally he wants the 4 of them to make it to final 4, but if they have to lose Amanda or McCrae along the way he is okay with that.

Jessie continued to and still continues to campaign to people.  It's not working though. Each time she goes and talks to one of the HGs, the "house alliance" all run to talk to each other about it and make fun of her.  I'm certain she will be walking out the door tonight.

Amanda, McCrae, and Andy have big plans for the upcoming week and they are making it a lot harder than it has to be.  The plan is to get rid of Helen (I hope it works) by way of the backdoor, but they are trying to get their bases covered already even though Jessie's eviction isn't over.   Their plan is to have either McCrae or Amanda or Aaryn win HOH and put up GinaMarie and Spencer but backdoor Helen unless Helen is the one who wins veto.  However, to ensure that Elissa will still use the veto on GM or Spencer, they are telling her the plan is to backdoor Aaryn.  Because of their fake alliance with Helen, McCrae and Andy are telling Helen the same thing...that the plan is to backdoor Aaryn.  This could potentially get Aaryn up on the block next to Spencer, but they are okay with that as they will just vote Spencer out instead of Aaryn. When Helen heard about the plan she said she did not want to have to be the one to backdoor Aaryn, so if it comes down to her and McCrae for HOH, she plans to throw it to him. Same for veto. If she really means that she is even more stupid than I thought.

The thing is, I think all these plans are about to become null and void.  There are a lot of rumors flying around right now about the jury twist, but I have a feeling (and have been told by a few people) that whatever is going to happen (most likely one of the jury members coming back into the game) is going to happen this week.  If that's the case, that will change all their plans.  If they come back with a week of immunity it may not change much, but if they come back in with no power at all, chances are Amanda and Helen will go balls to the wall trying to get that person out that returned.

Helen also did some paranoid freaking out after Amanda had a long conversation with Jessie in the have-not room.  Amanda boasted her plan to Jessie about how to get her out of the veto comp etc..  and somehow the info got transferred from one HG to another and ended up as "Amanda doesn't trust Helen" by the time it got to Helen.  Helen then ran to McCrae who of course nodded, smiled, and agreed with everything Helen said since they are in a fake alliance.  It was all a little comical.

That's pretty much it.  I'm hoping after the eviction tonight that the new HOH brings some interesting things.  If Helen should win it will throw a wrench in the plans of Amand, McCrae, and Andy.  If Spencer wins it could really be a free for all since no one knows what he would really do, and if Amanda, McCrae, or Aaryn win, it will likely be bye bye Helen barring her winning the veto.  All of these scenarios should bring more entertainment than a week of Jessie on the block.  So, my fingers are crossed.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (4)

Since I am going for Spencer right now, I am hoping that the shit finally goes down this week between Helen and Amanda's sides. I hope they all just start going after each other while Spencer just stands back, promises to vote with whoever is in power for safety, and coasts to the final three.

You don't know how much I would laugh my ass off if the final four were Spencer, GM, Aaryn and Amanda.
August 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDalyn
I will watch till the bitter end even though this season to me is a complete bore. cbs seriously needs to update this game where they cant predict the challenges etc.. change the rules for the use of the HOH room. I can barely get through an episode, so glad I have been recording it so I can fast forward through most of it.

I don't know how you have done it this season Ash, I really don't.
August 15, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermjude
Agree with mjude. Major laziness on production's behalf. The have-not comps, food punishment voting, repetitive games, challenges make the season an extra bore especially when you have lackluster contestants. It's pathetic when the HG's are predicting the specific challenge beforehand. New things need to be introduced in this game show. I would love for them to steal from Canada and give the evicted houseguest the privilege of rewarding or punishing a HG a certain way (cash prize, movie night, cold showers, banana suit, etc.) I honestly enjoy the Gossip Show more than Big Brother at this point. Anyone else agree?
August 15, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterwoodycorn44
Honestly I have watched the past 6 weeks hoping that on eviction night of each that somebody will step up and shake things up by NOT voting with the house and maybe we will see a surprise eviction,but tonight simply has new meaning for me,and that is that I can go in seeing no surprises,and that i'm going to be dissapointed to see that Jessie gets evicted.

Which brings me to my ultimate point of the day and of the season. That based upon the events of this week. Tonight's eviction of Jessie has NOTHING to do with gameplay or strategy,but with pure hate,and it disgusts me. It's not fun to watch that,not at all. It's one thing to vote out someone cause they are a threat to your game,it's another to do so cause you hate them.

After tonight I really don't care anymore. I don't care to watch these remaining houseguests continue on to make hateful and insensitive comments about previously evicted houseguests,like Jessie or Candice,or Judd or whoever. That's not entertaining. After tonight I'm fast forwarding through all of that crap and just watching the gameplay segments only. Cause really there is nothing else to watch during the show that is worth watching.
August 15, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertrerob30

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