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The Night Owl

Well, I am exhausted.  Helen is a very talented woman. With very little effort put out on her part she can absolutely wear you out with her looping campaign circles.  She SAID she wasn't going to campaign much and claims that she hasn't as it is only Monday and she has until Thursday, but if she is going to up her game, I'm not sure I will be able to handle it.

After Spencer was put on the block (as expected) Helen started her campaign early in the afternoon.  She cried, she threatened, and she made promises.  I'm not sure she realizes she is on the block against Spencer and not Amanda though as most of her campaign is aimed at anti-Amanda stuff.  As for the reactions, McCrae did his dismissive "yeah...ummhmm...yep...yup....I dunno...uhhuh" thing to everything Helen said and really only spoke up to ask her if Ellissa has been MVP this whole time.  Helen told him she didn't know.  After that he was non-committal about his vote.  Andy flat out told Helen he was definitely going to keep her (he isn't).  GinaMarie also told her she was keeping her (she isn't), and Elissa of course actually IS keeping Helen as of now, but she is the only one.

After McCrae's marathon listening session with Helen, he told Amanda some of the things she said to him.  Some of it was about not thinking Amanda was one of the "good people" and there may have been some mention of Amanda "bullying" people.  This sent Amanda into a rage and she had to resort to listening to Aaryn's CD to keep herself from going and confronting Helen as each of her allies in the HOH room begged her not to say anything but simultaneously placed bets on her not being able to keep her mouth shut.  For a little while it seemed like she would eventually erupt and there might be some drama, but she simmered down and the promise of drama died.

After a while Elissa and Helen kind of secluded themselves and eventually went to bed. The rest of the house got a small amount of alcohol, immitated the Beaver from the OTEV competition, and just had general chit chat. 

For a little while Andy, Aaryn, and GinaMarie solidified their final 3 deal, and Amanda and McCrae fought about Amanda being jelous of Aaryn (so shocked) and about people liking McCrae in the house.  Amanda is also apparently upset that sometimes McCrae wakes up and doesn't instantly wake her up to come hang out with him... I can't make this stuff up. This is really what she fights with him about.

That's pretty much it. It wasn't a super exciting night.  The only thing game wise really going on is that they all agree (except for Elissa) that Helen must go, and they all agree (except for Elissa) that Elissa MUST not get HOH.  They also suspect that a juror is coming back this Thursday (except for Amanda who does not believe there will be a returning player)  and all made a pact to just have a house meeting agreeing to get rid of that person immediately because "it's not fair".  I'm hoping some of them come to their senses and realize they could use the returning juror to their advantage.  I mean if you took whoever returns (outside of Helen since she just left) you have the perfect final 2 argument. "I fought for the 1, 2, or 3 weeks this person was in jury and didn't have to worry about competing, and I didn't have to have a second chance to get back in the game."  I know that Gary made it to final 2 and almost won in BB Canada, but this cast is very different and they all view it as such an unfair thing, I think whoever took that person with them would win automatically.  Just something to think about instead of dismissing it so quickly.  If they wanted to use the MVP twist to their advantage, might as well use this twist too, right?

Anyway, Spencer is on the block with Helen, and Helen is still going home.  I expect to see a LOT of campaigning the next couple days, and hopefully some fireworks when Amanda just can't hold her tongue any longer.  Amanda has also been losing it over Aaryn a little lately thinking that Aaryn is now after her boyfriend (now that Jessie is out of the picture I guess SOMEONE has to be after McCrae).  So, maybe SOMETHING entertaining will happen.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night..

Reader Comments (7)

I like the "night owl" but I do not understand why you are so biased against Helen in every post. It's exhausting. What should be said is how at least she is trying to save herself and not giving up. Remember this is a GAME!! It's not who has the best personality. That being said, I find it really disturbing how whoever is the "victim" of the week (the one going home), is the one the whole house bashes. Andy is a rat plain and simple. Mccrae and Amanda think they deserve to win. They are a DUO!! Break them up already!!!! Why the house doesn't see this is stupid. Aaryn said to us in DR that she likes and trusts Helen more YET she puts up Helen. Doesn't make sense. Perfect karma would be Helen leaving and immediately returning. Want to see that weasel Andy try to talk his way out of that one. Spencer is an idiot too. He could have been off block if be would vote against Amanda but somehow is protecting her. Well you're on the block now idiot!!! This cast sucks. Hope CBS does something to not allow bigots and bullies win. Helen PLEASE return Thursday and get someone from 3 AM out!!
August 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
Doc, I have to ask, do you have the feeds? If not then please understand Helen is exhausting when the gets going. We've now watched her for almost 2 months on the live feeds - please also remember there are several different people that write for the site (I don't write the Night Owl) and yes - most of us are tired of Helen's talking - then again I'm tired of most every HGs talking - its the nature of Big Brother.

Helen's biggest downfall in my opinion is her 'good vs bad' people BS and talking to the camera ("America") and telling HGs what "America" wants or thinks. She treats most of the other HGs like they are children and, in Spencers case, she is now reaping what she sowed when she constantly told him he should be happy to make jury.

Again, if you have the feeds, I don't understand how you can't see how some people would be tired of Helen at this point, if you don't have the feeds, remember you only see 5-10 minutes of Helen a week, just last night I listened to her talk for at least 2 hours.
August 20, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterindymike
I have to agree that Helen can talk! I wanted either Amanda or Helen to go home so this week is going great in my opinion. Now I would have preferred for Amanda to go just because I think that would have shaken up the house a lot more than Helen going home and since Amanda cannot seem to win anything, I highly doubt she would have been the one to return on Thursday, just saying.

As for the returning house guest, I think Candice coming back would create the biggest drama. The stuff GinaMarie was saying about her a few days ago was terrible. I almost had to turn off my feeds because of how appalled I was. That being said, I still like GinaMarie, every single person in the world has someone they don't like. People talk about others, that's the way it is everywhere! So it's a whatever factor to hear any of the house guests talking about people. Doesn't change my opinion of them. After all this is just a game.

Now if Judd came back, that would be awesome. I really liked Judd and hated seeing him go because Amanda thought he was MVP, which of course we all know he wasn't. I think Amanda would go ballistic and that would be too funny!

Amanda annoys me with her behavior. She's like a child. If she doesn't get her way she throws a fit and screams about it and then takes it out on whoever she can. Ugh Annoying! Now she wasn't like that in the beginning so I don't know if it just her game play or if this is indeed how she normally is, but if it is gameplay, it seems to be working to her benefit, kind of. Obviously some of the house guests would not mind if she was gone but are too afraid to make the move. But if the house decides to 'grow a pair' she could be in some deep trouble.

I am hoping one of the returning house guests, including Helen, or Elissa wins HoH on Thursday and puts Amanda and McCrea on the block together. Guaranteed the house would keep McCrea over Amanda.
August 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRee
Indymike, I totally agree with you about Helen and how she talks down to people like she's their mother and I DO have the feeds BUT as much as Helen is exhausting at times, the other HG's aren't much better so to single out one person(Helen) to be makes no sense.

Amanda - bully, paranoid when she's on block but mocks others when they are on block. Hasn't won a thing!!! Yet tried to control every HOH and always assumes she can hang and sleep in HOH room

McCrae - lap dog. Enough said

Andy - biggest rat ever on BB. Hate when he has crocodile tears for those he votes out like Judd. He voted them out!! If he wanted them to stay then vote someone else out. He's playing for 3rd place at this point.

Aaryn - as much as she IS a racist, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but she deserves to win. She's a comp beast!! Her only downfall is she doesn't think for herself. She's easily swayed by the bullies (Amanda and mccrae and Andy).

GM - bitch, classless, dumb, and annoying.

Spencer - hypocrite!!! He cries that he's the pawn every week but when offered to vote out Amanda if they backdoored her, he says "I'm not voting against Amanda!" WTF!!!!!! Now he's on block as renom. Karma a bitch Spencer!! Enjoy jury

Elissa - yes annoying at times and yes crazy as a loon BUT she had target on her back from day 1!!! Why? Because she was Rachel's sister?!?!? C'mon now. That was dumb reason. I hope she wins or comes in second because she truly is a nice person and stayed with her morals about getting rid of the true "mean" people (Aaryn and GM). She never lost sight of what they said earlier in the game

Whew!! Ok that's my opinion. Lol. I respect yours completely!! I guess I just didn't understand why you singled out a great player (Helen) who yes is annoying but is playing game too. And everyone else is just as if not more annoying
August 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
It's simple, Doc. Helen was singled out on THIS post because she was the center of attention last night. The feeds were all about her. What you say may be true (although I'd say some of it is debatable), it has nothing to do with what happened last night. The expectation that every post should include YOUR opinions about everybody is just not going to happen.
August 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Doc, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion of the HGs, and you can comment it here, blog it, tweet it, or whatever you want to do with it, but the Night Owl blog is a combination of my opinions and what actually happened overnight. As Scott said, this post was more about Helen than anyone because she was star of the feeds last night. She is campaigning like crazy and therefor giving me a lot of material for sarcasm and self amusement. For the record, I can't stand it when they give up, so of course in reality I'm happy that she didn't just lay down. However, I am highly sarcastic and would be bored to death with myself and miserable if I just wrote an update blog each night listing every fact that happened. That's what sites like Jokers are for. And just as you have your opinions, I also have mine. I don't enjoy Helen most of the time and I do find her exhausting for all the reasons Mike listed plus some. I usually pick on Amanda more than anyone because she is often front and center and gives me so much material, but really, no one is safe. I'm going to pick on all of them, even if I like them a lot. Helen and Amanda become bigger targets for my sarcastic blows because they are for the most part controlling each eviction and so they are on my feeds more often than the other HGs.

I am glad that every one of them has fans this season. That's what makes BB fun. We all have opinions and none of them are exactly the same. The thing I could never do is write my blog trying to appease the opinions of other people rather than giving my own. I will also never tell you who you should or shouldn't like. If you like Helen, I appreciate and respect that, but it doesn't mean I won't still make fun of her for things I find ridiculous when I write my blog.

You don't have to tell me this is just a game. I spend plenty of time saying that during personal attacks via twitter and other social media just because one of my opinions is different from someone else's opinion. The thing is, for us it isn't even a game, it's just a TV show, and I don't take it any more seriously than that.

I appreciate that you read my posts, and I actually do appreciate that you give your opinions in the comments and I respect that your opinion is different from mine. However, I can't promise fact I can't even say it's likely that I will stop poking fun at Helen any time soon. Just know that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING I say about them is in jest and to entertain myself including saying that Helen is exhausting (even though there is truth to that).

Everything I am trying to say has actually already been summed up for the most part in what Mike and Scott said in their comments, and they said it better than I could, but as the author of the post I wanted to personally respond. .
August 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAsh
Doc, just so you know, there's at least one other person who likes Helen -- me! I'm probably the only author here on who is solidly with #TeamHelen. One of my earlier posts was about why I kinda like her:

That said, yeah, Helen got a lot of opinionated attention here recently because she's been the key house guest on the feeds this week. I really enjoy Ash's "Night Owl" posts ... even when the target of her sarcasm happens to be my favorite house guest. :-)
August 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John

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