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The Night Owl

Sometimes when you add alcohol crazy things happen.  The night started out pretty standard.  Amanda had a confrontation with Helen because she knew that Helen had been campaigning to Aaryn and GinaMarie to stay in the house.  The conversation took a really long time and went in a lot of circles, but basically ended up with Amanda outing all the information her allies had asked her not to about their conversations with Helen, and then Amanda telling Helen that she did not want to vote  to keep her, but that she was just one person and she didn't know how the others would be voting.  She also said she would vote with the house. 

After this there was some scrambling back and forth from Helen about votes.  Andy told Helen he was keeping her 100% (he isn't) and McCrae kind of said he was keeping her, but also tried to bait her a little because he said he wants to know if Elissa was MVP or not, and thinks Helen might tell him for his vote.

Shortly after the scrambling, alcohol arrived.  Aaryn caught a little bit of a buzz and she and Amanda got into it while re-hashing the silly red wine Jeremy incident.  Aaryn told Amanda she was being a "little cunty" that night and Amanda freaked out. Aaryn pointed out that Aaryn had actually told her she WAS a "cunt" before but Amanda tried to justify that by saying it was just a joke.  Aaryn didn't take it so lightly and the next thing you know they are arguing with each other. 

Originally it was just a small spat, but then Amanda started fighting with McCrae about it when McCrae told Amanda he did think she was a little "cunty" the night of the wine.  Amanda freaked out at McCrae and while she was yelling at him, upstairs Andy and Aaryn were talking about their ideal final 3 being GinaMarie and the two of them.  Andy drunkenly agreed with Aaryn that Amanda And McCrae are after GM because she is close with Aaryn, then Amanda came  up to the HOH with what started out trying to be something close to an apology, but ended up being a defensive mess that started a bigger fight.

After Amanda marched out of the HOH room mad to go fight with McCrae some more, Aaryn and Andy had a really long chat about everything Aaryn doesn't like about Amanda right now.  Aaryn cried about how she feels like she is doing Amanda's dirty work instead of doing what she wants to do.  She complained about how she feels like she is just being used while she is at the bottom of their alliance etc..  Eventually Amanda was traded for GinaMarie and Aaryn continued her rant.

After a while of ranting and talking about Amanda not having Aayrn's best interest in mind, GinaMarie and Aaryn came up with a plan to possibly backdoor Amanda in the morning at the veto ceremony.  They talked for a long time about the votes they thought they would have and the possibility of working with Helen and Andy, and eventually came to the conclusion that they wanted to follow through with the plan.

While GinaMarie and Aaryn were plotting Amanda's demise this week, Amanda continued to fight with McCrae downstairs.  McCrae felt like Amanda needed to just shut her mouth and let it go with Amanda, but Amanda of course said she "can't just sit there and let Aaryn think she is right about this!"  I am AMAZED and astounded at this point that Amanda has not killed her own game yet.  Her need to be right all the time is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen in the BB house.  To me it seems like the worst social game ever to walk around screaming at people all the time when you are usually wrong and can't win anything, but apparently in this season it gets everyone to think they have to listen to you.

Regardless, while Amanda and McCrae continued to fight, Aaryn got GM to go downstairs and summon Helen to the HOH room.  Helen and Aaryn talked about how Amanda only uses them both for her own gain and Aaryn told Helen she would feel way more comfortable with her there.  She told Helen all about Amanda's plan to get her out and about the fact that the nomination were not her choice again this week.  She told Helen that if Spencer goes up on the block she is going home, because that is Amanda's plan.  She then presented her with the idea of backdooring Amanda and asked for Helen's advice on getting the votes to make sure Amanda would go home.  They had just begun to get into a talk about making a deal with Spencer to get him to vote their way when Andy entered the HOH.

Aaryn approached Andy with the idea even though she had originally said they couldn't tell Andy because he would never vote that way.  Andy said (for the sake of saving face in front of Helen I'm sure) that he would definitely vote out whoever Aaryn put up and that he was cool with the plan.  Helen started sobbing and grabbed Andy's arm and told him she would NEVER vote him out so he better vote to keep her.  The plan was starting to gain some momentum when suddenly Amanda decided to march back up to the HOH and scatter everyone out so she could squash her beef with Aaryn.

Amanda told Aaryn that she alone had been keeping Aaryn safe and she alone was the reason Aaryn was there.  She also said she alone is the one that trusts Aaryn (even though last night she was planning when to get rid of her) and this whole "everything I do for you" rant went on for a long time.  For a while Aaryn resisted and told Amanda the problems she has with her, but eventually as we knew would likely happen, Amanda talked until Aaryn finally broke down.  Once we reached sobbing levels, I knew it was over and the backdoor plan was off the table.

Unfortunately for Aaryn, GinaMarie, Helen, and Elissa had been downstairs talking in the cockpit about the plan and Andy had told Spencer about it.  Spencer actually surprised me by telling McCrae and Andy that he was going to go volunteer himself and campaign to get himself put up because putting up Amanda was a bad idea.  He then swore that even if Amanda got put up, he would not vote against her no matter what.  Spencer and McCrae then started discussing how Aaryn needs to go very sooner than Elissa or anyone in next week.

While Amanda and Aaryn were hashing it out, Aaryn lied her ass off and told Amanda that Helen had come to her sobbing and begging Aaryn to consider backdooring Amanda.  She then told her that Andy had been on board for the plan, but that it may have just been for show.  She also told Amanda that Andy had told her she and McCrae were gunning for GinaMarie, so Amanda had Andy summoned to the HOH room so she could confront him in front of Aaryn.  Aaryn pretty much fed Andy his lines of "you were just playing along for the sake of Helen, right?  Were you up here when she came crying to me with this plan?" etc..  Amanda bought it and eventually went back downstairs to talk with Spencer.  Andy remained in the HOH to ask Aaryn if she was still considering backdooring Amanda.  She said no, she was back on the plan to put Spencer up.  Aaryn told him that Helen was going to die now when she puts Spencer up in the morning.

Andy went downstairs and talked with Amanda and told her that he had stopped Aaryn from backdooring her, but that she needed to start keeping her mouth shut more because it was close.  As of now there is a game of "wait each other out" going on in the HOH room.  Helen is listening to the CD and waiting to be the last person in Aaryn's ear, while McCrae and Spencer sit around and talk with Aaryn making sure that Helen can't talk to her before she goes to bed.

Either way, even if Helen talks to Aaryn, I don't think it will make a difference.  I think we are back where we started at the beginning of the night with Spencer going up and Helen going home.  The only things that have changed are that Helen now knows she is going if Spencer goes up, and most of Aaryn's alliance doesn't trust her now.  I feel like if Aaryn had actually put Amanda up, she may have actually been able to secure the votes, but by just threatening to put her up and not actually following through, she now has Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Elissa, and Spencer possibly gunning for her this coming week.  Then again, someone is coming back from the jury and could potentially become public enemy number one...especially if Helen just bounces right back in.

I do not expect Aaryn's mind to be changed and I am certain that Spencer will be on the block by this afternoon.  I think this will be his 5th time, but don't quote me on might actually be his 6th.  Unless anything super drastic happens, that's pretty much it for tonight. As always you all can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (11)

The problem with the following statement is that this is exactly how both Dr Will and Eval Dick won the game. "To me it seems like the worst social game ever to walk around screaming at people all the time when you are usually wrong and can't win anything, but apparently in this season it gets everyone to think they have to listen to you."
August 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterElaineNCarolina
I completely disagree with you there. Doctor Will actually knew what he was doing as did Dick. They were doing it with purpose..not crying behind trash cans after their meltdowns because they had no clue what they were doing. Amanda is a good manipulator when it comes to controlling those in her alliance, but she has 0 intuition about who is actually after her, and the fights she gets into are for the most part based on pure emotion and jealousy over her boyfriend. They are not strategic. I think it's a little insulting to compare Doctor Will to that. I do think Amanda's manipulation may end up winning her the game, and if it does, good for her, but I don't think playing on raw emotion is the same thing as using yelling at people as strategy.
August 19, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
Wow Ash!, you're not on Amanda's nuts like most of your colleagues (lala, mike) I am proud of you for acknowledging how bad Amanda has played, and that the only reason she is still in the house is because the house is scared of her bullying. In terms of actual gameplay, this has to be one of the worst casts ever.
August 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous
Ash and Anonymous I disagree with you both. I concur with ElaineNCarolina. Amanda is playing a combination of Dr. Will's and Evel Dick's game. She is manipulating the HG without winning like Dr.Will and intimidating them like Evel. Only instead of banging pots and pans and cursing at, and name calling, she intimidates them with the threat that they will not be in good with "The House". They all have given her the power with confiding their secrets and lies. When she calls them out in front of everybody their own fear of everyone discovering their secrets sways them.
Ash, she does have strategy behind her targets. It is not all emotions. Is she a hot mess at times? Yes, but she sets her sights on her targets due to the fact that they are a direct threat to her or McCrae. She breaks up anybody else that she thinks might be able to rally the troops against them. If your not with me your against me mentality. With the exception of Judd, every HG that left has been targeting or a threat to either her or McCrae. She knows exactly which one is more dangerous to their game and gets those in power to get that target out, even when it isn't in their best interest. Her melt downs have usually been a result of being put on the block by an unknown MVP, hense her loss of control, or slop/ sleeping in Have Not room, hunger and sleep deprivation, separation from McCrae. Or her feeling betrayed by McCrae when he confronts her on her behavior in front of others. That has more to due with her own sense of loyalty than jealousy.
Anonymous, I don't see the bullying. Is it bullying to confront somebody on their own behavior and statements? She is not afraid to go to the source and call them out in front of everyone. The truth hurts, especially when you know all your lies and false alliances might be exposed .I haven't seen her threaten anyone , or degrade them, or scream and shout at them. or throw liquids on them. Does she talk loud and curse? yes ,but not directly at a person.(with the exception of the fight with Jessie) I see it more as temper tantrums than bullying.
She is not playing a perfect game but she is playing one the best out of those in the house.
August 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimG
I want to eliminate the word bullying from all reality shows. Disagreeing, arguing, confronting, or simply not liking somebody is not bullying.
August 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I'm in agreement with Ash and Anonymous - - Amanda isn't playing the game strategically or smartly. She is a acting like a jealous and possessive bitch (I think McCrae would be grateful to see her go to jury house, give him some space and secure a vote for him on the jury) and a spoiled and bratty toddler. She cries when she doesn't win - which is all the time.

BUT . . . she is being handed the win on a silver platter.

She has the strongest alliance in the house yet no one is willing to try to break it up. All of her bullying WORKS because the rest of the house does what she wants.

This does not mean that Amanda's game playing is GOOD. It just means that the game playing of the others in the house SUCK MORE.

A while back there was a conspiracy theory posted about how Amanda had been hand-picked by Grodner to win the game. Dismissed it early on as ridiculous, but now I'm not so sure.

If she wins BB, she and this season will go in the same box I put the season where Maggie won. Lame. Bully-driven. Pathetic.
August 19, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
fyi - I resent the implication I am 'nuts' for Amanda. I think at this point no one on this site is putting her above any other player by much - although I still maintain as I have for a long time that Amanda and Helen are the two power players in the house - or have been up until this week.
August 19, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterindymike
For the record, as much as I don't enjoy Amanda, I would never call her a bully. That word is one of the main reasons I started disliking her in the very beginning. She says she was "bullied" by people for no other reason than they wanted her out or had a verbal disagreement with her. I think the term "bully" is one of the most overused terms in society today, and especially in reality TV. I think it takes something away from kids and people who are actually bullied in life to use that term so loosely. One of the reasons I became a big Judd fan early on was his speech against people using that term in BB. Yelling at someone or annoying them or wanting them out hardly qualifies as bullying imo. Most of them use that term often and I haven't found it to be true yet. I enjoy all your blog comments and agree with a lot of you and what you are saying. I just wanted to be clear on my feelings about that word. Just my 2 cents.

I also agree with Mike. As much as I don't like Amanda and think she is getting a pass from a lot of people when she really shouldn't, she and Helen are ultimately controlling every eviction. As I've said before, she is a good manipulator, she just has 0 intuition. This week would be win/win for me whether Helen was evicted or Amanda was backdoored. I view them in a very similar light.
August 19, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
I have a tendency to root for the 'underdog' and get annoyed with the HG that seems to be getting through too easily.

So I way ready to see Helen get knocked down a few notches and she did Thurs/Friday.

Now I'm ready too see Amanda take a bit of a tumble - I really don't tend to have a favorite - I want it to be back and forth.
August 19, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterindymike
Since the other two members have written, I may as well throw in my two cents.

I can handle Amanda a bit more than my cohorts, but I'm not a "fan". Her overuse of the word "bully" is one example that drives me nuts. I generally don't have a fave on any given year, but like Mike I do tend to root for the underdog. Or the more people tell me I should hate somebody, the more likely I'm going to like them.

But there's not a single person that doesn't get some criticism or snark from me at some point of the season. Funny how some people only notice when I make fun of their favorites.

Yes, some people drive me more crazy than others. Like right now, Helen is annoying me to my last nerve. But opinions change over the season. I originally thought Andy was one of the most worthless people on the cast, but now am seeing there was a method to his "pop in" madness.

I'm also not a fan of this upcoming player return gimmick. It's my feeling that once you're gone, you're gone. Even though I like Judd, I don't want him to come back. My hope is that worthless Candice pulls out a shocking win, creates some fun drama when she walks back in the house, and then goes back to spending most of her day sleeping before she's evicted again.

Overall, though, I do like this season. We've all (or most of us) have been craving an all-noob season for years. Well, we have it, and I've enjoyed watching them all screw up as they figure out how to play the game. Yes, there has been controversy, and horrific comments from a number of people, but as I have said from the beginning they will deal with the ramifications after the season is over. Too bad we're now heading towards the slower portion of the season, where the feeds get quieter and quieter every week. The last two weeks are ALWAYS a bore, as they do nothing but slap themselves on the back for making it to the end.

Most of you probably don't agree with a word I'm saying. So what? This is what I don't get about the rise in social media. We should be CELEBRATING our differences in taste and opinions. Instead, most people don't know the difference between a fact and an opinion. We're all entitled to like or dislike whomever or whatever we want. I'll never tell anybody they're wrong for liking somebody, but I will come unglued when anybody tells me that I'm "wrong" for my taste. Also, a compliment to one person is not a criticism of another, and vice versa.

Enough of my rant. Carry on, and have fun.
August 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
IndyMike - exactly! Why get attached to a particular houseguest? The fun is in the strategy, the prediction which comes with the immersion aspects of this social experiment, and the conclusions that can be made about human behaviors based on this microcosm and flawed study. BUT . . . if there is no friction and one person or one alliance just scripts the outcome that everyone follows . . . boring. Mine as well watch molasses flow uphill while paint is drying and ants climb a sequoia.

That is why Amanda and Helen's steamrolls (they each have their own) have been reminiscent of the Maggie season, where the "good" (puke in mouth a little team) ultimately prevailed. Yawn. I so cringed today when Helen was trying to convince Andy to vote with the "good people" and how he would be some bozo label she invented (I could remember it, but why -it was so stupid) if he lied to her. When I heard that, I wanted her out right then and there.

But Amanda is way too strong also. Too late to get her out this week. So lets get rid of Helen first, have Judd win and come back in house, and then Amanda go next. That way - Judd will have the final laugh over both Helen and Amanda.

Ash - I'm a criminal defense attorney. Got two decades of experience with bullies. Bullying the crime, only exists in juvenile law. It is only a crime committed amongst juveniles. But, when one becomes the age of majority, one does not automatically stop exhibiting behaviors of a bully. Instead, the law breaks them down into their component crimes. So if the bully is sending harassing emails or phone calls, then they are charged with harassment cyber stalking. If the bully is engaging in assualtive conduct, then the bully is charged with assult. If the bully is humiliating others, that would be actionable under a variety of different laws, depending on the specific circumstances. But, not all bullying is criminal.

Bullying behavior exists on a continuum. A spouse who kills another in a murderous rage fueled by jealousy is a bully. A gang member who shakes down a business owner for protection money is a bully. But bullies do not always have to engage in physical force. And bullies do not always engage in criminal behavior. A customer who gives a verbal tongue lashing (deserved or not) to a store clerk who makes an honest mistake would be a bully.

A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
Corned beef.
Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

Don't know how you can claim that Amanda's actions do not satisfy both the noun and verbs. She bullies. She is a bully. If you are sick of its overuse, then perhaps what you are really sick of is how many bullies there are out there that warrant its overuse. Our mayor here in San Diego, Bob Filner, was quick to use his power of his elected official to intimidate females who were unlucky to cross paths with him to succumb to his sexual advances. This is sexual harassment. It's also bullying. Just because there is a continuum of bullying, and some victims of bullies experience greater harm than others, doesn't detract from the term.

If we're going to eradicate the behavior, we can't just stop with juvenile instances of bullying and we can't just limit it to instances where physical harm has occurred. There are mental harms, verbal abuse and psychological torment that accompany such non-criminal, non-physical bullying. I find it insensitive to the victims of such bullies, to deny their victimhood simply because you are tired of hearing the word.

Is an assault victim any less an assault victim because he was only pushed down and suffered no injuries, as compared to an assault victim who lands in the hospital? If we permit non-physically assaultive bullying to be excluded from the continuum of bullying, it's not going to change the fact that it's behavior that needs to be corrected. Not ignored. Not dismissed because the victims aren't suffering as much as other bully victims. The domestic abuser doesn't start out putting the spouse in the hospital, but with verbal abuse and other psychological mechanisms to use their power to exert control. He or she is certainly a bully. Just not yet an assaultive bully. When the bullying behavior is unabated, the bully will take greater and greater control. Look at the control mechanisms Amanda is exerting over McCrae. She is demanding he spend time with her. More time. As if being locked in the same house 24/7 isn't enough, they must be joined at the hip for some period of time that Amanda deems acceptable. He must throw competitions to her to prove his devotion. He is not permitted to even sit on furniture next to certain people. Nor talk to certain people outside her presence. She mirrors all the behavioral characteristics of those who engage in domestic violence, including her overwhelming feelings of entitlement. She is entitled to everything. Everyone else exists to give her everything. Those who cross her will be eliminated. She is a bully. Sorry if the truth annoys you. Amanda annoys me. The sooner she is removed to the jury room, the less often you will hear the term being used.
August 20, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn

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