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The Night Owl

Well it was another campaign day for Helen, and she is not going down without a fight.  She started out bright and early having conversations with Elissa about how much better they are than everyone else in the house.  They went over each HG and talked about who was "normal" and who wasn't, and why they are so much more successful at life than all of them.  I wish I was making this up, but I'm not. 

Amanda pulled Helen aside to tell her she was SO hurt by Helen implying that she isn't one of the "good people" and that she "bullies people".  She said she felt "bullied" herself by Helen saying that.  Again, I can't make this stuff up.  This is really how they talk.  Amanda also made sure to let Helen know that she knew everything Helen had told McCrae (even though he told her not to) and implied that everyone was planning to vote against Helen even though she doesn't know it.  After Helen and Amanda had a good cry and make up session, Amanda pulled Elissa aside.

The Elissa/Amanda conversation literally went on for hours.  I listened to the first half, then went and dyed my hair and cleaned my house, came back, and STILL listened to at least another 20 minutes of it.  It was basically Amanda trying to do to Elissa what she does to everyone else and make her think that SHE is her ONLY ally and the only one who can help her and the only one protecting her.  Elissa was being Elissa though and couldn't stop talking about how every problem including world hunger (that's an exaggeration of course) is Aaryn's fault.  Amanda agreed with pretty much everything Elissa was saying in order to keep Elissa focused on Aaryn as a target and keep she and McCrae off the block.

When Amanda reported to Aaryn some of the things said in the conversation, Aaryn was not happy with Amanda because once again Amanda had put a target on her to keep she and McCrae safe.  They had a small tiff about it where Amanda rambled on in a crazy adderall'd out state and Aaryn made her best frownie face in response to everything Amanda said.  Amanda basically wanted Aaryn to believe that the only reason she had the conversation with Elissa was so Elissa would not want to win HOH this week because she would feel so comfortable with Amanda.  Yeah...good luck with that.

After Amanda left the conversation, she and McCrae started discussing how the alliance was not going to work with Aaryn anymore and saying she needs to go after Elissa this coming week.  Aaryn meanwhile was upstairs talking to GinaMarie, Spencer, and Andy about how she is "so over" Amanda and is ready for Amanda to go.  The 3AM alliance is ripping apart at the seams, but instead of targeting each other, they are still targeting Elissa.  The funny thing about all this work they are doing is that they most likely won't even go after Elissa after someone comes back from Jury on Thursday.  Whoever the returnee is will likely become the instant target.

For most of the rest of the night the HGs hung out, drank, chit chatted, and didn't do much of anything special, but there were whisperings of game.  Helen and Elissa campaigned hard to GinaMarie telling her that they will make any deal they have to make with Aaryn if she will work on people for votes.  Helen said they should threaten Andy because that will make him vote her way if he thinks Aaryn and GM will come after him if he votes her out.   Don't see that strategy working...

Amanda and McCrae talked a little more about the demise of Aaryn.  That's pretty much it.  Helen is still walking out the door on Thursday (even though she may walk right back in).  She is still campaigning regardless of how hopeless it may be.  And everyone else is plotting moves weeks ahead of time.  One more full day of Helen on the block before eviction day and before we find out who will be coming back form jury.  I am excited and nervous!!  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13  for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...

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The only problem with all this plotting: we (and all the rest of the HGs) don't actually know what McCrae will do in the event he wins HoH again. I am holding out for him to backdoor Amanda. And then ally with Andy and Spencer in a final three deal. Amanda is too detrimental to his game. The only person in the house who can take Amanda out is McCrae, because nobody else has the cojones to do it. Evidence this week's "plotting" between Aaryn, Helen, Andy, Elissa & GM. We ALL thought that maybe we were beginning to see some of the old "cut-throat" BB play. Alas, our hopes were dashed on the rocks of Amanda being Amanda. 4:05AM BBTime: Spencer & McCrae plotted the backdoor on Amanda.
August 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnthony

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