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Drama vs. Absurdity

Helen is very polarizing, isn't she? Love her (and/or her game play) or hate her (and/or her game play), nearly every #BB15 fan knows Helen and has a strong opinion about her presence in the house this season. Amanda, too.

But what do your feelings about Helen or Amanda say about you? reader "leopardgrrl1" commented on my morning post about Helen (see "There's Logic Behind My Loyalty" -- and don't miss the comments, which have been very active and well-written today!). What she had to say was so insightful that we asked for permission to make a new post so that nobody would miss it.

With some extra polish she thoughtfully added for all of us (thank you!), here are "leopardgrrl1"'s thoughts:

To some extent, which houseguest you like becomes a Rorschach test, that reflects your own values: not that the player is a "good" person, but that you can relate to them on some level. Amanda fans like her because she is clever, snarky, and seems to see hypocrisy where it exists. And she's a strong woman whose manipulation is more "male" than that practiced by most of the girlie girl types BB tends to cast. To an Amanda fan, Helen's very earnestness is off-putting, as is the (BB storytelling narrative-supported) reliance on demographic crutches, like the fact that she's a mom. Her playing to the storyline makes people uncomfortable because it feels like pandering, somehow more than girls making themselves up constantly and wearing skimpy clothing is pandering, I guess.

Another problem with Helen is that she doesn't balance her earnestness with much humor, either about herself, or about the game. Some live feeders want drama. I want absurdity, and an understanding of how crazy it is to have signed up to be locked in a house for three months, with your actions orchestrated for television, worrying about thing like whether you can dye your hair, or get your anti-depressants on time. When she's not melting down, or attacking people, Amanda does give us humor and perspective on the essential ridiculousness of the BB house.

Finally, Elissa is Helen's shield and her albatross: watching Helen means you have to watch Elissa. And that's just impossible. Yes, I've just revealed my POV: I cannot abide irrational, inconsistent people.

OK, dream scenario: Whoever comes back tonight (Judd preferred for my entertainment, though I think it will suck for him) needs to win HOH. Tomorrow's scramble would be great. Everyone would be working hard to convince Judd that someone else orchestrated his eviction. Who will he believe? Can he align with anyone? Will his anxiety sink him again?

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Reader Comments (2)

I'd like to see J U DD come back, win HOH and put up Amanda and Aaryn, with Aaryn leaving. I'd like to see McCrae grow a pair and team up with J U DD, Andy and Spencer and they knock out all the girls, Amanda last so she can watch it happen and be totally helpless to do anything about it. Then McCrae go to Jury house and have to listen to all the bitching. Ah, hell on earth!
It will never happen but that would be a fitting end to this season.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimG
I think this is an amazing take on the whole thing. And I can't help but agree.

I know that you, "Target John", clearly are a Live-Feeder, but I also have come to realize that the people who only watch CBS, or After Dark, or some variation, see people completely different than the way I, someone who constantly has the feeds on in the background, do.

The majority of fans see the CBS edits as gospel and I have gotten into many an argument and demanded people watch flashbacks as I gaze over their shoulder to shatter their ridiculousness.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJesCat

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