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There's Logic Behind My Loyalty

HelenThose here who like me, if anybody does, won't like me at all after reading this: I have been, and proudly remain, a loyal member of #TeamHelen.

Helen is the only house guest who hasn't annoyed me with confrontational mannerisms and deceit.

Don't misunderstand ... I'm not at all saying that she hasn't been confrontational and deceitful. As does every game player, she absolutely has employed her share of each. It just didn't annoy me.

Unlike, say, Amanda. Who has won nothing yet controls everything. Who has nothing kind to say about anybody. Who treats even her allies with disdain.

Unlike GinaMarie. Who is quite possibly the most mean-spirited non-fictional character I've ever seen on television. Geez, did you hear what she said to Candice the very last second that unfortunate woman was in the house? That was the moment when I was simply done with GM.

Amanda, you'll go eventually. Won't miss ya. GinaMarie? Sorry, I'll miss you even less than Amanda.Unlike Aaryn. Who was seemingly hated by all house guests (and viewers) for weeks yet survived it. Who has become, whether via actual skill or blind luck, one of the strongest players in the house ... yet who has resolutely and dutifully wasted the many opportunities given to her. Who has dreamt out loud in the Diary Room about big moves but who did only what others dictated.

Unlike McCrae. Who lives in the shadow of an autarch without realizing he can't win unless she goes first.

I will do what I want as HOH. I will do what I want as HOH. I will -- d'oh!! (Aaryn channels Homer Simpson.)Unlike Andy. Who lies and floats and lies and floats, feigning loyalty throughout. Who, except during his HOH week, purposely avoids success during every competition.

Unlike Candice. Who deserved none of the disgusting comments thrown at her by ignorant bullies but who literally slept through her eviction week, totally refusing to compete.

Unlike Elissa. Who is there only to shill for Elissa Slater Enterprises Company Incorporated, apparently under license and permission from CBS, if rumors about her higher stipend and special considerations are true.

And, at least a little, unlike Spencer. Who seems to survive not by being likable but by being less dislikable than others.

Helen's & Elissa's alliance is inherently less powerful than McCrae's & Amanda's. Showmance trumps friendship. Would Amanda have been as powerful without McCrae?Resigned to her fate, Helen packs.Helen has played the game enthusiastically, unapologetically, and, especially this week, constantly. She talked with everybody, trying to shape events and to prolong her time. Her strategy worked for many weeks, effectively sharing power with Amanda. You might not enjoy Helen's ceaseless talking and/or the ways she manipulated (or attempted to manipulate) people, but can't we agree that Helen is way more of a game player than many others in #BB15 are or have been?

Who makes you feel like this more often, Spencer? Amanda or Helen?Yes, I'm still new to all of this ... and, yes, she's been my favorite since I started watching. But as I've learned more about this game, my respect for Helen has grown.

I have no expectation that this will convince anybody to join me on #TeamHelen. Also, despite lots of speculation, to me it feels quite unlikely that Helen will win the jury comp to bounce right back into the house tonight.

Even so, even if you don't like her, wouldn't that be delicious to watch? After endless weeks of unanimous, predictable, boring eviction votes pre-arranged not by the HOH but by Amanda and, somewhat less directly, Helen, I would love to watch the following turn of events:

- Helen wins the jury competition and comes right back in.

- Elissa or Helen wins HOH.

- The HOH nominates, say, GinaMarie and Andy, with the intent to backdoor Amanda. Or Amanda and McCrae, for the sheer theatrics of it.

Helen dreams of a miracle. With Helen or Elissa as HOH, how hard would it be to convince Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Spencer that they'd last longer with Amanda gone -- and be happier, too?  For the second week in a row, only a three-vote majority would be needed to make it happen.

Only three votes!

On the other hand, this newbie has learned that Amanda's nastiness, while universally acknowledged by the house guests, apparently has no bearing on their strategies.

I haven't yet learned why.

"Unfortunately, this is how it ends. Unless a miracle happens," Helen said (at 6:46 PM last night, August 21, on camera 4). And she's right.

I hold one hope for #BB15 redemption: If Amanda goes the week after Helen, it'll be a whole new show.

When Helen goes, I'll be sad ... but Ash and Scott will be delighted. And for the record, I will enjoy reading their snarkiness about the entire episode in their next posts, as I have in their last ones. Don't take anything we write here too seriously, folks! We're glad you're reading, even when you might not be agreeing. What's your miracle scenario? Share it below or tweet me @uselesstraffic.

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Reader Comments (25)

I love you!!!!! Finally someone that likes Helen!!!! While she may be over bearing at times, she TRULY is a nice person. Team Helen and Elissa!! Hope Elissa or Jessie or Candice or Helen get HOH this week (being if one of the last 3 come back). Good post man!!!
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
My dream scenario is for Elissa to win the next hoh. Candice comes back just to drive the mean girls crazy. Elissa puts up Amanda and Aaryn and says you both think you are the alpha dogs here. Now is your chance to prove it. If one of them comes off the block McRae goes up on the block. Either Amanda, McRae or Aaryn go to jury. Right after the vote Elissa says I'm out bitches and walks out the door.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDella
I couldn't agree with you more!
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterQuincy
I'm not as enthusiastic about Helen as you are, primarily because of her role in keeping Aaryn over Kaitlyn and then aligning with her as she ousted Howard. I have nothing but disdain for minorities to don't stick with other minorities when they are the victims of racist bullying. Helen, Amanda, and Andy hugged Candice and told her she was a good person. And then protected and aligned themselves with her aggressor. I've been done with them since that happened.

I agree that the Helen hate is pretty petty...she talks too much. But that is Big Brother. Fans always pick up on the little petty things to hate HGs about.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterpsychodrew
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHHHBETINA2
Go team Helen....She is the only one left that I like. Hope the rumors are not true that Amanda has been prepicked to win the game. What a piece of work she is and I predict not a marriage in her future, but a playboy centerfold and perhaps porn stardom.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBettyox
I have to admit I have been back and forth with Helen. I was Team Helen weeks 1-3 then again in the middle for a couple of days then again this week after she realized she was going home. The entire game Helen has played with dignity and respect acting and talking like a woman, knowing America can see her. I have to say I look forward to a blog from Helen when all is said and done to know what her thoughts are on Andy playing her the entire last 5 weeks. I can't wait until she finds out America was MVP, then she will realize how she was aligned with the spawn of evil (Amanda) in the house. I have always been #TeamElissa and I have a really strong feelings that Elissa is going to win the next Hoh and the Veto after that then the Hoh after that. I'm sure Elissa realized already she can't trust anyone, not even Helen. This entire season has been so predictable, and now that Helen is being taken from Elissa, Elissa is 100% staring to play Big Brother 15. Game On!!! Amanda and McCrae will get put up together with McCrae staying this coming week...fingers crossed
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBoxerLovers2
I have to agree with psychodrew here. I'm not a big fan of Helen's game right now for the same reasons he gave. I find it upsetting that Helen claimed she had to get rid of Howard for his lies and his alliance to the Moving Company (who was not coming after her), but she has been lying herself and then formed an alliance of her own.

The fact that she spearheaded Aaryn staying over Kaitlyn also really upsets me as well. Also when she accepted a deal from Aaryn to use her HOH however Helen wanted, but when Candice offered the same proposal, she didn't want to hear of it. Also when Candice & Jessie warned her that she needed to rally the votes to get Amanda out, Helen was over it, saying that she had no power in the house. WHAT?

I'm also disappointed that NO ONE took the opportunity to get Amanda out when she was on the block twice. That would have been a golden opportunity to get out a strong player with no blood on your hands. America set the house up for the perfect strike against Amanda, and they blew it.

As much as I dislike Helen, I will say that she is probably the most likely person out of the returning Jury members who would try and take out Amanda & McCrae. These two are just as bad as Helen, but Amanda has this mean streak to her that I just don't enjoy. Her racist remarks are just as bad as Aaryn's but worse because she thinks it is all a big joke and that people love her. UGH!

Well, that is my 2 cents worth (more like 2 dollars) but will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDonDon
I have been watching BB since season 1, Never have there been this many horrible disgusting, people on one cast, It enrages me. Sadly, Helen, being the genuine, loving, person she is naive to think these nasty people (amanda, mccrae, aaryn, andy, gm, spencer) and several that have left, are good people who care, Why are there so many horrible people on this season?? Tonight I pray that one of the girls comes back, anyone but Judd,. He will just join Mcranda, If Elissa does not win this hoh, i will go crazy, one more thing why would BB cast Amanda, clearly she has a drug problem, Adderall and Xanax, C'mon, oh and you don't have to be a Dr. to see that GM has some deep issues, with her eating disorder, her pining over Nick is just crazy, Aaryn, so rotten to the core, I could go on and on, I love BB but, I do not love the people they selected, I hate Andy for voting out Helen, such a punk move, I can only hope and pray that the nasty group, gets what they deserve, and next season BB will have more mentally stable people in their cast selecton
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjenni lee
Great analysis, spot on. So much disappointment this yr with the game play & nasty HGs. Praying for something 2 flip power into new hands.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterStubbs71
To some extent, which houseguest you like becomes a rorshock test, that reflects your own values: not that the player is a "good" person, but that you can relate to them on some level. Amanda fans like her because she is clever, snarky, and seems to see hypocrisy where it exists. And she's a strong woman whose manipulation is more "male" than that practiced by most of the girlie girl types BB tends to cast. To an Amanda fan, Helen's very earnestness is off-putting, as is her reliance on the (BB storytelling narrative-supported) reliance on demographic crutches, like the fact that she's a MOM. Her playing to the storyline makes people uncomfortable because it feels like pandering, somehow more than girls making themselves up and wearing skimpy clothing is pandering, I guess.

Another problem with Helen is that she doesn't balance her earnestness with much humor, either about herself, or about the game. Some live feeders want DRAMA. I want absurdity, and an understanding of how crazy it is to have signed up to be locked in a house for three months, with your actions orchestrated for television, worrying about thing like whether you can dye your hair, or get your anti-depressents on time. When she's not melting down, or attacking people, Amanda does give us humor and perspective on the essential ridiculousness of the BB house.

Finally, Elissa is Helen's shield and her albatross: watching Helen means you have to watch Elissa. And that's just impossible.

OK, dream scenario: whoever comes back tonight (Judd preferred for my entertainment, though I think it will suck for him) needs to win HOH. Tomorrow's scramble would be great. Everyone would be working hard to convince Judd that someone else orchestrated his eviction. Who will he believe? Can he align with anyone? Will his anxiety sink him again?
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterleopardgrrl1
I like every single comment here! Well-reasoned and well-spoken -- even those who aren't Helen fans. Great discussion ... Keep it coming.

Oh, and Indy Mike? You need to carefully read the character analysis provided immediately above by "leopardgrrl1" ... and then consider inviting her to be a Big Brother Gossip contributor. Brilliant and incredibly insightful.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John
Above, "DonDon" wrote, "I'm also disappointed that NO ONE took the opportunity to get Amanda out when she was on the block twice."

I absolutely totally agree with you. In fact I've been intending to write a post on that very thought for the last couple weeks. As a newbie, why they didn't do that ... well, their reasoning absolutely eludes me.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John
Wow, thanks for the compliment, John! I could have edited my post a little better, but I try! BBG is my absolute favorite BB site and podcast.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterleopardgrrl1
I think the reason they haven't evicted Amanda is twofold: #1 they don't have the guts to make that move and they are afraid of her and/or afraid that McCrae will seek retribution on her behalf (which I doubt he would). #2, isn't she the perfect person to take to the F2? Because if the jury were to vote strictly on game play, then of course she'd most likely win against anybody because let's face it, she's made all the power moves happen behind the scenes. But I doubt this jury, like many others, will vote that way -- they will vote on emotion. And once out of the house, they will realize how Amanda strong-armed and manipulated them to do her dirty work (I won't say bullied, I know how Scott and others don't like that particular term and I agree with them). Of course, I say all of this assuming that the BB cast has brains, something which, aside from Amanda, I'm not too sure about.

As for Helen, I sure see both sides of the arguments of liking or not liking her. Bottom line is that all of these people that are left are unlikeable. She's probably the most likeable of the bunch, but also the most annoying. In some ways I'd rather face an Amanda -- who you can see coming a mile away in terms of her aggressiveness -- rather than a crier/whiner such as Helen is. She made a huge mistake last week not listening to Jessie about Amanda. If she had, she just might have been able to sway Arryn to put up McManda, with Amanda getting voted out this week.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPat
I am not ashamed to say that I love Helen, but I'm also not ashamed to say that I love Amanda as well and probably even more so. So what if she is nasty? Elissa is crazy and entitled and playing the good vs. evil card which annoys me every time it is played. But as for Amanda -- in the game of Big Brother you can play and win this game however you want. I personally prefer nasty and nuts over bible toter do-gooders any day of the week. Have we really forgotten every season of Big Brother played before this one? Never a nasty person before? Of course the problem with Amanda is that she may not even realize at this point that she's playing a game. She's an autocrat because she's an autocrat all the time in her life. But either way I don't care. I love me some crazy Amanda. Never before have we had a game player with an ego big enough to say "So i have said, so let it be done!" I would be tickled pink to see her get to the end playing this same way. But unless she and McCrae win the next two HOH's, her game days are numbered I know. Oh dear, have I stayed on the point...?
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbenferro
Great analysis of all the houseguest, Target John. I am a mostly loyal member of TeamHelen. There were times when I would lead the cheer for TeamHelen… and times when I wanted to tear up my membership card.
She is playing the game not solely to be the winner of BB15, but for the experience of being cast as what may eventually become one of the most unpopular seasons of Big Brother. I liked her initially because of her enthusiasm for the game and because she is older than the other houseguest and doesn’t display the immaturity of many of the others. She is a chatterbox, but what she is talking about is usually relevant and not the vile and disgusting dribble of the others. Goodness gracious, I know far too much about some of their sex lives! There are some things that are best left private.
I was TeamHelen until she was a part of evicting Howard, Candice, Jessie and Judd. She essentially was part of evicting everyone whom would have played with her against Amanda. The first tear in my membership card for TeamHelen happened when she betrayed Candice and Jessie. Second tear was when she sided with Aaryn about the whole bed-flipping incident and racial comments. This may have been gameplay to get Aaryn closer to her, but it didn’t go over well with me and probably others in the viewing public.
Helen has been deceitful, confrontational and done her share of threatening, but this is a part of Big Brother, so I can’t be mad at her about that. She started out being my favorite houseguest and has again become my favorite from default because the others are just so unlikeable. I would rather Helen come back because she would have the best chance of winning HOH and shake up the house by going after Amanda, McCrae and Andy.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterginny
Great Post and comments by all.
Target John, I second your comment on leopardgrrl1. Love her(?) comment as well.

I'm so torn and conflicted on my opinion on the HG and what I would like to see happen tonight. I could see the value in all comments above, except, sorry BoxerLovers2, Elissa/GM are my least favorite to win as both have nothing to contribute except pure crazy. Especially Elissa who has been given special consideration by Production and feels she is entitled to be there and win just because she is Rachel's sister. Much like Willie Hantz last year. I hope they take a lesson from this and don't repeat that mistake again.
This is the first time in 15 Season's I'm not rooting for a particular HG.I instead decided to root for the HG that were fans and have been playing the game. So I was on Team J U DD, Andy, McCrae, Amanda,and Helen.So as long as they were manipulating the HG TOGETHER I was OK with them all. That all changed when they turned on J U DD. Then I was totally angry with Amanda until I saw Helen's DR's on the show. Then Helen was the first to start the get out Amanda train. Like Andy, loyalty is important to me and since Helen was the first to go there I wasn't in her corner. I just wanted the players to get to the end for once and not the useless or crazies.
Now I just don't want the likes of GM or Elissa making it to final 2. UNLESS.... Elissa has been sandbagging all this time and now steps up her game and comes out gangbusters and starts playing and winning. That would be a shocker. If not, I'm at this moment on Team Andy and would like to see him and J U DD as F2. That's subject to change. To everybody who keeps saying why didn't they get out McCranda before this? The answer is ANDY and J U DD. Andy is the one that has been deciding who goes all this time. He goes to all the groups, feeds them what info they need, brings back what info he wants the other side to know and has been the puppermaster while Helen and Amanda have been taking the credit and the target. The only reason the Get out Amanda campaign didn't work was because Andy wasn't for it. He and J U DD were the deciding votes and Andy controlled J U DD and the vote.
So even though I would be intrigued with all of the above dream scenerios I would most like for J U DD to come back in and win HOH and get out either Elissa , GM or Amanda, don't really care which one. Gm and Elissa cause they are a waste of space and I don't want either one near the F2. Amanda cause she will be on the get out J U DD train and I would like to see him stick around. The feeds have sucked since he left.

PS: The reason Spencer isn't on my list of useless HG is because I think he is playing the best game he can at this time with the cards he was dealt early on. He is laying low and going along, letting all the power players target each other and you just know , like Porsche, he will win a crucial HOH or POV and take out either Amanda, Aaryn, or McCrae ,hopefully in the next Double Eviction.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimG
I agree, KimG! Team Andy is my pick for many of the reasons you have voiced. I think his fatal shenanigans with Aaryn's "Clownie" allow some comic relief for the stress he must be experiencing trying to be so nice to everyone without appearing to be manipulative. He is a social genius, funny, and loyal to 3am. Hope he can win.....needs GM by his side, though.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCindi4444
Cindi4444, I would rather have Spencer be his F2 than GM.I would love the Jury house footage of Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn et al with Spencer in the F2 when they had the chance over and over to get him out and instead went after each other. At least he's playing.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimG
Love everything said by you Target John and all the comments. I will admit that I am an Amanda fan for all the reasons stated in the comments. She is keeping the house in a uproar must of the time and that is why I LOVE BB and watching the feeds. Helen's constant talking and talking in circles makes me crazy and why I will miss all that when she is gone.

What bothers me the most this season is the fact that those who call themselves FANS are resorting to threats on the chats and twitter to both the hamsters, their families and BB bloggers. After all, this is a game to win $500,000 and we are not the ones locked in a house with mics and cameras on 24/7 and no contact with the outside world except for Julie on Thursday. Do I agree with all the racist comments and actions seen in the house this season? NOOOOOOOOO. But like I said before it is a game.

Keep up all the good work that is happening on BB Gossip and the weekly podcast.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterShirly
As much as I'd like to see Judd "get wise" overnight and play a smart and savvy game hereon out - that's not him. He might know the game, but he can't keep a secret and he's terrible at lying. He just wasn't cut out for this game. Dream scenario would be to have Helen return tonight after being evicted. Then, Elissa wins HOH (just because she's so bizarre, might be more entertaining than "Queen" Helen's rule would be. Then Amanda and McCrae are put on the block. At the veto, McCrae wins POV and Amanda threatens no sex in jury house if he doesn't take her off the block. He tells her no-can-do and takes himself off the block. Elissa puts Andy up on the block instead, as he would've been a vote for Amanda against anyone else. Then Spencer, Aaryn & GM, Helen all vote to send Amanda packing. She gets to join Jessie, Judd and Candice.

We're in this weird spot where unless Aaryn wins (ultlimately) anyone else will not have a history of winning competitions - - everyone else's wins have been sporadic, of the houseguests remaining, and unimpressive. 'cept for Elissa's ETOV victory. That was reminiscent of Rachel.

I seriously think that ELISSA is on drugs, but I can't figure out whether her lucid moments (such as the OTEV competition) are when she's off meds, or on 'em?

So I either have to back Aaryn, and her bigotry alone should rule her out, or Helen / Amanda, for being controlling and manipulative, for Andy for being ten-faced and keeping hands blood free, for Spencer floating on a lily pad, for Gina Marie, the psychotic, bigoted, mean-spirited illiterate, for Elissa . . . Rachel's sister.

Guess the two who worked the hardest deserve it as much as any - so Helen and Amanda - the two who annoy me the most - are the two think deserve to win the most. Weird. It'll probably be an Andy/Spencer final 2.
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Gotcha, KimG. Not a bad scenario. I am thinking this baseball HOH is rigged for Judd to win. Whew! That will mix things up! Can't wait for BB After Dark tonight!
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCindi4444
KimG -
You talk alot of good sense. I have to give more thought to ANDY as mastermind....but all in all I agree the Andy has played a completely masterful social game. I love it. I once liked Amanda, but her mouthiness about race issues started to wear on me as does her weird needy/bossy routine w McRae. He seems nice enough, would love to see him play without her. Helen, bless her, I liked her except for the ridiculous delusion that she's one of the "GOOD" people -- stop it. Elissa is unlikeable in her intolerance and her crazy rambling. In the end, I just want to be entertained and if a player who does That wins, GREAT. I'm psyched for juDD to return - JuDD/Andy F2!!

What really turns me off and has since I noticed it Season 13 is how the rabid fan base takes all this too far. Death threats against Shelly Moore for flipping on JeJo? Really? And while I think it's perfectly appropriate for these players' words to have repercussions with their jobs (Aaryn, GM) it's another thing for the public to bother their families. Trolls in chat rooms say truly vile things... It's pretty hard to swallow when you're just enjoying the game play and some chatty camraderie. Many of the fans are exactly as vile as GM.

One last, also off topic comment. I didn't hear Kaitlyn say anything overtly racist, unlike what Aaryn, GM, and Amanda have said. But she was the leader of the mean girls extraordinaire, and 100% toxic to Candice. Whenever a fight popped off, Kaitlyn was leading the charge -- see how she absolutely egged on Aaryn and GM and baited Candice during the bed flipping and just prior, how boorish she was toward Jessie over the bed issue. I, for one, can't fault ANY player for getting her out over Aaryn (who at the time seemed an easier target because she (A) was so weakened). Kudos to those who removed head b$tch Kaitlyn. It made the house easier to watch, IMO.

Peace y'all. Out!
August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLeigh
No matter what people say about Elissa she has never said one nasty racist ugly thing to, or about any one. She refuses to lick Aaryn's a-- or any one else for that matter just to win a game. And Andy, the biggest woose on the face of the earth. Is he really that stupid to think Amanda and Mcrae would take him to the final? Duh there's 2 of them. He truly is the stupidest one of all. He's only good for tattling on every single person in the house. I can't believe Aaryn listened to him when she was thinking about getting Amanda out last week (after she talked to her the way she did, how do you like it Aaryn?) she even said she knew he was tattling to Amanda about everything everyone says in the house. That was pathetic! I have and always will HATE and I say HATE Aaryn & GM, they truly are the most ignorant, bigoted, unsophisticated mean illiterate females in America. At the beginning I really thought Amanda wouldn't tolerate the horrible things Aaryn GM and Katlyn said to Candice, but then her nasty ugly poor loser attitude had to come out and she showed her true colors. If any thing she is more dangerous then Aaryn or GM in the real world. Aaryn has proven to be a coward when she backed down to Amanda and GM can't even spell coward. Amanda will bulldose her way in real life just like she's doing in the house. Please God don't let anyone but Elissa win this game! NO ONE Else deserves to have that kind of money!
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterApril

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