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Back and to the left.

I'm always one for a good conspiracy, but last night's "Helen Jumped" one takes the cake. 

Before I go too far, if you have the live feeds - use the flashback feature to go to 8:06pm on Thursday night.  You can watch Helen fall/jump off about 12 seconds later.

She isn't pushed, she isn't 'tapped' by someone to tell her it is her turn to get off, she simply lost her balance, realized she was falling and jumped to the ground.

What has people CONVINCED that there was something else at work it because you can see someone moving behind the wall the HGs were leaning against.

The platforms the HGs were standing on were all synchronized together - they moved in unison.  Apparently there were one or more production people behind the wall controlling or monitoring the machinery.

Right before Helen went down the platforms pulled back very close to the wall - which cause the 'mud flaps' above the platforms to pull back.  You could see someone moving from left to right through the opening by Helen's feet (update: A twitter follower pointed out she saw the flap behind Elissa being adjusted by someone earlier in the competition - this makes sense as the flaps would move as the platform did and production probably did not want the viewer distracted by the big hole behind the HGs feet so they would adjust them after big platform moves).

It was just at that moment that Helen went off and people are adamant that because they see someone behind the wall at the same time, there must be something amiss.

So WHY, if Helen was pushed, did she prance off the set wishing everyone well and not yell FOUL!?!?!

The crazy people (5 of whom I blocked from my twitter last night because I was so annoyed), came up with the theory that Helen was IN on it, that she was paid off to quit.

Why? So Judd could come back? Seriously?  And how much would Helen need to be paid to give up on $500k?  As much as she annoyed me in the house, I have NO doubt she was one of the most passionate about the game this season.

If you want a conspiracy, you would be much better served watching Elissa today and seeing how she acts.  Helen was the one giving her instructions on what to do and say this last week, without Helen around I expect production, via Diary Room visits, to influence Elissa greatly because frankly I don't think Elissa has a game plan except to get out people she doesn't like.

Feel free to discuss....  not that I think anyone can give me ANY viable reason why Helen would have willingly quit the game.

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Reader Comments (12)

well said, i looked at the footage in question and went very slow motion to see and at no time did any hand reach thru and touch her, and i also agree Helen has a great passion for this game and would not throw a chance of winning away for a payoff, being in the house is higher pay for a superfan like helen than any kind of payoff. she went into the comp fatigued from being on slop all week she had the odds against her over the other jury members
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEddie
Please check the close-up. See the heavy hand of the Wizard behind the wall? You might also want to check your Autocorrect (""silliness"). What if Judd had fallen off before Helen? Do you think BB would have allowed a repeat of this last week? Ratings are money. Money talks, Helen walks.
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNoosh
sillyness sillyness sillyness sillyness sillyness sillyness sillyness sillyness sillyness

I hope it drives ewe CRAZI noeing I intentionally mispelled that werd

sillyness !!!!
August 23, 2013 | Registered CommenterIndyMike
I don't know what it is about Big Brother, but it really brings out the tin-foil hat brigade en mass. Every season there is a group of people that really stretch to find some kind of conspiracy that the game is rigged. This year Big Brother is rigged for Amanda to win because she's pals with AG. Don't you think if they are such pals it would be way easier for AG to just give Amanda $500,000 from her own checkbook than rig an entire game show season? And as for last night I saw someone behind the hole a few times. Helen jump because she was paid off? Never.

There have been 15 seasons of Big Brother now. You would think at this point if there was rigging going on, some disgruntled HGs would have come forward by now anonymously.
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBig Brother Rat
How about this for a conspiracy. Why didn't Helen use the ball tube to save her self like Amanda and Elissa did later on in the comp. she didn't even try to grab it. Were there new rules announced during one of the trivia. #bb15
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBeastman50
I doubt that as well. She, along with most of them, didn't even think to do that. Only Amanda and Elissa were doing it. I think they were told to quit grabbing the sign, as Elissa and Amanda would grab it, feeds would cut to fish, and when they came back they were no longer holding on to the sign. But I believe at one point GM asked them if she could hold on to the ball slot (this was when it was down to three) and they told her yes, but she just couldn't rely on it or something to that effect, though hanging on to it to keep from falling on the ground like Amanda and Elissa did seems to be "relying on it". But conspiracy? Nope.
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBig Brother Rat
I don't get it. Why would you misspell silliness on purpose? A more believable response would be that you just missed it.
Anyway every year something always happen on big brother that's alittle fishy.
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRena
If it wasn't rigged why all the fish and trivia on the "live" feed's? 24/7 access my a$$. It insults our intelligence to have people trying to tell us this is real, it's not, never has been. The show is still enjoyable for the most part and yes we can pretend that it's real, but we know better.
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTim M
Why do they go to feeds? There are things they don't want broadcast for various reasons. You can usually figure out why when watching the feeds. Song clearances. People being talked about who never signed released. Talking about DR's or production. Do you honestly believe that these people are acting 24/7? Following a script? I will agree that there may be moments or aspects that are redone for TV, or scenarios that are set up for TV, but I don't think this game is rigged (well, beyond MVP being there to keep Elissa in the house for a few weeks).

Trivia is simply because they want you to watch the show. They also don't want to show production giving instructions, doing retakes of blown lines, etc., not "We don't want people to see us tell the order of who is eliminated, etc.) Seriously, they would have mentioned that shit at some point. And if not them, some former house guest would have mentioned it.

I swear. It must be the live feeds aspect of it. If Survivor had live feeds for the people to watch they would probably convince themselves that everything is a conspiracy and the whole thing is rigged as well. I don't know, maybe they already do say that. I don't watch Survivor.
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBig Brother Rat
If Helen isn't complaining, then her pay off money must have made her happy enough and if she's willing to take a bribe to get off the show, who are we to criticize. :-)

Peeps: worry instead about the conspiracy between Grodner and Amanda for her to win the game!

(NOTE: The entirety of this post was created tongue-in-cheek.)
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Bless your heart Big Brother Rat. :-)
August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTim M
"Back and to the left" - clever.

Big Brother conspiracies will always run rampant for a few reasons... It is watch by a large variety of people (which will include plenty of shall we say -- idiots) and it is a program full of lies and deception, AND is a show where motivation for decisions and what houseguests are ACTUALLY thinking 95% of rhe time requires interpretation by the viewer.

No different than some message boards focusing on popular fictional television shows where people actually argue about character motivation and script writer intent.

Conspiring about Amanda or Helen's social mistakes any different than arguing whether or not Sheldon will ever sleep with Amy or if Penny will ever marry Howard?
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBryan

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