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The Night Owl

Wow wow WOW!! What a night!!  I will try to gloss over the early day and evening stuff so I can get to the juicy bits for you.   Early in the day McCrae and Aaryn were nominated.  Elissa had stated to everyone that Aaryn was her target, but as I said before, I was hoping she had a bigger plan.  Elissa made a deal with Judd to work with him for as long as they could toward the end, and Elissa told him she was so happy he was back and confided in him her plans. 

Aaryn moped around knowing that she could quite possibly be going home, and despite everyone telling her to just be quiet and they have the votes to keep her, she still for some reason ran to the ONE person who wouldn't and couldn't help her....Amanda!  She told Amanda she was so pissed that Judd was back in the house and got his key. She told her she was sure that GinaMarie had a deal with Elissa (which she kind of does, but not the kind of deal Aaryn was thinking).  Amanda and Aaryn bitched and whined to each other and laid around for most of the evening.

While Amanda, Aaryn, and McCrae were laying around, GinaMarie had a very very long conversation about Aaryn and about Amanda.  Elissa told GinaMarie a lot of the things Aaryn has said about her and they both agreed for the most part that Amanda was a huge part, if not all of the problem between the girls in the house. 

Cut to a little while later and Elissa has a DR session.  when she came out of the DR session she caught Judd in the bathroom hallway and asked him what he thought about the idea of getting rid of Amanda instead.  He said he was on board.  She asked him if he thought it was a better idea than getting rid of Aaryn, and he said definitely.  So she sent him to go get Aaryn and send her up to the HOH room.

When Aaryn came into the HOH room, Elissa just came right out with it: "I think we should just put everything behind us and work together and get Amanda out."   She asked Aaryn if she would be on board and of course Aaryn said yes.  Elissa told her that she almost wanted to win the veto herself just to prove to Aaryn how serious she was, but that she still wanted Aaryn to fight like crazy for it.  They had a long talk in which Elissa told her that she felt like Amanda was the problem between the two of them and she really wanted to see if they could work together with Amanda out of the house and not in the middle of them.  It's honestly one of the only times I think I've ever seen Aaryn not scowling.

A little while after Aaryn found out about what was going on, she only had time to fill GinaMarie (who already knew) on a little bit of it when the feeds were cut to fish so they could draw players for the veto competition.  Elissa told Aaryn in their discussion that if she gets HG choice she could do whatever she wanted to, but that she might want to consider picking Judd over GM as he is a little stronger in competition and she knew for a fact Judd would take Aaryn off the block.  Earlier in the night Amanda had told Aaryn that she had to pick HER to play for her (why Amand though Aaryn would pick her is beyond me.  Yes, I pick you so you can play for you and yoru boyfriend and not me..).  While picking Amanda might be a smart move because she has yet to win anything, Aaryn went with Elissa's plan instead.  When the feeds returned, chaos had ensued.

Spencer was complaining because he did not get drawn. McCrae and Amanda were freaking out about Aaryn picking Judd to play for her.  Everyone was essentially going a little nuts.  Once Spencer calmed down, McCrae came into the cockpit to bitch about the situation and about how he didn't think Elissa looked happy when she drew Amanda's chip to play. Everyone was making their own argument for their own problem at once and also wondering if it would be a night comp or a morning comp.  I preferred the Judd response.

Just when all the boys in the cockpit were starting to get settled down, Amanda started her mad pacing through the house watching for anyone who might be talking game.  She passed by GinaMarie and Elissa drinking at the kitchen counter a few times and mean mugged them until Elissa finally spit her drink out (literally) in a fit of giggles.  This sent Amanda off.  She thought they were whispering to each other, and so she started yelling really loudly to Elissa that GinaMarie had talked more shit about her than anyone else in the house etc..  GinaMarie fought right back though with a "And you never said ANYTHING about her though, huh?"  It got louder and louder until all you could hear was GinaMarie yelling over Amanda, and Elissa took GM by the shoulders and told her to just stop because it was what Amanda wanted. 

Amanda and McCrae retreated to their bed so that Amanda could talk about how much she hates all the "phony ass kissers" in the house and talk about how she would never do that and how REAL she is. (lol I'm not even trying to be funny..this joke just makes itself).  GM came in and apologized for getting loud and told her that they really were just laughing at her pacing and making faces at them. 

Amanda still on a mission marched up to the HOH to "talk" to Elissa.  She started with her usually loop "I've been the only one there for you." "I saved you" "They hate you" "They are all terrible people and you only have me."  She ended in tears and sobs asking Elissa if she was going to be "backdoored (even though you can't be backdoored if you are playing in veto).  Elissa literally could not contain herself.  She started laughing and she couldn't stop.  A few times Elissa tried to hold in the idea of Amanda going up, but every time Amanda asked she kept bursting into giggles.  After a while of Amanda's ranting, Elissa told her she was going to bed and they would just have to talk about it later and sent Amanda and McCrae from the room.

Amanda of course started whining and complaining to McCrae, and Aaryn when she could find her about Elissa laughing at her.  She also kept trying to convince Aaryn that Aaryn needs to let HER win the veto so she can take McCrae off and then convince everyone to keep Aaryn

While Amanda went through her motions and loops, the rest of the house studied the memory wall together and speculated whether this would be "morphomatic" veto or "How bad do you want it" or something else.

Everyone has gone to bed now, but Aaryn halfway filled in Spencer on what the real plan really was before they went to bed, and Judd let Andy speculate without actually saying anything to him that it would really be the best for all of them if Amanda did not win veto and went home this week.

I really feel bad for McCrae.  The poor guy is on the block for the first time, but as per usually he is forced to try to calm his crazy ass girlfriend down and try to save both of their asses now that she is making so much noise.  At this point he is kind of stuck with her until she leaves because it would be too risky to jump ship just now without actually knowing what the plan is or having a sure fire parachute alliance. 

I do not think the veto will be tonight.  It may be early in the morning, or they may have just done the draw tonight because tension was high and they knew people would explode and lose it.  If the latter, I'm thankful they brought the entertainment.  If anyone playing in the veto (McCrae, Aaryn, Judd, Elissa, GinaMarie, Amanda) besides Amanda wins it, it looks like Amanda might actually be toast this week.  Elissa is nuts and I have no idea what she has in store or if she will keep her sights set on Amanda, but for now I like where this is headed.  Then again, the one person you don't want to win  always does, right?  Either way, this has been a fun evening to watch on the feeds.  There was also a lot of humor and entertainment in between that I didn't have time to write about (thank you Judd).  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Here's hoping things get even more nuts after veto tomorrow!! Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (13)

Sadly, I think all of this was just plot set-up for Amanda to win a "timed" veto. She will then be safe and another week closer to the big $. It's getting very predictable for those of us who have watched all the seasons over the years. It was going to be a dull week so they spiced it up with all this, but all this drama will result in the only kind of veto Amanda can actually win. One timed by the powers that be...
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCrazy8
I was hoping it wasn't the end of the line for Aaryn. In my personal opinion, I think she's grown into a more mature individual since entering the BB house 60+ days ago. I've supported Amanda most of the summer, but she's really getting on my nerves. I wouldn't feel so bad if she were the one to be evicted this week. McRae will play a better game without her. She whines & bullies everyone to get what she wants. She's used Aaryn way too long! Win that veto Aaryn & take yourself off the block! Good luck!!!
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMaer
Christmas can early this year!!!! So happy. Elissa is smartest player right now. She doesn't get bullied and does what SHE wants, and it's killing McCranda!!! Boo hoo McCrae this is first time on the block and you're not even the target, so deal with it!!!! Smart move to make alliance with Aaryn!!! Best case scenario would be for Elissa to win veto and then make a firm deal with Aaryn that if she saves Aaryn, then Aaryn wouldn't put up Elissa next week. Then the alliance would be Elissa GM Judd and Aaryn. Get rid of Andy or McCrae next!!! So PLEASE have Amanda NOT win veto!!! Usually happens that way (the one you don't want usually wins). Looking forward to all this and how it airs!!!
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
Elissa is a mean, rude, condescending person. Predictably, she couldn't come up with a plan of her own to BD Amanda until production told her what to do. Yet one more attempt to throw BB to an undeserving Reilly.
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBen
I actually preferred Elissa's initial plan. Get rid of Aaryn, because she's the biggest threat when it comes to winning challenges, and I don't trust her. She's been gunning after Elissa this whole time, but never really went after her because Amanda always wanted someone else out. So in reality, Amanda really has been saving her. If you get rid of Amanda, Aaryn will finally do what she wants - which is to get Elissa out. So get Aaryn out first. THEN - get out McCrae. Don't put Amanda in the jury house until a little later in the game so she won't have that much time to manipulate and influence the jurors to vote her way. Just my take on the situation.
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRealistically
WHOAH is someone actually finally playing this game? Elissa, please do the needful. Amanda needs the boot, maybe then the show will be worth watching again.
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBB15sucks
I know that as time goes on and the game is played, we as viewers "change our mind" about who we would like to win. For me, THIS WEEK, I really don't care who wins in the end, I just don't want it to be Amanda (and sorry, McCrae, but because you are attached to her, you shouldn't win either). McCrae, you can change my mind if Amanda goes this week and you swear to never speak to her again.
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterZoe
Oh, and one more thing, in the unlikely event Amanda does win and takes McCrae off, I want Andy up there.
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterZoe
I'm curious to know what the conspiracy freaks think. First it's all about how production wants to keep Amanda because she knows AG...then Elissa, who has a psychotic obsession with her hatred of Aaryn suddenly comes out of the DR with a master plan to back door Amanda, seemingly out of the blue after her insane ranting over the past several days about Aaryn 24/7.
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVince
Ash- you CAN be backdoored if you play in the veto. Not if you win it but if you play and lose, you can certainly be backdoored.
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJP
For it to be a back door jp you can't have played in the veto comp. That's why they don't put the person up. So if Amanda goes this week she just goes as the replacement nom not a back door.
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRichard
Unrelated: Does anyone know how Aaryn got the nickname "poopy"?
August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTvlDeb
Judd running out of breath and quitting seems a little ridiculous that competition did not look that strenuous. Anyone with a normal level of hand eye coordination and stamina would not have dropped the ball at all. If they were getting tired they could have checked the board and taken a break especially if they were ahead of mccrae or amanda. Veto Comp = Rigged to keeping the show interesting
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoel

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