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The Night Owl

Crazy, Crazy, CRAZY!!  They are ALL out of their minds and have been at it nonstop for most of the day and night.  I don't even know how to begin explaining all that happened, so I will just try to hit the high (and really low) points.

When I fired up the feeds today the veto comp was already underway.  When the feeds returned we learned that it was the Zingbot veto comp and that Amanda had won.  I think we were all kind of expecting that to happen.  No, I do NOT think it was rigged. I just think that in BB, typically if a lot of the HGs don't want someone to win, they usually do. IE Elissa winning HOH this past week. I think this year may see the end of the Zingbot comps, or maybe they will just start doing them at a different time in the season, because this one was as rough as last year.  Last year the person wearing the Zingbot costume had a heat-stroke and fainted.  This year Judd threw up and had to be put on oxygen, and some of the others required oxygen and medical attention because they couldn't breathe.  Heat is not a friend to the Zingbot comps.

One would THINK that winning veto and being able to keep both herself and McCrae safe would make Amanda happy, but ohh no, not until she is in complete control of every move made by the HOH can she rest.  Amanda does not want anyone but Judd or GinaMarie going up next to Aaryn on the block because she wants to be able to keep Aaryn.  Elissa wants/wanted to put Andy up because she felt that Amanda and McCrae would not vote Andy out in order to keep Aaryn (which is true).  Amanda created an elaborate scheme to fool people. She marched up to the HOH and told Elissa that she HOPES she puts up Andy because no one else will, and that she is keeping Aaryn no matter what and so will McCrae.  She told Elissa that everyone likes Andy so this is the perfect opportunity to vote Andy out.  Elissa remained mostly unaffected and jus tkind of made fun of Amanda saying that to her face.  After Amanda went back outside, Elissa came down and saw her sitting and talking game with Andy.  She asked her if she was telling Andy her latest scheme to vote him out.  THe truth is, Amanda was in fact telling Andy that  he needed to act like she told him she was going to vote him out.  (it's already confusing and I just started).

Anyway, Andy ran into the house and went in the cockpit and started fake crying to Elissa and telling her that Amanda said she was going to vote him out, but the only way to make sure Aaryn went home was to ptu up GinaMarie.  Elissa told Andy she wasn't sure if he was just faking and in on the scheme or not, but that she didn't want him to go home, she just wanted to assure that Aaryn went home.

A little while after this, many fireworks happened here and there between Amanda and Elissa.  Elissa while giggling told Amanda that she threw the competition to her to help her stay safe (in order to annoy her).  Her plan worked, and Amanda got all fired up and started yelling about how ridiculous it was for anyone to say that etc...  Then she told Elissa that she looked plastic and started insulting her husband and kids etc... as Amanda does.   Elissa brought up Amanda telling everyone she was pregnant during the sequester time before the show, and asked her why she would still come on the show after losing a baby and then immediately hookup with someone who wasn't her boyfriend the first week.   Blows like this were exchanged throughout the night for a while until they got booze and they went into their separate groups to talk trash about each other to other people.  Amanda strutted around wearing the veto necklace while doing this...I just couldn't leave that part out.

At some point Judd talked first to Andy and Elissa up in the HOH room about making sure that Andy stayed if he went up.  Elissa told everyone she was convinced that GinaMarie would be voting out Aaryn with everyone else, and Judd even said he would offer GM is $5k to vote against Aaryn.  Andy was still nervous about the idea of going on the block though and also still playing it up for the two of them, and exited the HOH in kind of a huff.  Judd then talked to GinaMarie downstairs in front of Andy and started asking her if she would vote Aaryn out.  GinaMarie was non-committal about it (because she will never vote against Aaryn).  GinaMarie had also had a LOOOONG mind bending chat with Amanda during all the fighting, and was starting to distance herself from Elissa a little.  She told Judd "I can't vote out my BB bunny"  when it was just the 2 of them, and that got Judd thinking. What he did not realize is that what he was thinking is exactly the plan that Amanda wanted.

Judd went to Andy and Spencer and asked them if they would vote out Aaryn and they both said they would and swore to it.  Judd said maybe Elissa SHOULD put up GinaMarie since that's the only vote they are not sure about.  He ran the idea by Elissa and told her why.  She asked Andy and Spencer about their votes if she put up GM, and made them swear by them, and they all had a really REALLY long talk about all working together to get Amanda out of the house in the upcoming week. Everything SEEMED to be right on track.

Judd went outside where Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn were trahsing Elissa by the hot tub, and Amanda tried to get into it with Judd, with Aaryn jumping in like the good lapdog that she is.  Amanda kept pointing out "you hate me. I can tell.  I didn't do anything to you that everyone else in this house didn't do.  It was Helen and Elissa that wanted this for you"  blah blah blah blah blah.  Judd wouldn't take the bait and just kept telling her he didn't want to bring up old wounds, but he did mention that he saw the tape where she smiled really big when Aaryn nominated him.  Aaryn kept throwing in something about how he had used the term "BB Bunny" in a condescending way towards her (WHAT?!).  So help me, it was the dumbest thing she has said since "the most offensive thing you can do to a Texan is sit on their hat." 

While this half argument was going on, Andy and Spencer talked to each other in the cockpit alone for a few minutes.  They agreed that they really DO want Aaryn gone this week and that they were just going to have to tell Amanda "Look, we are voting her out and that's just how it is."  Andy also told Spencer that truthfully he is leaning more towards working with Judd and Elissa than with Amanda and McCrae, and that if he got HOH he thinks he would have to put Amanda and McCrae up so they could get Amanda  out of the house, because it is time to cut her loose. They both agreed that even though they had been scared about Judd coming back in the house, they both feel now that it's the best thing that could have happened, and perfect timing for going after Amanda.

Judd went and talked to GinaMarie a little bit and told her he didn't know if she would go up or not, but that if she did, for her not to worry because she was staying.  He promised her he would never directly put her up and told her how grateful he was to her for being one of the only 2 people that did not want him out when he got evicted.  Aaryn came in and started telling lies and talking bullshit as usual (this really is all Aaryn does.  She mostly runs to Amanda and just makes things up out of nowhere.  It's really strange).  She told GinaMarie to go and have a chat with Elissa.

Judd went upstairs to tell Elissa what was going on  and warn her that Aaryn had told GinaMarie to come and have a conversation with her.  This is when Elissa lost her marbles again.  Elissa decided that Judd was working with Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn again.  I have NO idea where this came from, but she was clearly angry about it.  Judd tried to tell Elissa that wasn't the case and explained to her all the reasons he can't stand them now and wants Amanda out and wants Aaryn out.  Elissa wasn't having it.  Judd gave Elissa the gold coin he keeps with him that his mom gave him and told her that if he was lying she could keep it. Then Andy came in the room.  Andy confirmed everything Judd was saying about being anti-Amanda and Aaryn now and wanting to vote Aaryn out.  Elissa did not believe them and dismissed them from her room saying she was going to bed...but she didn't.

Elissa decided to hold court with GinaMarie and told her that Judd wants her up on the block SOOO bad because he wants Elissa and GM to turn against each other...which is NOT true at all.  Judd really wanted to work with GinaMarie, Elissa, Andy, and Spencer.   Elissa told GinaMarie that she is NOT putting her up, but that she is pretending she is going to and then she is putting Andy on the block anyway.  Putting Andy up won't send him home, Aaryn will still go, but Elissa's perception of what is happening is WAAAY off the map.  GinaMarie TOLD Elissa she will vote out Aaryn.  Whether she actually will or not, I don't know, but Amanda and McCrae are not going to vote Andy out, so really it won't matter in the end except that now Judd won't have the original support he did from GinaMarie and Elissa.

Spencer and Judd are still awake just talking about past things and about wanting Amanda out.  A few others are still awake as well, but things seem to be winding down for the night.  So much game happened tonight it's hard to keep up, and I LOVE it.  I am loving the fact that the feeds are not boring again. 

I know a lot of people tweeted me in anger about Judd working with Andy and Spencer tonight, but honestly, what could he do?  He can't just work alone with Elissa who can't play for the coming HOH, especially because she is bat shit crazy and stops trusting people out of nowhere for weird ass reasons.  He has to have someone, and he can't work with and doesn't want to work with Aaryn/Amanda/McCrae.  So there it is.  I think it was sort of a wise choice with his only mistake being telling Elissa to put up GM instead of Andy..which he really had good intentions about.

It's time for me to wind down now myself so I can gear up for another day of non-stop gaming.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Reader Comments (13)

I was with you until the point where you described Elissa's meeting with Judd (which you described as her losing it). Elissa's reaction makes perfect sense! The one thing she told Judd from the moment he was back in the house..."Amanda and her crew are going to do everything in their power to get me to put up GM or you on the block. Whatever happens, just know it is all a ploy and ignore it." So when Judd shows up and tries to convince her to put up GM, of course she thinks Judd is being shady. I believe that Judd is just being dumb..he got snowed by the big Amanda long con that she planned and many of us would have been snowed too. But he forgot the bigger picture and he also doesn't have the knowledge about Andy that Elissa has. Thank GOD that Elissa is smarter than those fools (and most viewers).
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHenbot
Finally I found a site that breaks it all down! You should run for president (of BB)!!!
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterchandler
I thought Elissa had every right to assume Judd turned. It was the whole nominate Andy plan all day... Then all of a sudden hey let's put up GM? I would think he was working with McCramandy too
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoe
Wow you are awesome and
watching the feeds today and
reading this was truly epic.
Can we say Head Explosions?
Thanks so much for the good work!
Keep it up!
This week is just going go be BONKERS!!!
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTrentonJason
I agree with most of us mini-hamsters that IF a juror were to have to come back, Judd would be the best (sense of humor, game player, no female drama added to the already paranoid chicks, & hopefully without anger/malice or vengeful thinking towards anyone). However, WHY in the WORLD would he align with Narcissa, of all people?? Guess he is holding onto that grudge against McCranda after all. His best bet would have been to worm his way back in McCranda's group. Only because then he wouldn't be alone after the entire house targets Narcissa next week.

I'd like to see Narcissa pick Judd against Aaryn this week, with Judd walking right back out that front door. I know, I know, life is unfair...BUT REALLY?? It would have been way more interesting if BB would have had the first few evicted HG's a chance to come back in the house. Think about it! Nick, Jeremy or David?? A little eye candy plus actual competitors! BB would have had to sequester them, though, and they didn't. Overall, no jury member should EVER be allowed back in, imho! Judd has privelaged info from Candice & Jessie (well, their 'versions', anyway), plus the benifit of watching some footage of comps and HG interaction. If he were smart, he would have tried for an all guys' alliance (if he truly was starting from scratch like he said....yeah, riiiiiiiight......) & pick off the girls one by one. He would have to recruit McCrae on a day where McCranda is fighting with one another, then get McCrae to grab Andy, & I'm sure Andy & Spencer would be on board. These women made a mistake when they had the #s! BB is lonnnnnng overdue for an all-girl alliance. Oh well, enough what ifs.

Still pulling for Andy & McCrae....all the way to F2!
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter•~catty~•
Obviously the fix from CBS and Allison (producer) is true. Funny how Amanda keeps skating by. Her losing 15 comps and then miraculously winning a veto when she needed it?!?! C'mon now!!! And if I sound bitter about Amanda it's because I am!! She hits below the belt and she bullies. When she thought she was in danger she was so nice to Elissa and tried to backstab GM. Now that she "won" veto, she's a bitch to Elissa and being all buddy buddy with GM (I know it's Amanda's plan to pit GM against Elissa but still sickening). Amanda thinks its HER house and no one can think for themselves. Say what you want about Elissa but she is ONLY one with balls to go against the grain and realize that McCranda is controlling house. I really hope Andy is telling truth and now realizes he needs to break up those two. Only way anyone can win. Best case scenario at this point is Elissa put up Andy, and then AARYN leaves. I was liking Aaryn a little but she still resorts to racism (her comment about no more rice because Helen gone) so obviously Aaryn is still a naive immature little girl who needs to go. Hoping Julie Chen rips her a new ass!!! Anyway then everyone go against McCranda next week. Please!!! I hope to god there's a diamond veto or Pandora's box in favor of Elissa!!! Here's to hoping good actually wins over bad for once in this game!!!!
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
This season will go down as the most confusing BB of all. The fact that one obnoxious female bully who thinks she is always right id allowed by the other idiots to tell them what to do is beyond real. I thought Andy, MC among others were "super fans". They should know better. Each year there are those of us who wait with great anticipation for BB. Only to find that we are viewing a a rat ,a pervert, lap dog ,psycho, and others running around in circles playing a game with a determined ending!
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlohaCher
Why not oust McCrae? Amanda would flip, and her game would be over.
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIA BB FAN2
IA BB FAN2 - I don't think you were paying attention. Amanda won POV and is going to take McCrae off the block. He will not be a choice to evict. Not this week.

Ultimately, the power duo (where one has all the power, and the other just has a hair-duo) has to be split. I had such high hopes for McCrae, but no respect for the lap dog he has shown himself to be. Amanda might be so hated by the others that she becomes a good choice to take to final 2. But that belief is what won Dr. Will the game. Don't get me wrong - Dr.Will was strategic and Amanda is not - just a whiny bratty bully. She obviously is a good salesman as she can convince houseguests who are competing for $500,000 to do what is in HER best interest and not what is in THEIR best interests. Amazing, really. As much as I can't stand her, if Amanda makes it to final two, she would deserve to win for that reason alone. McCrae has been much less of a player. All his advice that he TRIED to give Amanda to control her was lost. Amanda does what Amanda wants to do. And Amanda wears the pants in all relationships. I think it would make more sense now to want to take McCrae to final two, as all other houseguests except for Andy have done more than he has.
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
nice recap. but I think you're wrong when you say Amanda and mcrae will not vote out andy. they want to keep aaryn and along with GM have the 3 votes needed. bye andy
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRoche
Wow, I appreciate your summation because I was watching the feeds as this all went down. So I know just how complicated and confusing it was! However, are you really gonna tell us that if you were in Elissa's position, you wouldnt have been suspecious of Judd telling Elissa she should put up GM, considering and knowing what lengths Amanda is willing and did go to (last night and in the past) with her schemes to control the HOH's nominations. Seriously? Really?
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSteph
Amanda is the biggest and most immature bitch!!! She's trying to annoy Elissa now on the feeds. Wow what a trashy classless girl. I cannot even call her a woman. Biggest BITCH to ever play this game.
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
Isn't it funny that the fans who hate the players who play personally are the fans that watch the game personally?
August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBarahir78

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