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The Night Owl

Another crazy day and relatively uneventful night in the BB 15 house. 

Judd started out the morning talking to Elissa for a really long time about why he did not want to work with Amanda and McCrae and his feelings on them in general.  He explained to her why he thought that the two of them needed people to work with and could possibly work with Spencer and Andy and GinaMarie so that they are not alone going into this next week etc..   Everything he said made sense and for the most part of the conversation Elissa was cool, but she was of course still adamant about wanting to put up Andy instead of GinaMarie.  Judd told her to do what she wanted to do, but that he just wanted to do what was best for them.  Keep in mind that Judd thinks Amanda and McCrae are voting Andy out and that GinaMarie is the swing vote. 

After Judd came downstairs, shit was immediately stirred when Aaryn told Andy that she knew for a fact Judd was upstairs telling Elissa to put him on the block instead of GinaMarie (completely false obviously).  Andy asked Judd about it and told him that he believed him over Aaryn, and judd went off to confront Aaryn.  He basically just called her on her bullshit and then walked away.  I cannot rave enough about how much I love Judd 2.0 that does not give a shit what Aaryn or Amanda think of him. 

Things seemed like they might calm down for a little while and I kind of wasn't paying attention until all of the sudden Elissa and McCrae were arguing because Elissa thought McCrae and Amanda had gone through or touched her things and stolen some balls from a comp from her.  Elissa had apparently moved some of McCrae's clothes so they would all be in the same place instead of spread out in different drawers.  They went tit for tat for a few minutes with a few biting comments to each other and then literally fought to get to the DR first to be the first one to ask if other HGs were allowed to touch each others things.  No it's not daycare, guys, it's BB 15. 

Never one to be left out of a fight, Amanda of course came outside to put her 2 cents in and started first telling Elissa that she is a bad mom and saying that her husband is 75 years old.  She then told her that "She should have been a blowjob but got stuck in the wrong hole".  Things pretty much went nuts from there.  Elissa kept laughing and went inside, but Amanda had bigger plans for the day. 

Amanda was and is still determined to try to get GinaMarie on the block so that she can keep Aaryn for herself (when really she doesn't have the votes either way.  Andy and Spencer confirmed many times and even told McCrae today that they would have to keep GinaMarie and that Aaryn has to go.).  So, Amanda dressed herself in some kind of makeup to make herself look like "New Years Granny" and went around blowing horns in Elissa's ear, and screaming random things about hating her and America hating her etc.. for the rest of the day.  It was all rather amusing in my opinion if not a little watered down and weak in comparison to people who have done similar things in seasons past. GinaMarie's face in the following picture is just a happy accident. I don't know what was being said to her.

After hours of Amanda putting ketchup on pads and blowing horns, we got trivia, and when the feeds returned Amanda was talking about how she had been told she had to cool it for a while.  The details are unclear, but apparently BB told her she can't do anything that makes Elissa feel afraid or threatened.  Amanda spent a good portion of the rest of the night reading the BB rule book to find out what she was and wasn't allowed to do to Elissa.

None of what Amanda was trying to accomplish worked.  Her plan was to have Andy comfort Elissa and that way Elissa would think he wasn't working with her and wouldn't put him on the block.  Elissa was unphased in the way of nominations though and still intends to put Andy up.  She went a step further when she came outside to talk to Andy and Spencer, and Andy told her that GinaMarie had refused to commit her vote to keeping him.  Elissa called GinaMarie outside in front of them plus Judd and asked her if she put up Andy would GinaMarie vote how she wanted.  GinaMarie said she would, and Elissa said "that's all I needed to know" then went inside her HOH and locked the door and wouldn't let Andy in.

Andy and Spencer agreed later on in the night that since the whole "Amanda and McCrae will vote him out" thing is fake and he has the votes to stay, it is probably better for him to go on the block than GinaMarie, because that way they can get rid of Aaryn without having to fight Amanda about it.  Andy even shut Judd down who was still trying to help him by telling him that he didn't want him to get himself nominated, so to not bother pushing Elissa anymore with the idea of putting up GinaMarie and just let her nominate him. 

Amanda and McCrae are of course still planning on keeping Andy at this point even though Amanda pulled this elaborate scheme and acted liek they were voting him out, so a good bit of their planning with Andy tonight was how to deal with Judd because obviously Aaryn will run to him and tell him that the plan was all fake.  So the plan is that after Andy goes up for nomination tomorrow, McCrae will pull Judd aside and let him know that the plan was all to try to save Andy from the block, and that Andy didn't know about it, and they were not sure if they could trust Judd yet, so they just let him go along with it.  This way Andy's hands stay clean, and it (in Amanda and McCrae's mind anyway) will build some trust back between Judd and McCrae.

Judd spent a good portion of his night talking with Andy and Spencer about what could happen in the coming weeks and just having general chit chat with them.  They all agree that Amanda and McCrae need to be split up.  Andy has added that he may have to get rid of Elissa first though as he is afraid after she gets rid of Aaryn, he will be her next target.  When Judd walked away a few times, Andy and Spencer both agreed that they might want to get rid of Elissa this coming week and then split up McCrae and Amanda, and then GinaMarie if they have any control at all in the coming weeks.  This is good news for Judd if either of them get power, but we all know the likelihood of that.  And yes, I am still aware of Andy's flip flops between being loyal to Amanda vs being loyal to Judd and Spencer.  Right now I think it could go either way depending on who gets HOH this coming week.

After things had mostly settled down and all were in their beds except Andy, Spencer, and Judd, GinaMarie could hear Aaryn still laughing and whispering with Amanda.  Aaryn really has played this whole thing with GinaMarie very VERY badly.  She knows that GinaMarie hates Amanda, but has not even tried to not tattle everything GM says to Amanda and spends most of her time trying to crawl up Amanda's ass.  I guess it got to be too much for GM, because she got out of bed and marched outside to the hammock clearly annoyed.  Judd, Spencer, and Andy all went to talk to her and she ranted for a really long time about Aaryn and the way she is being treated by her.  She hates that Aaryn chooses Amanda over her all the time and that Aaryn pits her against every EXCEPT Aaryn.  She brought up a lot of things and it was a pretty fiery rant, but I thought it was amusing to watch to say the least.  I kind of like fired up GM.  Spencer, Judd, and Andy all assured her that even if she was the one to go up instead of Andy, they would all keep her and boot Aaryn anyway.  They told her that they wanted to work with her and Judd told her he was on the same page with her wanting to split up Amanda and McCrae by getting rid of Amanda. 

Where GinaMarie's vote lies at this point is a TOTAL mystery, which is unusual for me as a feed watcher.  I usually know because each person usually has someone you can tell they are being truthful with.  I can't tell with GM though.  She told Aaryn and Amanda that people are stupid if they think she would ever vote against Aaryn, but she has promised her vote to Andy and promised Elissa that she will vote Aaryn out as well.  So who knows.  In the end it will only matter if Amanda and McCrae actually flip and try to oust Andy instead of booting Aaryn, which I am doubting will happen, but never say never..

Things are mostly winding down now and I think everyone will be heading to their beds soon.  I expect to see Andy put on the block in place of McCrae at the veto ceremony this morning barring anything strange happening to make Elissa shift her crazy eyes to a different target.  I'm pretty sure she is dead set on Andy and there is no changing it though.  We will have to wait until close to Thursday to see if Amanda gets her paranoia good and revved up and decides to take a stab at getting rid of Andy (which I could totally see happening). 

As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...

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Reader Comments (8)

I am disappointed that Elissa put McCrae up against Aaryn instead of just nominating McCranda. It was a weak move with an uncertain outcome. I'm really getting sick of this show and especially all the whiny self-centered people, like McCranda, skinny cry baby Andy, Pig Spencer, and self-absorbed Aaryn. There are too many creepy people on this show and I'm going to just puke if one of them wins.
August 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKeith
I cannot believe anyone would find last nights's immature and classless tirade "amusing" or "quite funny". Amanda is a sore winner and even more of a sore loser. Face it bitch, Elissa won't be bullied by you Amanda!!! Deal with it and face facts. You think the house is yours and that you deserve to be there over everyone else. These people are trying to win $500,000 just like you. Do your own dirty work. And McCrae is just as bad but just quieter about it. First time on the block and he flips out. Too bad so sad!!! And Andy even originally crying about being renom. It's the game!!! Poor Elissa has been a target from day 1!!!!! Only because she was Rachel's sister?!?! Please!!! I never liked Rachel but don't assume Elissa is worse and target her. I do agree that Elissa goes a little loony sometimes but she kept quiet when she had to, showed to be loyal to her true allies, and is far classier than half the other guests. Aaryn was growing on me but now she resorted back to the immature bitch she was in the beginning!!! Elissa said it perfectly - "you want to stay in the game to play for Amanda!?" Hahaha classic!!! The truth hurts. Elissa was not stupid to put up Aaryn and McCrae. For one she put the scare in that whole 3 AM stupid alliance and two, she's getting rid of her initial target (Aaryn)!! Now the rest of house is putting against McCranda, even Andy. So all in all Elissa's HOH was a success. Smart and classy you are Elissa!!! Rooting for you. Hoping Judd wins HOH this week and watch McCranda sweat again. Anyone rooting for them seriously has problems and probably a mean person in real life too. Here's to the "good" beating "evil". Go Elissa and Judd!!!! #teamElissa
August 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
Very good summary! But it was FAR from entertaining yesterday/last night with Amanda's mental meltdown and bullying. (The day before was so awesome too so how soon you forget?) Even the HGs minus Aaryn looked mortified and unamused by the whole thing.
One additional nuance: after agreeing with Andy that McCrae should tell Judd that he and Amanda were faking about Andy going home, McCranda had a private talk in bed that it seemed shady that Andy wanted to keep his hands clean with Judd and that they should actually tell Judd that Andy was involved in the lie too. Ruh-roh!
August 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHenbot
You all did leave out how Amanda started hearing things at the front door and then the cameras went bat crazy,and everything,which I thought was way more interesting than Amanda's crap ever was. Anyone think Elissa did get a Pandora's Box and just wasn't honest about it later on?
August 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertrerob30
I didn't forget Amanda doing that, I just didn't think it was relevant to anything. She was freaking out about the second photo booth they had to do when the DR told several of them there just were not enough pics of the first round.

Elissa definitely did not get Pandora's Box. When you get Pandora's Box something happens to both the HOH AND the HGs downstairs. One gets a blessing and one gets a curse. Secondly, Elissa would have had to have left the HOH room for a while for them to set it up, and she didn't do that before the whole "noises and freak out". When the feeds were on trivia for a while it wasn't to do Pandora's box. They were only down for around 45 minutes and when they came back we found out they had pulled Amanda into the DR to talk to her about backing off for a while. That's all.
They easily might do a PB this week, but I am 100% positive it has not happened yet.
August 26, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
And there is no way that nobody would talk about a Pandora if it happened. It would be the talk of the house.
August 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I think I was a good move for Elissa to put Aaryn up. She is a comp monster! She will more than likely win the next HOH competition. Mcrapda hasn't really done much comp wise. Amanda is using manipulation to further her game, but people are tired of her now. She won't be able to rely on her mouth from now on. Her mouth is sinking her. I'm not a fan of the low blow tactic but for $500,000 I would find it hard not to talk a little bit of shit. They have all gone pretty far with shit talk though. I am rooting for Judd a little bit because he's actually entertaining. I hope he goes to the end. I think he would beat whoever he's sitting next to.
August 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterChire
What Doc said!
August 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn

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