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Big Brother Season 15, Episode 27 Recap

First off, my apologies for the lack of a recap from Sunday night. I was way behind on a newspaper article that was due that day, so I elected to just watch the show rather than report it.

It was a pretty predictable show anyway, with most of what happened highlighted on this site over the weekend and on The Big Brother Gossip Show. Almost half of the show was the baseball-themed endurance competition. Other than that, there was Elissa’s HOH room reveal, Amanda attempting to keep McCrae off the block, and Elissa’s nominations of McCrae and Aaryn.

One strange segment, however, was the footage of Aaryn accidentally swallowing nail polish. There really was no need for that segment, especially as it happened a couple of days before the time period represented by the show. In fact, they had to utilise some digital trickery to make it look timely, as Helen was sitting on the floor just a foot or so away from Aaryn.

Oh well. Tonight’s episode may be a bit loud. Like really loud. There will be some anger, some tomfoolery, and a visit from an old Big Brother friend. Plus, a plot to keep somebody off the block that ultimately doesn’t work but sure created a buzz online.

Let’s begin with the reaction to Elissa’s nominations of McCrae and Aaryn. Elissa says that since the three of them (including Amanda) were behind the eviction of Helen, they are her targets for the week. “I’m ready to get revenge.” Aaryn is bawling because she thinks she’s “done everybody’s dirty work”, and now she has nobody to protect her. McCrae doesn’t seem as upset. It’s only his first time being nominated, so he says it’s “really scary”, but he seems pretty calm in his diary room session. Amanda isn’t as calm, though. “I have to figure something out to keep them safe, and myself.”

For some reason, we get some commentary from GinaMarie, who says she has to be on Elissa’s “good side this week”, despite the fact that her best friend (Aaryn) is on the block. We then see her kissing Elissa’s ass, telling her she had a “very nice speech”. Elissa asks if what she said to Aaryn was mean, and GinaMarie says “no. I thought it was fine.” Amanda and McCrae overheard this, and Amanda says “something’s not right here”. In fact, she wants to “punch her in the face”. McCrae tells her that they need to just be positive.

Aaryn is now talking to GinaMarie, wondering why she’s not up next to her. Aaryn believes that by not having GinaMarie up, this gives another opportunity for her to be saved with the veto. Aaryn says not to trust Elissa. “I feel like when I’m talking to her, I’m looking into Hell”, she says. Maybe there’s something up with Amanda and McCrae, and GinaMarie agrees, but tells her to keep cool with them.

Amanda is now in the kitchen with Elissa, who starts to say something but stops. Amanda wants to know what she was about to say, and finally Elissa asks if they’re going to “retaliate” next week for putting up McCrae. Amanda says no, and then asks who would go up if McCrae wins veto. Elissa says probably GinaMarie. “I don’t know.” Amanda adds that people are starting to think she’s working with GinaMarie, especially since she’s been kissing her ass.

Amanda then asks if Elissa would put her up if Aaryn wins veto, and Elissa starts gigglins as she says “no”. Amanda doesn’t believe it, saying in the diary room that she’s a “terrible liar”. Elissa leaves the room, and Amanda then tells Aaryn that she thinks Elissa is lying.

We then have a few awkward seconds of silence in the diary room before Elissa says “I was just thinking how awesome it would be for Amanda to go home”. She saw an “evil side” last week in how she treated Helen, and she thinks she can get Judd on board for this if Aaryn wins veto. “Now I feel that I just totally want Amanda gone. It’s so weird. I’m not meaning to be bipolar.”

Elissa then heads into the bathroom to tell Judd, and he loves the idea. “But don’t tell anyone”, she adds. Judd is really excited. “It’s time to get my hands dirty.” He walks into the bedroom to get Aaryn. “Elissa wants to talk to you upstairs.”

Although she says she’s freaked out by this, she does go up to the HOH room. “I feel like we seriously need to work together”, says the woman who just a few days ago spent the entire day disparaging her. She was so focused on Helen, but says she is now seeing the real picture. “Nobody would think we would work together at this point.” She says that Amanda needs to go, and they both need to fight for the veto. Aaryn is also supposed to pick Judd if she gets Houseguest Choice in the veto pick.

After commercials it’s time to pick the players. They all act overly excited as they race to the living room, and Elissa pulls out Amanda’s chip. Wow, she couldn’t hide her disappointment in that move! “I feel sick”, she says in the diary room. McCrae gets GinaMarie, and Aaryn pulls the no longer needed HouseGuest Choice. She still picks Judd, which angers Amanda. “Why would you not pick Andy?”

Amanda asks Aaryn about this as they walk away, and is not happy with her silly response that Andy or Spencer would never take her down. After Amanda and McCrae get into the shower, Aaryn says they can’t be mad at her for working to further her own game. “It’s stupid”, replies Amanda. “You think Judd’s going to use it on you. It doesn’t make any sense...that was not an alliance move.”

Aaryn walks away as GInaMarie starts bitching about Amanda. “Fuck her. Don’t let that bitch get into our head.” They both head out to talk to Elissa, who says that all she does is “use you to make her decisions”. Elissa promises that Aaryn is not going home this week.

GinaMarie and Elissa continue this conversation in the kitchen, where for some reason GinaMarie says Amanda “is the female version of Jeremy”. Amanda walks in on them, and they all quit talking. Amanda walks back into the cockpit room and reports that the two of them are definitely working together.

Amanda again walks into the kitchen, and the other two stop talking game once again. She again comes into the kitchen, and calls them out. Elissa just starts laughing, and Amanda gets into it with GinaMarie. McCrae comes in and grabs Amanda as GinaMarie starts babbling in some other language. Oh wait, I did hear “bring it on, bitch”.

McCrae stops her again from going out into the kitchen, and says that she needs to “do some damage control with Elissa”. Amanda heads upstairs, and airs everything about what GinaMarie has been saying about her the entire season. When Amanda brings up being the replacement nominee, Elissa again (badly) lies...and then starts laughing. “I really can’t wait to see the tables turned and see everybody against her”, she says in the diary room. Amanda starts bawling, saying she has always been on her side, but Elissa doesn’t give her much empathy in return. Ok, no empathy.

Now it’s veto time, and it’s the return of the Zingbot. We see it enter the house, and wake everybody up. Elissa says the Zingbot is “one of my favorite parts of Big Brother”.

The zingers start with McCrae, and how Amanda wears the pants in the family. He says it didn’t bother him, except for GinaMarie laughing like it’s the greatest thing ever. Speaking of GinaMarie, the joke against her is about Nick and the movie Fatal Attraction. Andy’s joke is about being a floater, and he’s not happy. He then goes to Aaryn about being a mean girl, and says she wasn’t acting. What? Amanda’s joke is about her tramp stamp, which she then shows in the diary room. “It’s a mistake.” Elissa’s line is about how she’s a “cheap imitation of your sister”.

It’s finally contest time, and it’s “Happy Zing Day”. The baby Zingbot is now one year old, and it comes out into the backyard. For the game, they have to roll a ball across a platform, and then run around and catch it. If a ball hits the ground, they go back to zero. The first to 250 “power units” wins veto.

Early on, Amanda and Judd are kicking ass, but McCrae is having a hard time. It’s so hot, though, that Judd is having trouble breathing. He then drops the ball, and is back to zero. “I literally thought I was going to die.” It’s now basically between Amanda and GinaMarie, espeically when Elissa drops her ball. It’s neck and neck, and finally Amanda hits the magic number to win the veto! She can now save McCrae, and can’t go up in his place. Guess who is happy, and who is not? Oh yeah, and Andy is now a little worried.

When we return from commercials, Amanda is still proud that she finally won something. “And it was hard, and it was physical.” Andy walks in the room, and they wonder if Elissa is now going to put him up, or will it be GinaMarie. Andy thinks it will be him.

Upstairs, Judd and Elissa are complaining that Amanda winning is “the worst case scenario”. Elissa starts crying that she is now going to go home next week. “I hate her. She’s like the grossest person in the world.” After mentioning that Andy may need to go up, Aaryn comes in to ask if it will be GinaMarie. Elissa says she doesn’t know, but “wants to make a huge impact in the McCranda game”.

She now heads downstairs and talks to Amanda how it was such a fun competition. For some reason, Elissa says they all helped Amanda win it. Uh oh. They go back and forth for a bit before Elissa leaves the room in giggles once again.

Amanda decides to get a little revenge. “She wants to push my buttons? Well, she just pushed the wrong one.” Amanda heads into the kitchen and is non-stop bitching, complaining how she wasted her HOH. There’s some talk about Rachel and the Brenchel Army. “What does the Zingbot and Elissa have in common? They’re both made of plastic. Zing.”

We jump ahead to Andy and Amanda talking. Or should I say Andy and Granny? Andy says he’s ready to accept his fate, but Amanda says he’s not going anywhere. They need to figure out a way to get GinaMarie on the block so that both Aaryn and him survive.

She heads back into the kitchen and starts screaming for Elissa once again. “Come on down, Princess.” Ugh, I can’t keep up with the insults. I know the anti-Amanda people point to this scene as proof of how vile she is, but the idea is for Amanda to drive Elissa nuts, and have Andy then go up to “save the day” and say how offended he is by her actions.

Andy then heads upstairs to try to seal the deal. He asks her if she’s ok, and apologizes for everything that’s been happening. “It’s been hard to be in the same room as her today.” He says that he’s ashamed to have been aligned with her, “but know that you have at least one friend”.

Did this scheme work? We’ll now find out, as Amanda is shown staring at the picture wall. She calls everybody in, and obviously uses the veto on McCrae. Oh wait, first she says that “I think you would know better than anyone that no one comes between me and my man.” No response from Elissa on that line, though.

Elissa then stands, and puts up...Andy. But first, she says to Amanda, “clever line. Rachel probably is very disappointed and insulted that somebody like you would use it.”

“Sit down, trash”, Amanda says as she gets up to adjourn the meeting. Elissa says that she won’t respond to “Amanda’s bad behavior”, and at least somebody that is aligned with Amanda is going home. Amanda acknowledges that “3 A.M” is done, “but at least we’ll have 2 A.M.” Andy says that while he needs Amanda and McCrae this week to survive, he’s done with them otherwise as he’s not playing for third place. Wow! Aaryn finishes the show by promising she’ll do whatever to remain in the house.

That’s it for tonight. What did you think? Please post any of your thoughts on tonight’s show!


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Reader Comments (16)

I think Amanda should not he aloud to act this way, she's RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL
TO OTHER HUMAN BEING, when people act this way it makes me not want to watch. They should be called to the dairie room for the way they act. What are we teaching our children. I hope Macey see her for who she is.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjb88
Amanda is no good in the game if she feels she is not in control. That will be her down fall, and I hope she take McCrae with her. I wonder if when she sees the show will she feel badly about her actions? Will any of them? I do like how Elissa keeps laughing at Amanda when she tries to bully her. At this point I'm hoping Judd for the win. Maybe even Elissa.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterThomas
I never comment but just wanted to thank you guys for your work here. Been watching since season 1 and love sites like this that recap what I'm unable to watch (sleep, work schedule). Thanks guys.

Overall, enjoying the competitiveness of this season but there is no clear favorite. This might be my least favorite cast since bb9 but still plenty entertaining. I think Amanda has finally blown her own game. I'm an Evil Dick fan, but Amanda is just stupid in the fights she chooses to pick. She's played a good game up till now, but I think her ego has gotten in the way. If she makes it to final 3, she deserves to win, but I'm pulling Judd, even if he seems to be a long shot at this point. Wish spencer would play a little harder but he's, overall, a likeable guy....
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVince
Wow, ya I don't think I ever would have thought BB was an educational show. "They should be called to the dairy room for the way they act. What are we teaching our children." teaching our children? again, wow. Hey it's just a TV show don't put too much stock in it's social relevance.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbigbrothergossipfanguy
I don't understand the people online. After watching this tonight, how can you not absolutely love Amanda? She's amazing. She's very obviously playing a very strategic game. It might not get her the win, but any of the so-called "fans" who think she's playing personal just aren't paying attention.If anyone in this game is playing it personal, it's Elissa and Ginamarie.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBen
I guess I am a "fan". I do watch the feeds and I think Amanda is one vile human being. I am not endorsing others.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterValmon Anthony
compared to what Amanda did to Elissa on the feeds, I still think the edit that Amanda got was much too favorable. her behavior was disgusting, considering that she brought elissaa husband and children into the matter. I was happy they put up Judds commentary about how despicable she is and it's sad that people who only see the show probably thought this was a smart game move when in actuality it was nasty and malicious.
btw I am not apart of the brenchel army nor was I an Elissa supporter from day one. I just can't condone someones husband or child being disrespected as a part of this show.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDee
Elissa laughing & trying to hold back from laughing in Amanda's face was the most awesome thing this season. I'm not a Rachel, Elissa of Amanda fan by any means but that was pure entertainment.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCdown
as a first season viewer, i recognize many of you may disregard my comment(s) immediately for that reason and that's cool. but i have been highly invested in regular shows, after dark, and these feeds all season long (ugh, justifying myself is part of the protocol, right?). obviously, i've been researching all along to keep up and so forth, but here goes my take... I've hated all of them at some point and would like to consider myself a 'lesser biased' viewer. I started watching due to the controversies/ broad-publicity earlier on in season. i'm just into that kinda drama, so sue me! It's really beyond me that I've managed to 'forgive' most of them for any number of atrocities along the way. well, all of them but... amanda! that is.. i've really tried to locate her redeeming factor to no avail.. when i started watching i never thought i could sympathize w/ aaryn or GM (mean girls, racists, etc..), and as they still get under my skin.. it is amanda (and ellisa-coming right up) that really burns me up. after finally winning a comp, she deserves her LAST move/veto, but before that why/how did she accrue so much power?? Is this how BB normally operates?? One scary bitch runs shit all season long really??? that's what unnerves me so hard!!! I actually find her romance w/ mccrae slightly redeeming on some level. However, it will make no diff if as she will anna nicole his ass on the flip! hopefully he knows better (actually fuck him, what a puppet!). I also got mad beef w/ Elissa! is that an oxymoron? her game play this week has been surprisingly, rad in my newb opinion but her personality and narcissism is oh-so wretched. that voice alone is a killin' field! I don't have time to go on about the others tonight. I really don't care who wins or loose, b/c they can't hide their true selves from us the viewers. And 500K won't resolve a totally fucked public image in the long run anyway!...
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNewbNewbee
Holy cow! Amanda going ape shit! She needs to stick to hiding behind trash cans.That is one horrid individual.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterlucy
Holy cow! Amanda going ape shit! She needs to stick to hiding behind trash cans.That is one horrid individual.
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterlucy
I think that the way Amanda was acting was completly ridiculous. If she doesnt have power in the house she has a melt down, and for McCrae to just sit there and laugh while Amanda made an idiot out of her self just shows that he has no game. Amanda and McCrae are using every person that is a part of their so called alliance but they are only looking after each other and the fact that no one sees that is just stupid. Send Amanda home and no one else will even know what to do with themselves....
August 28, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterkay
Did I miss Spencer's zing? Did you?
I didn't see it last night.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSJU
They didn't show Spencer's.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Spenser's zing was that he has been spending too much time in the dining car (he's a railroad conductor) inferring that he is fat. Pretty lame.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLissersmom
Spencer's zing was that he has been spending too much time in the dining car (he's a railroad conductor) inferring that he is fat. Pretty lame so they edited it out.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLissersmom

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