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Big Brother Season 15, Episode 28 Recap

This is it. It’s a night a good percentage of the Big Brother community is waiting for. A cute (former) model is about to walk out the door, not knowing that she’s been face of Aryan culture for the past two months.

Unfortunately for the blood thirsty, it’s unlikely she’ll actually get her true comeuppance tonight. She is headed to the jury house, after all, so Julie Chen can’t mention anything that’s happening in the “real world”. Will bad behavior be discussed? Certainly, but not at the level that would have happened a few weeks ago before the ousted headed to jury. You’re just going to have to wait for the finale to see how CBS handles her...and others.

Before we get to that moment, though, we have a replacement nominee to discuss. Amanda, the veto winner, took down her man, and Elissa put up Andy as his replacement. Elissa explains that she really wanted Amanda out this week, but she had to put up Andy because she knows he’s been working with her. Aaryn adds that this makes it the end of the “3 A.M.” alliance, and she has a bad feeling that she will be the one going home “because Andy has deals with almost everyone here”. Andy admits that he’s “freaking out”, and he really needs Amanda and McCrae’s votes. He adds that it is also the “beginning of a new plan that I have for myself that does not involve Amanda and McCrae”.

Elissa is now shown in the kitchen, and you can hear a New Year’s Eve party buzzer thing (what are they called?). “I’m back”, yells Amanda. “Hey Elissa. How are you, angel?” Elissa ignores her as Amanda continues to hover over her. “I’m very threatening and scary.” She asks her why she doesn’t look like any of her pictures. “How many doctors did it take to make your face look like that?” Elissa giggles and walks away. “I’m not about to be manipulated by a girl like her”, she says in the diary room. Amanda continues to talk as Elissa heads into the HOH.

Amanda is now seen in bed, asking the other boys why everybody is being nice to her. “I’m the only one standing up to this bitch, and everybody else is hiding in my shadow being, nice and kissing her dumbassed, cologenic injected face.” Spencer tells her to chill out, and Amanda continues to yell about her. “I want to punch her in her fucking face.” Andy complains in the diary room that she’s acting “appalling”. He says he’s not going to talk game with anybody, and Amanda says her next target is anybody seen chatting to her.

Time for a bitch session. GinaMarie is flapping her gums about Amanda to Judd, Spencer, and Andy, but I can never understand what she’s saying. Spencer calls her “repulsive”, and wants things to change. They just can’t have the two of them at the end, so Andy says they should just “cut ties” and go for their individual games. Judd says they should call themselves “The Exterminators”, and of course GinaMare loves that!

Aaryn is now talking to Amanda, who says she did everything she could to get GinaMarie up instead of Andy. She explains that Andy was with them long before Aaryn, so that’s where their loyalty lies. In the diary room, she explains that she also trusts Andy more than Aaryn because she chose Judd in that last veto comp. If she only knew what Andy was plotting. Aaryn whines a bit about how much work she’s done for nothing. “I did (the work) for people who won’t even keep me safe.” Amanda then starts crying, and then crawls into her bed to cry. “You still have two more days. You never know what’s going to happen.” The only way Aaryn can stay is to get the votes of Spencer, GinaMarie, and Judd. “This is going to be hard.” Impossible, actually.

She attempts to work it anyway, and first goes to GinaMarie, who promises her a vote. In the diary room, GinaMarie says she has to make fake alliances with both nominees. Aaryn then tries to work on Judd and Spencer, who says he has “concerns about your loyalties”. He adds that her past HOH’s furthered other’s needs, but she counters that she only did that to survive. Spencer and Judd both say they have to think about it, so Aaryn says she needs to start throwing some people under the bus.

Aaryn then tries to work on Amanda and McCrae again, pointing out that she’s done so much more work than he has. She points out that they have the two biggest targets on their backs, and that everybody is going after them. When she mentions Spencer’s name, Amanda gets a bit upset. She calls him over to the couch, and asks him if that’s true. “She’s full of shit”, he replies. Aaryn tries to refute him, but it goes nowhere. “Nobody trusts anything you say”, he tells Aaryn, before wandering back over to the hammock to report to Andy. Aaryn continues to fight for her side, and Amanda asks if she’d take them to the final three. So now we get that footage that makes the upcoming eviction vote appear to not be a slam dunk.

Ugh, a Dan segment is next??? NOOOOOOOO! I’m not recapping anything what that asshole has to say.

And now we have more bullshit with Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Dom and Danielle???? Nope, not watching that idiocy either.

After that silliness, Julie talks to the house. She welcomes Judd back to the game, and asks him how things have changed since his return. He babbles about how it’s the same people, but a couple are gone, so “they really did me a favor while I was gone”. Ok then. Amanda is then congratulated for her first victory, and is asked about “verbally taunting Elissa”. She replies that “Elissa really pushed my buttons”, but she has since apologized. “Now the house guests knwo not to push my buttons.” That’s not going to get a good response in the online world. Elissa is asked to respond, and she complains that Amanda took it past “game-related things”. That’s about all I understood from her lengthy non-answer.

Julie then wastes some more time talking about how twitter is so obsessed with the dirtiness of the bedroom. A picture is shown, and Spencer is asked why it’s so dirty. It’s a dumb question, so I’m not going to bother to state his reply. Oh wait, this is funny. “Thank you for asking me a question, by the way. It’s only been about ten weeks.”

It’s now crunch time. Aaryn gets the first final speech, and she tells everybody at home how much she misses them. She babble some more, and says she respects their decision. Andy then quotes Abraham Lincoln, but his joke falls flat. Even his Anderson Cooper quip stinks.

Voting then begins with Judd, who votes to evict his “little Texas tornado”. Spencer also votes against Aaryn, as does a crying GinaMarie, Amanda, and McCrae. Aaryn is out by a unanimous vote!

We have to endure more commercials for the much-anticipated meeting between Julie and Aaryn. It’s a peaceful departure, as she hugs everybody (including lengthy ones with Elissa and GinaMarie), and actually gets some cheers as she comes out. Oh yeah, and a few catcalls.

Wow, we don’t get the usual stupid footage of the house staring at the picture wall. Julie announces they have a lot to talk about, and she is then asked about the unanimous vote. Aaryn says that she believes Amanda and McCrae kept Andy over her because of her competition success. But why not GinaMarie, and Aaryn explains that the unanimous votes are so that they don’t become targets. Ugh.

Julie then brings up Elissa and their rocky relationship. Aaryn says that at first they were friendly, but the lie about not being Rachel’s sister brought on some animosity.

Ok, here we go. “In the early days of this game, you said some pretty harsh things about your fellow housemates.” Julie adds that Amanda even attempted to let her know that some of the things she said were being interpreted as racist. It’s not a good answer. Aaryn complains that since she’s southern, things have been taken out of context. “I do not mean to ever come off as racist. That’s not me, and I apologize to anyone that I’ve offended for that.” (Note, you can hear people in the audience laughing at that dumb response.)

Julie then reminds her that everybody going into the house knows that they’re on the internet, and proceeds to read some of the things she stated. Oh yeah, this isn’t going to end well. As the audience laughs, she says she doesn’t remember saying any of those things.”That was not meant to be serious, and I feel horrible for that. I regret that.” Julie follows that up by asking if the experience has taught her anything. Clearly flustered, Aaryn just spits out a few words about how her and Andy, Candice, and Helen are “great friends”.

The segment ends with the usual goodbye messages. Judd says that he thinks that she is “awesome”, but that “I feel that you are playing for Amanda and McCrae to win this”. Amanda says that this is the toughest eviction for her, and she loves her like a sister. Elissa then says she has “nothing to say to you except have fun in the jury house. Or don’t.” Interesting, as just a few minutes ago Elissa acted like she was her best friend. GinaMarie ends it by saying that she loves her. “You’ll always be my BB bunny.”

Julie asks for her final thoughts, and it’s clear the past few minutes are the only thing she is thinking about. She says she feels awful, and that in Texas they joke about things without really meaning it. “I really feel bad that this is how it’s being seen, and how I’ve come across to people.” Julie then tells her that after she’s home and watches the footage, “you’ll have a whole new perspective on things”.

It’s now time for the next HOH competition, and they’re wearing bunny ears. It’s called “Big Hopportunity”, and they have to maneuver balls through a maze. The first to collect a dozen “eggs” in their basket is the new HOH. Their feet are tied together, so they have to hop around the playing field. After they begin, Julie announces that the last place finisher will have to wear a chicken suit for 48 hours.

Before we end, Julie announces that on Sunday there will be a “surprise competition”, and that next Thursday will be another double eviction. That should be fun!

Well, that’s it. We leave the show without a new HOH. Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win? What did you think of the interview with Aaryn? Or the return of certain people I will never mention again? Let us know!


Reader Comments (17)

I feel like a lot of Aaryn's behavior was true ignorance. That doesn't excuse the thoughtless phrases she said, but I'm not sure it's a reflection of who she really is. Is she truly a racist, down to her very core? I'm not so sure; the time in the BB house is simply too small of a sample size for me to judge someone who I've never met.

What concerns me more is the public's reaction against her. The rush to judgement by the public via the live feed chats, blogs and even comments from tonight's audience was, and has been, unsettling. It's a shame that adults cannot be counted on to act like adults. I'll admit that my opinion of what I saw from Aaryn early on was negative, but I'd never have said or vocalized such hate for her that SOME others have.

BB at its core, is a social experiment, but it took me a good 13 years and 15 seasons to realize that it's as much an experiment for the house guests as it is for the viewing public. I didn't think I could be more shocked than I was when Aaryn's comments were initially made, but the backlash she has recieved has actually made me feel bad for her, to an extent. She's a human being that made some bad mistakes; I'd hope that the public response would largely be to help her become a better person.

Sorry for the rant; Aaryn was far from my favorite in the house but let her employer, school and family judge her. Her 15 minutes is up and she deserves a shot at a normal life, just like all of us do, vices and all. My opinion probably isn't popular, but I've been more disturbed by the public reaction than by a few racist comments, as ugly as they are.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVince
Since preseason football was showing here I had to watch BB on ustream which was a pain but at least I saw some of it in between all the ads and the stupid past hamsters. My feelings matches yours Scott, hated seeing DAN, Branchel, J/J and D/D. What a waste of time. Without that we could have seen more of the HOH comp since CBS has not started the live feeds yet. With my luck today the comp will be over. I really enjoyed watching Aaryn squirm with Julie but knew it would not be what it could have been had she went several weeks ago.

Being a Amanda fan and loving the chaos she brings, my vote goes to Amanda for HOH !!!!
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterShirly
I think the whole way they handled the Aaryn segment was in a way, irresponsible. They should have always asked her about the racist comments but in the direct manner they did was wrong. After all, others in this game have made as many if not more inappropriate remarks. In no way am I being apologetic for Aaryn, but it is appalling to think Julie never said anything to Jeremy or Katelin about their remarks, even more so she will never say anything to Amanda about harassing other people in the house (borderline being kicked out of the house).

Just feel it is irresponsible to say you can't mention what the outside world is feeling and then directly bring it up to a juror, don't get me wrong, Aaryn deserved the grilling she got, but so did Jermey, so did Katelin and so does Amanda, if Amanda ever gets out of the house she should receive the same response and same interrogation that Aaryn just received.

Harassment is Harassment, whether it be through racist, gender or a situation of power, when you degrade someone it is the same, no matter the means, just because it will create a response doesn't mean it should be taken any more seriously, Dan was right in what he said, there is a difference in the way Amanda is playing the game, when you get in Elissa's face and tell her to sit down trash, it is the same as telling an Asian woman to go make rice, oh wait ginamarie said that, do you think Julie or the audience will react the same way when she gets eliminated?
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike
I'm pretty much disgusted with all of Big Brother tonight. But one thing I want to mention because you refuse to mention is how big of a fucking tool Dan looked like. First of all, hoping someone who already lost the game wins it? Lame, but whatever. What I thought was funny was how he said he hates showmances because they never work, and after the show they won't talk to each other. Then they immediately go to a segment featuring three past showmances, two of which included a winner of that season, and two which ended in marriage. Hey, I'm not a fan of showmances either, but to say they never work is kind of silly. I think one more could have worked last season as well if Dan didn't cock block it. Whatever. Fuck that dude. I'm so tired of past housegusts.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBig Brother Rat
FYI if you aren't in the loop. GinaMarie won HoH.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterindymike
I just started watching big brother last summer so this is a serious question, has anyone ever won more money than dan in this game? Like combined between all the seasons?
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike
Wow. Just wow. I am not an Aaryn fan either but that was way harsher than necessary. This poor girl will pay far too much for her mistakes - and don't get me wrong, her comments were horrible and inexcusable- but to make an example of this girl is also wrong. She will have to face enough of it on the outside, my feeling is that she should not be bearing the full weight of the hateful, racist, and homophobic comments this season.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterErin
Shame on anyone for thinking CBS and Chen were too harsh tonight. It was a proper send-off and necessary to do. Let it be a life lesson for everybody regardless of what your stance is on it. Absolutely loved the booing and crowd reaction. It was honest and appropriate.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterwoodycorn44
I bear no shame for thinking that we ought to give Aaryn a little slack for being raised and educated (or, rather not educated) in a way that would prevent her from spewing hate at weak moments. I am sure that she will learn front his and I seems she already has. But as I said, and as Mike pointed out, she isn't the only one. I won't speak for them but I suspect Mike and Shirly are not feeling shameful for their thoughts.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterErin
Sorry, I meant mike and Vince. Shirly might agree with you. That's cool.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterErin
It was too harsh though, it was warranted, no one is arguing that it wasn't warranted but what makes it out of line is the fact that this kind of treatment will not be applied to any other houseguest the rest of the season (or before this elimination when it was completely appropriate). Im sorry but what is the life lesson that is too be applied from this, that a certain type of behavior of discrimination is "better" than an other"? Oh because cbs and julie chen grilled aaryn on her racist comments we must take notice and pay no attention to the out of this world, horrible comments of jeremy, spencer, gina marie?

There is no life lesson to be learned from this, aaryn was eliminated because she never did anything with her hohs, this isnt about her being elimimnated, this is about cbs being unethical in her exit interview, clearly I havent seen enough bb to say if this is normal but the whole thing seemed like an attention grab instead of an actual conversation with someone that could have been a lesson, don't tell me it was a life lesson when amanda is going around calling other women bitches, and spencer and jeremy have made similar comments towards women and children, whether joking or serious because the same could be said about aaryn. If it was to be a life lesson it should be had with every eliminated contestant, this was too harsh, the manner which they went about it with was not consistent with what they have done with everyone, if this is what they did with aaryn than amanda should be just as worse, who knew that racism against asians and blacks was worse than genderism against women? May the lesson be learned
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike
Julie did an amazing job. She was calm and gave aaryn chances to respond properly. For people to think this should be swept under the rug is condoning racism. The reaction has been appropriate.
August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJP
Wow looks like aaryn's hired publicists are hard at work. Julie did an excellent job with the interview and she was more than fair.
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBbfan
I think Julie was fair. Aaryn deserved a grilling after the things she said and did in the house. I think Gina Marie deserves some tough questions, as does Amanda. Aaryn was by far the worst and Jeremy and Kaitlin weren't nearly as bad.
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterpsychodrew
Why does Andy get a pass? ... He has said some awful things about Elissa and has called her and Helen sluts, cunts, whores etc. it is a game and people are going to be nominated, is that a reason to be hateful? Andy and Mcranda feel that they are entitled , and that they are above being nominated..they can't handle it!
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBiff
Being an African-American man, I assume all those above who say aaryn's post eviction treatment was harsh have never directly felt the sting of racism and most likely never will for reasons I don't have to verbalize.
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJohnathan
I think Juile Chen crossed the line, she acts as if Aaryn is the only person to make racial(not racist) comments/jokes in the history of the world. I find it ironic when Chen read the Candice remark(to dark can't see comment) but not that much earlier in the epsiode Zing-Bot made a joke about how pale/white Andy is...i see no difference..both cases where commenting on skin color..also lets not forget how Julie Chen a couple of years ago on The Talk LAUGHED with Sharon Osborne when Osborne made uncalled for jokes about a man being castrated by his wife. Imagine if a an all male show joked about a woman being sexually mutilated by her crazy husband...and speaking of castration this is the second time on BB that a woman has made a comment about castraing a male housemate if they were lying to them(Danielle and Dan was the other time, Aaryn and Nick was this season) why didn't Chen call that out? People have said it was a "joke" but imagine if a male houseguest "jokingly" said he would rape a female housemate if she was lying..all in all i think Chen was wrong for singling out Aaryn becaus I truly belive Aaryn didn't remember and people say "fighting words" all the's so easy for people to throw stones but i have no doubt that people who scream the loudest have said hateful things in their past
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMark Milton

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