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The Night Owl

GinaMarie is the new HOH!! But that almost seems inconsequential compared to everything else that has happened since then.  When the feeds came back after the HOH comp tonight Amanda was already in GinaMarie's ear telling her that she just HAS to put up Elissa and Judd.  GinaMarie did a good job of skirting her demands though and pretended to go along with her to an extent, but gave us plenty of eye rolls and other expressions into the camera when Amanda was not looking. 

Shortly after GinaMarie got away from Amanda, the Exterminator alliance celebrated in the storage room since they are now able to go through with their plan of keeping themselves safe this week and putting up Amanda and McCrae together.  After their small celebration it was time for Judd and Spencer to get their chicken costumes they won for being last in the HOH competition.

After the chicken costumes were revealed, GinaMarie was called to the DR to have her diary room session before the reveal of her HOH room.  While she was in there, all hell broke loose again between Elissa and Amanda.  Amanda technically started it this time by going into the house and calling Elissa a liar and basically following her around jabbing at her for various reasons.  I think this was mostly spawned because Amanda was so angry about Elissa's answer to Julie's question about their fight on the live show.  It didn't matter that Amanda started it though, Elissa gave as good as she got for the most part.  For the ENTIRE night, each time those 2 were anywhere near each other it turned into a poke and jab fest.  Elissa would talk about how much she "misses Aaryn" just to get Amanda riled up, and Amanda would go after Elissa being a mom blah blah blah...  There really isn't any point in me giving specifics of what they said when and where because we have all seen every comment over and over again this past week.

Meanwhile everyone else just tried to stay out of it and tried to avoid taking a side when Elissa or Amanda would come to them expecting them to side with them.  That is of course with the exception of McCrae who was on Amanda's side.  He did do a good bit of yelling at her to try to shut her up tonight though.  Judd and Andy had a discussion about how Amanda is driving them up the wall with antagonizing Elissa and then playing the victim and crying about it, but they both agreed that McCrae is probably the bigger threat and the one that will likely need to go this week if he doesn't win veto.

After the first real round of low blows, it was time for GinaMarie to get her HOH room.  She got pictures of Nick, a letter from her mom and step dad, and the usual goodies in her HOH basket.  Most everyone was happy for GM except for Amanda and Elissa who were too busy taking shots at each other, and then the stand off began.  Everywhere GinaMarie would go, Elissa would be 2 feet behind her, and 2 feet behind HER would be Amanda.  They eventually ended up in one of the most awkward HOH wait out fests I've ever seen.

For the record, neither Amanda nor Elissa won the wait it out contest. GinaMarie decided to leave the HOH first and go downstairs and while Elissa went to bed and Amanda was busy crying to McCrae outside about how Elissa "bullies" her and how tortured she is and how Elissa tortured Aaryn and how it's not fair, Judd, Andy, and Spencer made their way up to the HOH room with GinaMarie to have a small exterminators meeting and make sure they were all on the same page.

GinaMarie told them she was definitely putting up Amanda and McCrae, and they all agreed that they would like to get McCrae out this week if possible since he is the stronger competitor of the two.  There is also the fact that Amanda would really go off the deep end and just be a flailing loose cannon who probably would not be able to play very well if McCrae walks out the door.  They also all suspect a double eviction is coming this week, so they think even worse case scenario for them is Amanda or Elissa getting HOH, but they would still likely put each other on the block next to one of the Exterminators, and they can just vote out either Amanda or Elissa depending on which one is on the block.  They also all agree they will do whatever it takes to win veto to keep McCrae from coming down and keep GinaMarie from having to nominate Elissa and piss her off. 

While the meeting went on upstairs, Amanda sat downstairs still crying and bitching to McCrae about Elissa.  She really seems to have no idea whatsoever at this point that she and McCrae are going on the block.  Kudos to GinaMarie for her poker face, because Amanda truly believes that Elissa and Judd are going up.

After a while GinaMarie came outside and spoke with Amanda, McCrae and Andy.  Amanda tried to make a fake final 4 deal with them, and GinaMarie played it off as if she bought it.  Amanda then started asking again about who would be going up next to Elissa.  She wants Judd, but said that between Judd and Spencer she does not care which one goes up as long as it's Elissa.  GinaMarie played it off again and told them not to worry, that she sees what Elissa is doing by following her around etc..  And she isn't going to listen to her.

Everyone is kind of winding down and going to bed now.  I don't see anything else big happening tonight.  I personally am really excited about this week.  I think tomorrow's nominations are going to be a total blindside (possibly a first for this year) because Amanda and McCrae don't seem to have any idea at all that GinaMarie might put them up together, and they certainly have no idea that Spencer, Judd, Andy, and GM are working together.  There should be plenty of fireworks when they go up.  I'm excited for Judd that he has managed another week of safety provided he makes it through the double eviction this coming Thursday (and I think he has a good shot this time).  I'm happy about Andy's game and the way it is going.  He is breaking away from Amanda and McCrae at the perfect time for him.  They helped him get pretty far while he helped them also up to this point, but now he knows he has to play against people who are not coupled up and powerful, and he is easing into his new alliance very well.  I know people hate Andy for playing both sides, and I constantly get the "Andy is a rat and a snake and a floater" comments on twitter, but I feel that he is playing well and right now I am enjoying him.

I'm hoping GinaMarie tops her last nomination speech this week.  Her HOH's are always a little comical to me as she really is a cartoon parody of herself.  So here's to some great fireworks tomorrow afternoon when nominations happen.  Fire up your feeds and don't make any plans to go out or you might miss it.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


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Reader Comments (10)

Que Sera Sera. Amanda said, "Whatever will be, will be," in her talks with McCrae. How fitting, since what "will be" is that she "will be" on the block next to "her man" and she will go absolutely bonkers. What medicine is she taking tonight? I hope they have the shrinks on standby. A team of 'em. They're going to have to take shifts. Amanda is going to go absolutely nuts. More nutso than she already is.

She has absolutely no clue she is going on the block. She has absolutely no clue McCrae is going on the block with her. She has absolutely no clue that this is the last week she and McCrae have together in this house. She has absolutely no clue. Que Sera Sera.

But . . . to switch gears . . . I love the skinny chicken legs and webbed feet! I think that Judd and Spencer are much more interesting as chickens and would like to see the Foster Farm wanna-be chickens pop by for a visit.

Ohmygawsh. I gotta rearrange my schedule tomorrow so I can see the immediate fallout after nominations. It's gonna make the investment in the feeds worth it for the entire season. I.can'

Oh - - and then I'm going to hope and pray McCrae wins the veto. Why? Because they are all gunning for him to go, and I would like to see what his game looks like without the wench who attached herself to his hips. And how delicious it would be. Because first, Amanda would demand that McCrae throw the veto competition to let her win, and then, when he wins, she would demand that he use it to save her. And then she'll be personally offended when he does not. Oh . . . I can almost taste it now . . . .

She has no clue. It's gonna be great.
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
WWWHHHHAAAAATTTTT????? You like Andy?!?!?!?! TEAMANDY!!!
(Due to all of the wacked out fans this year, this disclaimer has become necessary. The aforementioned comment was written in the form of a joke. Sarcasm if you will. Even though the author of the comment just might be a hardcore TeamAndy fan, (then again the author of the comment may not be a hardcore TeamAndy fan) the comment was not intended to endorse or support any one HG or intended to imply and/or infer that the author of the article is/will/has endorsed and/or has/is/will hold in ill regard any one HG. Furthermore, the comment was not intended to offend the reader of the comment and/or the author of the article. For all those that still wish to complain, which is your right, please direct your complaints to @bigbrothrgossip on Twitter. Thank you)
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGettingLost
Alleluia!!! GM won HOH. She has the balls the others don't have. She will put up Amanda and McCrae!! They both deserve to go up on block. Elissa doesn't do personal attacks like Amanda and McCrae do. Even to the wee hours last night, the gruesome twosome were bashing Elissa. Can't wait to see their faces when they are nominated together!!!! Then Amanda will go nuts and CAN'T blame Elissa anymore!!! Hahahahaha sweet justice!
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
HOLY CRAP JULIE CHEN! Just when I thought no booing or even "going there" was going to happen, she did it. Then the laughing from the audience! HOLY CRAP!

Finally what I have been waiting for is the upset of a power couple. I was surprised that GM won HOH but also relieved. I am hoping she really does put up Mcranda (yuck I hate using that term). I am so looking for to the aftermath of the nominations.

I believe my season of BB has been saved.

Thanks Ash!
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermjude
Wow Ash, I can't believe you found so much to write about! My report would have been, "Cams 1&2,, Elissa b**ching about Amanda. Cams 3&4, Amanda b**ching about Elissa. Chicken suits. HOH room."
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterkaycee14
Lol Kaycee. When all else fails, add your opinion. I felt like there was a lot going on, but I like your summary better than my long winded one. It's short, sweet, and to the point.

Mjude, you saw my comments yesterday. I didn't think the boo'ing or the interview would happen either. I was kind of blown out of the water on that one. I will definitely be tuning in for the post-noms aftermath tonight. I can't imagine it will be pretty.

Lol GL. I feel like your disclaimer is something Andy himself would write about being a fan of himself.
August 30, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
I just hope that this mystery competition does not mess with GM's nominations. I hate it when something BB does messes with the HOH no matter who it is and who they might put up.
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCJ
"GettingLost": I'm TOTALLY OFFENDED by how UNOFFENSIVE your commentary (above) is! OMG you are such a FREAKY clear-thinking person who should NOT BE ALLOWED EVER to keep silent here.

August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John
Thank you John. Glad my normalness and plain jane commentary was highly offensive in an unoffensive manner. As for being silent, I am tuning up my singing voice as I write this, bearing in mind that I have had about 5 minutes of voice lesson. Earplugs are recommended.
August 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGettingLost
I feel that bullying hits home to most of us. We have all either had someone like "Demanda" bully us or someone close to us. She has a filthy mouth, she's racist and she's a nasty lady!!! For someone like her to win would be like CBS approving her ways and saying "hey people who act like her win in life" I personally will never watch this program again if she wins!!!
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJanice

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