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The Night Owl

Well, GinaMarie did it.  Amanda and McCrae were put up on the block together today and the aftermath went just about the way most of us expected it to go.  First Amanda and McCrae ran to their bed to go talk about whose fault it was (Judd and Elissa of course) then Amanda marched to the HOH room.  Upon arriving in the HOH room, Amanda yelled at GinaMarie and told her that they were never coming after her and genuinely wanted to take her to the final four.  Amanda told her over and over and over and over that it didn't make sense to put the two of them up together.  GinaMarie kept her cool and told Amanda that it DID in fact make sense.  She told her they were a power duo and a couple. Two people playing the game together.  She told her she felt that this would make it a more even playing field to separate the two of them so they are not playing for each other. Amanda then told GinaMarie "You just fucked your own game.  You just fucked up! if Spencer or Andy win veto they will take one of us off the block and then whoever the replacement nominee is will go home!"  That sparked a fire in Judd who spoke up and said "So I guess we should all just pack our bags then and push you both to the end?"  Amanda hurled a few more insults and then ran downstairs to the have not room to cry and tell McCrae how she doesn't even want to be there anymore and how she can't live with these people.  She just wants to leave now!  She can't stand the idea of being apart from him (for two weeks).  etc.. etc... etc..

There was some more time spent in bed and then Amanda went off to find Andy in the storage room who she still believes is on her side and will take her off the block if he winse veto.  She started crying and talking about Elissa saying she couldn't stand to spend another week in the house with her "joker face" etc..  and Andy mosty just said "yeah, but don't give her what she wants.  Just try to squash it."  While they were talking, Elissa listened outside the door until Amanda got wise to her listening and tried to bust the door open on her.

Most of the rest of Amanda and McCrae's night was spent not saying anything other than comforting words to each other in their bed.  There was also a lot of laying in silence.  The only thing they did outside of that was go to the bathroom once, eat once, and Amanda went up to the HOH room crying and apologized to Judd, Elissa, Spencer, and GinaMarie saying she knows she is leaving and she loves all of them.  She asked them not to blame her actions on McCrae who so wants to be there.  The two of them still have no idea that McCrae is the target. They just assume that Amanda is the one going home...but really, they just laid in bed all night for the most part.  I was starting to think mirrors  might be needed to check for breath, but in the wee hours of the morning they popped up for a short but relatively normal chat/joke talk with Spencer, Andy, and Judd.

After the storage room event, Andy started to get really spooked about the idea of Elissa sending him out of the house after she started needling him about what he said to Amanda and why.  She acted suspicious and Andy talked to Spencer about it a while later.  He and Spencer agreed that if one of them got HOH they might need to put Elissa up next to one of their own alliance so they could get rid of her first and then just deal with Amanda next.  I'm not sure if Andy is still on that same page though as after some booze later on in the night, he and Elissa had a really long heart to heart and agreed that they totally trust each other.  I am sure he still wants her out, but I'm not sure if he wants her gone next or if his fears were eased.

While McCrae and Amanda laid in bed together, the other HGs drank, played Jenga, ate dinner, and cut up with each other.  They started calling Judd the "Slutty Chicken" because his chicken costume is now so ripped it won't stay on.  They teased GinaMarie about how broken she is now that her toe is broken along with her hurt back and finger.  And the night for the most part was relatively strategy talk free.

There WAS a little bit of gaming for a while between Spencer, Judd, and Andy in the cockpit.  Most of it was just going over what they already have about doing what they need to do in order to win veto and send McCrae  home, but a few new things popped up here and there. They decided that if McCrae or Amanda does win veto and come off the block, it would be a good idea for Spencer to be the replacement nominee so they can just vote out whichever of the two is left up and not piss Elissa off yet.  That way Elissa stays focused on getting out the other member of McCranda instead of getting mad at all of them for putting her up and coming after two members of The Exterminators.

That's pretty much it as far as the game talk went.  Now it's all up to vet and what happens after that.  Part of me kind of hopes that McCrae wins veto so that Amanda goes home instead, but that is from a personal standpoint as I do like McCrae more than her.  From a strategy point of view, it is better for Judd, GinaMarie, Spencer, and Andy to get rid of McCrae and leave Amanda begging to go to jury right after him.  After seeing the way Amanda acted today about the game and her worries about being on the block, I honestly think she may use the veto on McCrae if she wins it.  She is extremely worried about him going to jury first and being there with Jessie and Aaryn.

Either way, even if neither of them wins it, it should be an interesting day.  If Andy somehow accidentally wins it, he knows he is screwed.  He won't be able to use it because of the current alliance he is loyal to, but that could potentially turn Amanda on him and keep her from going after Elissa.  Anyone else who won will likely just be subjected to bartering by Amanda and McCrae to use it, but likely won't.  We shall just have to see how it plays out.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Reader Comments (11)

You do a nice job! Thanks!
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHpb
How did GM break her toe? Did she trip over all the huge egos that are being flailed about?
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbigbrothergossipfanguy
Great summary, as always.

I agree 100% that Amanda will use the Veto on him if she wins it. I actually think that's her goal now, and she will try hard for that Veto. She feels bad for him and this will make her feel better about sinking his ship. Plus she wants to look good to the house and to America now. She is the type of person who is so unstable, has high highs and low lows. When she does something nice or noble, its always because she just got done being mean, rude, cruel even. Take this from a person who has family with mental issues...she's not well or happy. I do hope and pray she gets the help she needs and can someday live a happy, healthy life.
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEvette
BBGfanguy: GM fell down the stairs, hurting her toe in the process.

Amanda's reaction, while in some ways very predictable, was also a bit "off." She popped in the HOH room to explain how she had convinced McCrae that she was Evel Dick's daughter. But she repeated her dad's full name and birthdate over and over again. And it was SO random. I, for one, did NOT expect Amanda to be mellow and accepting just yet. Think she may have a few more emotionally-unpredictable responses before one of them walks out of the house on Thursday.

I would love it if Andy DID win POV and had to reveal his loyalties, finally. What a chicken. But my ultimate preference is the same as Ash's - I want McCrae to win POV so we can get Amanda out of the house and see what his game play looks like without her. I agree it makes the most sense for houseguests to get rid of McCrae over Amanda, but as a viewer, I'd prefer a final 2 or 3 that includes McCrae - NOT Amanda.
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Amanda WILL self-evict if McCrae is evicted, not for game-play but b/c she wouldn't be able to cope w/ him in a house full of women w/o her supervision. Let's not forget this ones a double E. I really hope they stick to the plan, b/c McCrae doesn't deserve a second chance. He chose this path, show-mance over real strategy, lame!
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNewbNewbee
If Andy wins veto, he can easily avoid exposing his loyalty by taking Amanda off the block. GM then puts Spencer up, as discussed, and they still end up voting McCrae out.
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike
I don't think, if Amanda "self-evicts" that she gets to go to jury. In that event, doesn't she "quit" the game and she's out for good?

Her jealousy and possessiveness is off-the-charts, however. I think McCrae has been thinking of self-eviction just to get away from her.

And you're right about Andy being able to avoid exposing his duplicity, BUT, I really want the house to call him on it and for A&M to really KNOW before they go to jury. I don't want him winning the game.
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Don't have to worry about Amanda self-evicting. She will be evicted. Then when she's in the jury house with all the girls, she can stress over whether Elissa and GM are having their way with McCrae!

Think we may get lots more drama between now and VETO ceremony and then the eviction, as Amanda is not going to give up easily. The last few hours last night and this morning where she was semi-normal and accepting of her plight were likely just a fluke, not knowing yet the outcome of the veto ceremony. And despite telling McCrae that she should leave, not him, and that she didn't need the money since she has $20,000 saved up (minus the $1,000 she owes the ex-boyfriend). But she also told him she was Evel Dick's daughter, so who knows what is actually true.

Bring on the meltdown . . . Amanda's own heavy-handed tactics throughout the season make her own eviction that much more "delicious," and this is going to be a fun week - as long as the outcome remains the same and she leaves.
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
LOL objkshn! Thanks for follow-up on self-evict status and laughs. What are your thoughts on double eviction scenarios? I really want A&M split up for a bit, just to see what happens.
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNewbNewbee
I hope that McCrae, once Amanda is peeled off of him, will be the super fan super player that I had hoped he would be. So I'd like to see him survive double eviction, fer sure.

Dream Scenario would be if Elissa and Andy are nominated, with Andy leaving. I do not want to see him win this game. And I'm bored with him blowing smoke up everybody's behind. So he can leave.

Reality: Elissa & Andy are being floated to go up, but with Elissa going home. Judd is another name being tossed for going up, with Elissa still going home. If McCrae wins HOH and follows Amanda's directive, he'll nominate Elissa & GM. If Elissa wins HOH she thinks Andy has to go home next. So best shot of sending Andy packing at Double Eviction is if Elissa wins HOH. McCrae may be more motivated to win it, however. Should be interesting.

Final Two:

Don't want Andy to win BB15 because of his lame gaming - float and lie is not strategy, it is cowardly.

Don't want Elissa to win BB15 because she doesn't seem to want to win and talks of having all this $ (she and her husband own an ice rink that seats 5,000). Plus, with the "Brenchel Army" she'll likely win America's Favorite Player - even though she was not that impressive of a player. Quite the opposite.

Don't want GinaMarie to win BB15 because of her racist comments this season.

Don't want Spencer to win BB15 because of his racist, homophobic and pedophilia comments this season, and because going-along-with-the-house is not strategy (though it seems to be serving him just fine).

So that leaves McCrae and Judd: final two. And if McCrae doesn't show me some good game play now that Amanda's gone, I'm team J-U-DD instead.
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Excellent summation! Glad there's some actual shake-up happening now, looking forward to some entertainment ;)
August 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNewbNewbee

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