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The Night Owl

Well, I think the HGs mostly played themselves out last night. Tonight started out and really ended with nothing much changing.  GinaMarie got her Cone of Shame off and had Elissa dye her hair for her so that she no longer looks like a skunk.  Helen made chicken fried rice for what was supposed to be the engagement/wedding party for Amanda and McCrae, but they slept through it and everyone but them ate.  Amanda tanned quite a few more times until her punishment was over.  If you are familiar with BBUK, you will recognize her look as the same one Alex got after she completed a similar tanning task.

As far as game talk, Amanda went on her usual loop about how Judd is MVP and he is this evil mastermind that they have to backdoor as soon as they get the chance.  McCrae of course went along with her.  Andy actually protested at first, but Amanda convinced him that Judd is after him too and that he is going to go after all of them... *beats head on the desk*

Jessie talked to Helen, Elissa, and Candice for a while.  She still wants Amanda out.  Helen and Elissa have now decided it might be a good idea to keep Amanda as a wedge in the house that keeps the boys from being able to bond. Elissa still wants all the guys gone so that there are nothing but girls competing (someone seriously shoot me if that happens.).

When Helen and Elissa were not in the room, Jessie and Candice talked about the control Helen has over the house as well as the control Amanda has.  They also talked about how Aaryn and GinaMarie are more devotes to Amanda than Helen or Elissa. They both understand what is actually happening, but there is not really anything they can do about it since they do not have the votes to save themselves.

Aaryn is sick of GinaMarie and has been ranting and raving about her HOH-itis for a good portion of the night.  She has also been really pushing for Judd to ditch Jessie and get with her which is causing a very awkward love/game triangle between the three of them.  During one of her moments when she was able to get Judd alone with her she implied to him that Amanda does not believe Elissa is MVP (meaning she doesn't trust him) but she was SUPER cryptic about it and whether he picked up on what she was saying or not, I'm not sure.

Helen pulled Andy aside to tell him that "her friends" meaning the DR has been telling her that Judd or McCrae are MVP.  I take this with the same grain of salt I used when swallowing her whole "they told me Nick is Dan's cousin" thing and "they told me not to put up Howard".   However, regardless of how ridiculous it is, she now ALSO wants to BD Judd soon if they can and keep Amanda safe...sigh..   If Judd or Jessie don't win HOH, or Judd doesn't win veto in the DE this week, he may be completely screwed.

All in all it was a typical night. Mass Amanda paranoia, Helen dictating everything, Andy running back and forth, and Jessie and Candice being powerless. Candice is still going home as of now, though she is now up against Spencer and Amanda instead of Jessie and Amanda.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight live feed stuff.  Until tomorrow night....

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Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for doing these and I have a blast tweeting with you late night/early morning. Truly a great time. Xo
August 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBarb
So after Candice leaves Thursday, the best case scenario for an exciting night would be if Jessie or Judd wins HOH. Hmmmm.........this is looking like a pretty lame DE night. The last two years were amazing. Let's hope for some fun drama.
August 6, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterwoodycorn44

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