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A Week in the House

Here's a newbie's guide to Big Brother house guests' daily schedules. Their week really revolves around who becomes HOH, so let's start there.

- Head of Household (HOH) competition, Thursdays, live on CBS (in the second half of the broadcast).

If it's an endurance competition (which can take hours to complete), live feed subscribers get to find out the HOH winner immediately ... but CBS viewers don't find out until Sunday night.

These photos are all from #BB15's very first HOH competition. Some (like this one) test endurance, theoretically favoring those with higher physical strength.- Have-not competition, Friday.

- "Kiss the ring," Friday. This is Big Brother Gossip's term for the conversations that the new HOH has during the day Friday with every other house guest.

- Nomination ceremony, Friday evening. HOH puts two house guests on the block for eviction.

The above (from have-nots through first two nominations) provides the content for the Sunday night broadcast on CBS. And every broadcast includes replays from the 24/7 live feed recordings, of course.

Aaryn, in her first term as Head of Household, calls everybody to the kitchen for the nomination ceremony. The HOH draws the first of the keys she's inserted, announcing the name on the key, which indicates that player is safe. Each house guest takes a turn until no keys are left, leaving two people ... indicating they are nominated for eviction.- America votes a house guest in as Most Valuable Player -- or, sometimes, America is the MVP. The MVP nominates the third house guest for eviction. The nominee is announced to the house, but the MVP remains secret. This happens Saturday. (By the way, having an MVP and a third nominee are new twists for #BB15.)

- Power of Veto (POV) competition, Saturday.

Other competitions, like the one shown here when Helen won HOH, test smarts and memory.- POV ceremony, Monday. If the POV is a nominee, she or he virtually always saves herself or himself. If the nominee had been put up by the HOH, the HOH puts a new person on the chopping block. If the nominee had been put up by the MVP, then the MVP names a new third nominee (but the MVP's identity is kept secret).

The above (from MVP through third nomination) provides the content for the Wednesday night broadcast on CBS. (By the way, do you see the value of the Big Brother Gossip Ticker in the right column? At a glance, you can find updated info as early as Saturday which CBS doesn't broadcast or post until the following Wednesday!)

- Tuesday daytime: The HOH gets a camera for an hour, writes a blog, and can tweet. This content goes live on the CBS Big Brother web site later.

- Eviction vote, Thursdays, live on CBS (in the first half of the broadcast).

Left to right: House guests gather in the living room, and nominees get to plead why they should stay. Julie talks them through the process. Then each goes into the Dairy Room to vote.- And then ... the cycle begins again with the next live HOH competition.

That's the story! That's a #BB15 week.

Did I miss anything or get a detail wrong? Comment below or send corrections to @uselesstraffic.

Next from the Newbie Desk: How a live double eviction episode works -- just in time for #BB15's first double.

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