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The Night Owl

Well, at the beginning of the night there was hope for a bit of drama.  The bachelorette party for Amanda was set to happen along with Alcohol, and Jessie and Candice had been steadily talking to Helen about how to get the votes to keep Candice and oust Amanda for a good while.  Helen of course committed to nothing and then ran around the house acting like a martyr for listening to the campaign.  She did tell Candice and Jessie that if they got Judd to vote their way so they had the votes, she would vote with them, but after the conversation she quickly pulled Judd into the storage room to tell him that this week was NOT the week to get rid of Amanda and Candice must go. 

Jessie and Candice have the game pretty much figured out.  Jessie knows where the various alliances lie and who has the power in the house.  It's just unfortunate that she has no backup and will likely be leaving the house very soon unless she wins HOH.  Her delivery is also lacking when it comes to social game sometimes, but honestly, I find her a lot more credible than the paranoid ramblings of Amanda. While Jessie and Candice were talking, they both got pretty fired up, and I thought maybe there would be some fireworks at the part, but Candice decided not to drink and not to attend.

So the party happened and even included all the guys, but Candice stayed in her bed.

For a while the party was all fun and games.  They all went outside and played a game of Telephone "the perverted edition".

After the games broke up, another musical bed war started between Jessie, Judd, and Aaryn.  Aaryn wanted to sleep in GinaMarie's old bed with Judd.  Jessie was planning on having Judd sleep in her bed, and Judd said he was just going to sleep in the Have-Not room to avoid having to sleep with Jessie.  In the end the arrangements ended up being Aaryn and Andy in Elissa and Helen's old bed, Helen and Elissa in GinaMarie's old bed, and Judd and Jessie in their regular bed.  This however did not go over well with Aaryn, who after trashing Amanda all day, decided she was back on team Amanda so she could go trash Judd.

Amanda went on her usual loop about how you can't trust Judd and he is MVP and blah blah blah.  Aaryn was more concerned with "I think he is saying the same things to Jessie that he is saying to me.  These insecure girls and their need for a showmance to be part of their game are KILLING me.  Amanda of course took this as an opportunity to go on one of her anti-Judd rants until Spencer, Andy, and Judd actually entered the cockpit where they were talking.

Jessie spent most of her evening in bed with Candice talking to her about the way things are.  It really is kind of unfortunate that they don't have any votes behind them, because most of what their understanding of the game is really smart and they are not wrong about who needs to go and what the smartest move to make would be.

Outside of those conversations not a lot really happened.  Most  have gone to bed now.  GinaMarie, Spencer, and Judd are in the hammock talking, but not much about game. Mostly just general chit chat. 

Candice is still going home of course, and at this point we will likely see either Judd or Jessie walk out the door second in the double eviction just depending on who gets HOH and veto.  Most of the house wants Jessie out, but a good portion of them are on board with Amanda's plan to backdoor Judd if they can.  If Jessie won HOH (which I would kind of love to see) there is no telling what would happen.  It could be anyone from GinaMarie and Aaryn to Amanda and McCrae going up.  I'm also not sure what Spencer would do if he won it.  Another part of the DE that is kind of a question mark is how the MVP nomination will work.  I think either the twist will end and there will be no MVP, or for this one eviction there won't be one.  Anyway, unless Candice really gets some fire under her ass and decides to campaign hard today, I don't see much happening before Thursday night, but at least DE nights are usually pretty eventful on the feeds.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...

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Reader Comments (11)

Candice gave up. Her & Howie were the unfortunate victims of some vicious behavior & derrogatory comments on the part of the "mean girls" (Aaryn, GM, Kaitlyn, Amanda), and the moment Howie picked up Candice to rescue her from throwing some deserved punches at these girls, they were done for. It's too bad because Candice was the 1st to figure out the Moving Co. & many other alliances. I personally enjoy watching Andy, Judd & McCrae play the game of BB. McCrae aughta "divorce" Amanda once they're in the final 4....although I'd like to see a girl win this season, none are deserving imho. The bachelor party was way more fun to watch; all of the girls that are left are not impressive game-players, and resort to cattiness and entitled behavior to further themselves in the game. Amanda's doing McCrae's dirty work, GM & Aaryn can be funny, but are ignorant, Jessie (who??) just wants Amanda out so she can be prettiest, Helen plays too hard & tries to act like everyone's mother, and Elissa? Let's get her OUT, America! Her time was up when we became MVP. Plus, can you say BORING? Like, mmmm hmmmm! Hope she doesn't win HOH & goes out tomorrow with the double eviction! Go Andy, Judd & McCrae!!!
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter•~catty~•
Aaryn behaves like a racist bully. Helen, Andy, and Amanda rush to comfort Candice. And then they not only pass on an opportunity to evict the racist bully, they use her to evict Howard. And now Candice. As a minority, I absolutely DESPISE minorities who do not stick up for other minorities.
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterpsychodrew
I think Candice's worst game play was not keeping the things she figured out to herself or at least finding one person she can trust and not Howard. Whenever she put 2 and 2 together she ran to that person to say "hey I know about..." That did nothing positive for her game. Now it seems she has given up even staying in the game. Everything I've read about her since she was nominated starts with "Candice is laying in bed..." I can't wait until she's gone Thursday. Really hope other people don't pull off a move to save her when it seems she has no interest in saving herself. PS: psychodrew, that's all good and fine but being a minority does not mean you play the game well or that people should keep you. In BB even ignorant racist like Aaryn can have their uses to other players. You don't have to like them personally, just gotta get them to vote your way.
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbadisdizzie
Btw Ash I just want to say I love your blog. Been reading it for a few years now and while I can't say I always agree with you, I do look forward to reading your take on things.
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbadisdizzie
There is absolutely no chance that Candice can win this game. Even if she won every competition, was the nicest person socially she still would never get their votes. The hatred is irrational and deep seeded. At this point there are three downsides to her staying in the house: 1) she will continue to be subjected to this irrational hatred and ridicule, making life miserable; 2) she will eventually confront one of them and, as a result, potentially get down in the dirt with GM, Aaryn and Amanda; and 3) the longer she stays in the house, the more she'll be connected to nastiest group of HGs of the show's existence and that's not good for her professional life outside the house. The only upside is the possibility of winning a few extra thousand dollars by going to jury. Any significant exposure that any of them might have occurs prior to jury house. Her peace of mind, credibility, professional reputation and principles will be better served by leaving. And why in the world would she participate in any of the activities before they vote her out in two days. Give them the finger and let them be whomever they are destined to be.
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNow-What
I always enjoy your blog. Yours are my favorite. Well said Now-What.
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoban
dear ash,

thanks for your thoughts on my questions a few days back. I am trying so hard to get into this season & I just cant. I know its not burn out from all these years so I am blaming it all on the players. nothing bothers me more when someone doesn't take the chance to stir it up. way to much chatter about making it to jury. at this point I don't even have a clue who I want to be the final 2 let alone the winner. who really deserves it at this point?

as always thanks so much for your blog. i never miss a word!
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermjude
Sorry Ash, I disagree with your take on the situation. Candice and most likely Jessie will be walking out the door due to their own poor gameplay. Jessie just wanted to make a Love Connection and since day one has set her sights on one guy to the next, and targeted whichever female happened to be closer to that said guy and everyone knows it. Candice hasn't worked at social connections. She stayed holed up in bed with Howard and now by herself. She wants others to make her pleas for her and is not willing to fight to stay. I think she really does just want out at this point. I think it is a good thing that she got the $5000.00 dollars in the HOH Comp. Now she can go home and decompress and get the same money as those that will continue the stressfulness of the game and still just go to jury.
Love them or hate them Helen and Amanda have been playing hard since day one. The reason they have the power is because they put the work in. Amanda and Helen didn't take no for an answer in week 2 and got the house to flip for Elissa over Nick. They continue to work it every day. If Jessie and Candice worked the rest of the house as hard as they have Helen, I really think they could have flipped it this week. Instead they sit around bitchin about the situation or preaching to the choir.
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimG
I am amazed that no one realizes this IS the week to get Amanda out! I am SO tired of her being such a bully.

OK, I have to ask what might be a stupid question.....where is Showtime After Dark? I recently got a Showtime package and it is not there. Then I saw it might be on the TV Guide Network, but no. Am I just an idiot or is it not available this year?
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterQuincy
It was moved to the TV Guide Network, Quincy.

Kim, I agree with you on both Candice and Jessie. Candice has shown little game play all season. She's awful at ALL competitions, and even in the early days spent most of her day sleeping. When she was socializing, it was boring talk about daytime TV. Yes, every now and then a light bulb went off in her head, but even when she was right she had not built up enough rapport with anybody for them to take her seriously. The Spencer situation was a perfect example. He was trying to save both of them, but had to lie when directly asked by Amanda if he was trying to get her out. When Helen informed her of what went down, she changed her clothes for TV time and did her dumb talk show. A quiet moment with Spencer would have answered her questions, and they could have possibly worked out a scenario.

Now on to Jessie. Ugh, Jessie. She did spend the first three weeks doing nothing. Zero. Looking at boys was all she did. The only thing she accomplished during that time was standing up for herself when Kaitlin and Jessie were fucking with her over her bed. I gave her props for that incident. Then she went back to just wandering around with her ass hanging out of her shorts. I'm happy to see that this week she's developed a backbone, and has done more work to save Candice than Candice has actually done. She's delusional if she thinks Judd is listening to a word she says. She did make great points to Helen last night, but it really is too little too late.
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Amanda has been the most confrontational, most vocal and most aggressive HG in the house. If houseguests don't have the guts to confront her, they are losers and need to go! Work with her or don't. She is very confrontational, but this IS a game for half a million! Get over it America! Amanda is only one HG and everyone has a shot at winning! I don't understand why everyone would think that Jessie or Candace are any more deserving! Quit the pity party for loser players already!
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterComment buster

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