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Throw Out The Alliance Charts - Here Is How I See It.

I've had a really hard time this season explaining the 'Alliances' to people when asked.  The reason is because since Jeremy was given the boot, there really has not been one easy to define alliance of more than two people much less two major opposing alliances.  So after much thinking I came up with a visual of a piece of tile, or perhaps a plate where the outside keeps getting chipped away slowly.

That lead me to create the following image - which I further refined by placing circles trying to show who was closest the middle where the strongest forces are.

Helen is one very strong 'force' and I see Amanda/McCrae as the other (I do feel Amanda is the more dominent of those two however). 

The next layer out has Andy and Elissa.  These two have close ties to both Amanda and Helen but I don't think of them as floaters since Amanda and Helen have been working together for most of the game (this relationship HAS to end soon). 

Next in "orbit" (I've also compared this to a Solar System with two suns), would be GinaMarie, Judd and Aaryn.  Judd has fallen out of favor of late, although he doesn't seem to be too aware of it, if I were to re-do this I might bump him out to the next area.

That next and, once Candice leaves, final area has Jesse and Spencer in it.  Today Helen has been working to get closer to Spencer but I suspect thats only to keep him from getting close to Amanda/McCrae, I don't think she plans on pulling him in any closer.

Candice is all but gone - she and Howard would have been in the same area last week.

Thats how I see things, its going to have to fall apart soon, Helen and Amanda have already both explored the idea of voting each other out just this past weekend.  As soon as they split the others will pick a side and the lowest will probably end up floating between while the middle people get picked off.

Does this help you visualize things?  It will most likely be worthless after the second eviction on Thursday, although Jesse or Judd may go, the last three players to go via the second eviction in a double eviction night were Joe (BB14), Mike Boogie Ashlee (BB14) and Jeff (BB13).

Comment below with your thoughts or holler at me on twitter @bbgossip.


Reader Comments (5)

uh actually there were 2 double eviction and bnoogie was the first eviticee of the 1st double. ashley was the 2nd one of the first double.

bb7 - Danielle, then George
bb8 - Jessica , then Eric
bb10 - Mechelle, then Ollie
bb12 - Matt, then Brendon
bb13 - Danielle, then Jeff
bb14 #1 - Boogie, then Ashley
bb14 #2 - Frank, then Joe
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAntmanB
ewww Ashley and Joe are much less interesting. However Candice/Jesse or Candice/Judd will be the topper for the least significant evictions in a dbl since BB10.
August 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterindymike
The best DE has to be the BB13 clown shoe. We can only hope there is that much excitement tonight!!
August 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLev
I love your "plate planet". It's exactly as I see it in my head as well. I do wish Judd would wise up on his position. It'll be interesting to see where the remaing hamsters will be orbiting after tonight. :) Enjoy your post. Keep it up!
August 8, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbadisdizzie
Great concept, I agree totally. I think it will most likely be Candice then Jessie tonight, unless Jessie or Spencer wins HOH, then it could be Aaryn, GM, Amanda, or Helen, in that order of possibilities. I can't wait until after tonight and they start to devour each other. I would like to see a F4 of McCrea, Helen, J U DD, and Andy. If any of those 4 win, I'd be OK with it.
August 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKimG

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