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Big Brother Season 15, Episode 29 Recap

After the drama of Thursday’s eviction of Aaryn, tonight’s episode should be fairly low key. The first half will be dominated by a competition involving a chicken coop, and the second half will be about chicken costumes and a nomination blindside that is only shocking because a handful of numbskulls actually kept a secret.

The HOH competition is where we start tonight (after a questionable recap that missed much pertinent details), and in case you forgot they have to push “eggs” through a fence. The first to get 12 wins. The footage starts with the usual “I have to win” silliness, so I’ll skip ahead here.

Once GinaMarie mentions that “her girl, Aaryn” is gone, we go back to a time where TV footage is in black and white (fitting, right?). Julie announces Aaryn’s eviction, and we see McCrae apologizing to her. Amanda says that they had to pick Andy since he was with him longer, and then “the rat” says that he now has to cut ties with Amanda and McCrae. GinaMarie adds that Aaryn walking out the door was one of her worst experiences, “besides Nick leaving”.

Andy thanks everybody after Aaryn walks out, and Amanda starts bitching about “taunting”. Elissa says she didn’t taunt her, and it’s really a nothing argument that didn’t deserve TV play.

Back to the game. There’s more useless diary room talk, and even more useless play by play from former HOH Elissa. Really, it’s only the conclusion that matters, and even silly circus music can’t add excitement. Even worse is Andy’s awful puns.

Finally, GinaMarie is on her last egg...and easily wins. Yes, the dumbest girl in the house is nothing less than fantastic at repetitive games. “Yeah, Nick. I’m gonna see you again, baby!” Ugh. The last place finishes were Judd and Spencer, so they’ll have to wear chicken suits for the next two days.

GinaMarie is over-celebrating with Elissa, and Amanda complains that they shouldn’t be so excited “after sending your best friend home”. In the diary room, Elissa says that “I’m so sick of Amanda’s rude, over-the-top behavior. She’s got to go.” Amanda runs over and hugs GinaMarie so she can sarcastically say it’s time for her to send home the person who evicted Aaryn. Amanda claims that she’s going to “make sure” she makes GinaMarie’s target move to Elissa.

After commercials, GinaMarie walks by Aaryn’s picture and “shows” her the HOH crown. “Bunny, you’re going to be so proud of me!” Both Amanda and Elissa agree. Again, we hear that Amanda is going to get into GinaMarie’s head. She walks into the bathroom and hugs her. “Once she sees that you sent home Elissa, she’s going to go bananas.”

In the diary room, GinaMarie says that she’s not Aaryn, and is going to play her own game. She’s now seen in the storage room celebrating with the rest of the Exterminators (Andy, Judd, Spencer). Andy says their goal is to break up Amanda and McCrae.

Spencer has left the room, and Amanda asks if he thinks GinaMarie is going to put up Judd and Elissa. He feigns that he has no idea, while in the storage room the celebration continues. Judd warns her that the pair will be all over her, but she says that no matter what one of them is going home.

Meanwhile, Spencer is still talking bullshit, saying he thinks that he’ll be up. In fact, he says he’s sitting there wondering which one he wants out the most. Amanda adds that she’s going to be “her new bunny” this week, and will be all over her ass.

GinaMarie has moved into the kitchen, and air kisses Elissa after agreeing that McCranda is going up. Elissa is ecstatic. “This is better than Christmas”, she reads from her production script. “This is better than anything. I can’t wait for them to get a taste of their own medicine. Mmmmm, bitter.”

I’m starting to get bored as we’re hearing the same things over and over, though. We know who the target is, and who the targets want out. Oh wait, it’s now filler time, as Spencer and Judd are called to the diary room for their chicken suits. “Fuck fuck fuck”, says Judd. “It’s cluck cluck cluck”, replies Spencer. At least it gives simple GinaMarie something to get excited about, just like on photobooth night.

Back to the same old stuff, as Amanda is now asking GinaMarie what she’s going to do. GinaMarie lies and says that Elissa is going up, but doesn’t know who will be with her. Amanda pushes for Judd, and asks that neither her or McCrae are put up. Afterwards, GInaMarie agrees that she should put up two people that the majority of the house wouldn’t argue about. “Unfortunately, those two people are Amanda and McCrae.” You just know she’s proud of that line! She’s so proud, in fact, that we get to see GinaMarie playing to the camera a bit.

More filler, as we get to see GinaMarie’s HOH room. I don’t give a shit, so I’m going to fast forward!

Now Elissa is sitting on the couch with Spencer and Andy, bitching about Amanda...who walks in just at that same time. “You never try to lower anybody, right”, Amanda counters. “You’re better than everybody. You’re Big Brother royalty.” It’s a good tirade until she thinks she’s informing Elissa that she’ll be on the block tomorrow. “That’s funny”, replies a giggling Elissa. Amanda continues on, and Elissa giggles on. Suddenly, Elissa says that she loved Jessie, and that she was the “only ten” in the house. Here we go again. Andy and Spencer is not comfortable with this, and kind of groan before walking away...followed by Elissa.

After commercials, McCrae and Spencer are now with her. Amanda is defending herself, and says that “the sweet revenge will be when she’s nominated tomorrow”. McCrae says that she needs to calm down. “Be a bigger person.” He tells her that she should take Elissa’s abuse and not reply at all. She’ll look better that way. “You have to be the victim.”

When Amanda comments how Elissa is probably talking about her right now, we cut to Elissa at the pool doing just that. “She’s a mean, disgusting person.” Wait, I thought that was the description of Aaryn! Andy tells her to just walk away, and that pisses off Elissa.

Back to Amanda bitching about Elissa. Ugh, I’m so bored with this topic...on both ends. Amanda then walks into the bedroom to complain how Elissa “antagonizes” her, and Elissa just walks out of the room. Seriously, this is the whole show? We even get a piano music segment as Amanda tears up.

We do get a little break from the Amanda/Elissa silliness, as they have a luxury comp. The house is full of balloons, and they have to pop them to find a 1, 0, and K to win ten thousand bucks. They all read the typical puns in the diary room, and it ends up with Spencer winning the cash. Good for him, I guess.

GinaMarie is now upstairs with Judd, but is interrupted by Amanda. She’s told to walk away, and Judd flips her off. GinaMarie explains that she has to keep them in the dark, and continues to talk about nothing with him before Amanda is finally let back in. We get a redo of the earlier conversation, where Amanda explains who would put the least targets on her. McCrae joins them, but it doesn’t go any better than it did last time. She even mentions how Elissa was responsible for getting rid of GinaMarie’s best friends, Nick and Aaryn, but too bad she really is “as dumb as we think”.

There’s some more babbling as Amanda wanders around telling everybody that Elissa is going up. Andy and Judd are pretty proud of themselves, and can’t wait for the actual ceremony. “Stay tuned, America. You’re not going to want to miss this one”, says Judd.

So here we go. The blindside of the season. The moment the Brenchel Army has been waiting for. How exciting can it be, though, when it’s orchestrated by the dim bulb GinaMarie? This is the girl who can’t say simple words. The girl whose highlight of the week is the photobooth. Most importantly, the ONE PERSON IN THE HOUSE WHO HAS SAID THE WORD THAT CAN’T BE SAID!

She’s all dolled up (no scrubs, yo) for her big moment, and we get to hear again from everybody who the nominees will or should be, and GinaMarie finally pulls everybody into the house. The first key pulled belongs to Andy, followed by Spencer, Elissa, and Judd. Yes, McCranda has been nominated. Ooof on Amanda’s face.

GinaMarie says that they’re a “huge, dynamic power couple. Nobody had the balls or was too chick, no pun intended, to put you guys up.” She tells McCrae that at the beginning he had “so much fire” that he lost with Amanda. To Amanda, she says that “people think I’m crazy New York? Girl, you top the cake. But that’s one of the reasons why I love you.”

Actually, the words didn’t quite come out like that. Dumb GinaMarie had to do second and third takes, and still screwed up some of her words. The rest of the house is happy, though. Judd is jumping around in his chicken suit, and Elissa’s smile stretches that botox so far I’m scared it’s going to snap her lips right off her face.

We end with some of the usual diary room reactions, including tearful Amanda and McCrae comments, and that’s it. Here you go, kids. I know the pro-Elissa crowd is ready to fill up this space with “vile” comments, so have at it. I’m moving on to Breaking Bad after posting this.


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    Big Brother 16 Gossip - Big Brother Gossip - Big Brother Season 15, Episode 29 Recap

Reader Comments (10)

Im not 'pro Elissa' but I am 'anti' Amanda. Every blog I read where people have crapped all over Amanda ive noticed that the Elissa haters mention the brenchel army and accuse the Amanda disser's of loving Elissa. This is the worst Big Bro cast ever and its a case of who is less douchy. Amanda is a cow; nasty, cocky and whiney. Elissa has said some crap and has been a pain in the ass but shes not half as bad as Amanduh.
Gina Marie pulled it out of her ass and finally did what Elissa should've done.
At least things are interesting now.
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTerry
Thank god that GM put them two up!! Amanda is just rude,and nasty somebody needs to tell her to stop shopping in the kids dept. everybody knows she's way to big for what she wears.. the crap that she has said i would have already made her cry and walk out of that house.
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertammy
It is a sad state that some fans have conveniently forgotten that GinaMarie has made vile and disgusting comments, some worse than Aaryn. I dare say it is because she is BFF with Elissa.
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterITGrouch
Amanda is a vile low life individual. Plain and simple. She taunts and taunts. Yes Elissa pushes her buttons but its all worth it. Elissa keeps quiet and like a classy person, walks away and doesn't fight back. Case and point is Amanda thought Elissa was going up on the block and taunted Elissa saying "you're going up on the block". BUT Elissa knowing Amanda was actually going up, didn't throw that in Amanda's face. True class right there. Enough of the personal attacks Amanda. You're not all that too!!! So stop calling Elissa names. Sorry Amanda, like karma, you're a bitch!!! Buh-bye!!!!!
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDoc
No way I'm pro Elissa but here's my "vile" comment. I'm really hoping that Mccrae gets evicted and Amanda would stay. I want to see Amanda totally lose it when she finds out her moppet is going to jury with Jessie and Aaryn. I want it with all my might. As for this entire cast, I don't like ANY of them but I dislike Amanda the most. She is obnoxious, vulgar, dirty, and I find her cro-magnon forehead disturbing. I think Elissa is entitled, snobby, cartoonish, and a total mean girl. She says things in a way that she thinks is under the radar but are still mean. I don't think either one of those two are good people. But Amanda is actually violent. When she heard Elissa was listening at the storage room door, the force with which she pushed that door would've done serious damage. I don't think she would've felt bad about it either. And she plays dirty with her insults. She's attacked Elissa's entire family, even her child. And that's someone that you're rooting for? Because "at least she's playing the game"? I wonder, if she physically hurts someone, will THAT be enough for you to stop backing her? I'd also like to say I'm not part of brenchels army, I really disliked Rachel and Brendan too. I never thought I'd dislike a HG as much as I disliked Rachel, but Amanda is by far more vile than Rachel. Sad that I used to love reading Lala's blogs but now I don't even bother. I guess I won't bother with yours anymore either. I know, you could care less but it makes me feel better that I said it. Sorry. Maybe we can reunite next season, if there is a next season, if there is a CBS. Honestly, I'm truly bummed you guys don't agree with me. I've always agreed with you guys in the past. But I just can't read one more Pro Amanda blog. And even if you aren't saying anything pro Amanda, if you continue to ignore ALL she says and does, then you're basically PROtecting her.
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSad
I completely agree with Sad. It's a game and verbally attacking someone's family and child is not ok at no level. GM hit below the belt with her remarks to Candace also. It has not been a good cast at all this season. The only one I have not had a problem with and he has sort of really flown below the radar is spencer. Out of all of them he has probably been the only one to play his own game. He has had to do some things to protect himself, but he also has stood up for himself. I was sooooo glad to see mccranda upset after nomination ceremony. Now for POV comp.
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLucinda59
OMG.....GinaMarie is my SHEro!!! I've been waiting on this major move in the game ALL SEASON LONG!! If Amanda would've applied one-tenth of an effort of all of her NEGATIVE mental energy n2 some of the PHYSICAL competitions in the game (instead of McCrea's johnson's) she would've gotten further in the game. This is definitely the wrong reality show 4 that Psycho Bitch!! She needs 2 be lying on somebody's couch with a jacket that makes her hug herself!! The look on her face was PRICELESS during the nomination ceremony 2nite. Oh & the bonet she was rockin looks better on McCrea LMAO!! Perhaps when she joins the Jury either Candace or Helen can fix her favorite dish...fried chicken & shrimp fried rice (no pun intended I like BOTH of those players) since revenge is BEST SERVED COLD!! Lol....#karma@itsbest
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDee Edwards
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKeith
I agree with pretty much everything Sad wrote except, I will continue to read/listen to you guys in hopes that you revert back to how you used to do your podcast. I liked Ash (I know some might feel she was a bit corny) and her refreshing opinions about the show and miss what she added to the podcast because it seems now that the show has become very antagonistic and hostile against the few vocal fans that disagree with your opinions. I get it you probably don't appreciate all the stupid and insulting comments people make to you about your opinions but don't take it so personal. It takes mad courage yo (in honor of GM's HOH) to do what you all do on your podcast sharing your thoughts with random people across the country. That said you willingly put yourselves out there for us to listen/read your opinions you should expect some criticism, whether dumb and insulting or or just different from yours. Antagonizing your readers/ listeners for supporting their favorite houseguests in the same manner you guys support your favorites is somewhat hypocritical. P.S I Hate Elissa and don't like Brendan and Rachel please don't dismiss my comments just cause you think that I am cat lady. I say that because it seems like the only way for you all to take our opinions seriously is we share and proclaim our disgust for Elissa. I can't stand Amanda though, something is seriously wrong with her and your support for her is wierd and kinda shocking. I just don't get it, it's one thing to praise her for her entertainment value and another thing to say you actually like her, you never play any of the shit she says. She really is lucky nobody has beaten the crap out of her for real. She had no filter and has not played a masterfull game at all, she intimidates people and yells at them to put her enemies up. They do it because she's a shield and someone to blame to keeps their hands clean, the houseguests don't like her or respect her and its evident this week, she played herself and was way to aggressive and mouthy and now she's gone and she's in for a world of shit when she moves back to Florida .
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterY.O
The Podcast is certainly losing it's integrity. Being a loyal listener for 3 years, I thought Saturdays podcast was their worst ever. Not giving up on it, I'm sure they will turn it around next week especially with Amanda leaving. Colette never should have mentioned that she knew Amanda's family. Surprised they never mentioned the Amanda door incident. Also was taken back by all 3 of them feeling bad for Aaryn on eviction night. The interview with Aaryn and Chen was better than any feed highlight I've seen this year.
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterwoodycorn44

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