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The Night Owl

McCrae won the veto!  The HGs competed in some kind of BB Bowling veto that involved spinning around a lot and throwing bowling balls.  They also got beer.  And McCrae won.  My hope was that he would be super excited about winning and staying in the game and that he would start trying to fit back in with people and save himself, but so far that hasn't happened at all.  For the most part he has been campaigning for Amanda and trying to help her campaign for herself.

For a good while after the veto, McCrae and Amanda both went in between napping and campaigning, but their campaigning mostly consisted of the same old tired arguments "Judd is bad"  "Elissa is bad"  "Keep us and we will be loyal till the end" and a lot of other things that still don't change the fact that they are an overt couple working as a pair in the house. 

When Amanda and  McCrae were not around, the Exterminators alliance decided it would probably be best to put Spencer up instead of Elissa so Elissa does not end up pissed off at them and they all know they will still vote out Amanda.  GinaMarie said that it wouldn't matter if Elissa convinced her that she had sex with Nick, she STILL wouldn't put her up against Amanda because they need Amanda to go.

Other than the campaigning, most of the afternoon was slow and most everyone was either tired out or drunk after the veto and many slept for quite a while.  When everyone started waking up again the house was on indoor lockdown because of a wedding playing loud music in the backyard.  They got  more alcohol and decided to play poker games.   Poker is always pretty dull for most of us watching, with the most interesting part of tonight's rounds being Andy losing and ending up in one of GinaMarie's outfits.

Andy and Judd had some short discussions here and there about how to proceed in the coming week if it's a double eviction (which it is).  They both feel it will be best if one of them wins to put up either McCrae against one of them and then if anyone wins veto put up Elissa, or put up Elissa against one of them and if someone comes off put up McCrae.  That way they only piss off both McCrae and Elissa if they have to, and one of them definitely goes home since their alliance will still control the votes.

Other than that it's been a super slow night and it's been FILLED with constant feed cuts every few seconds as Elissa and Amanda don't seem to be capable of going a full minute without singing or mentioning production once they have had a little alcohol.  So that's pretty much it. There is not much more to tell.

I'm happy with the veto results.  I'm excited to (hopefully) see Amanda walk out the door this week, and I would be even happier if Elissa followed right after her in the double eviction. Alternately, if McCrae doesn't actually start playing this week, I would be fine with him going too.  I'm sad that he made the choices he did in the game as I felt he had SO much potential to be a graet player when he came in. That's just my personal opinions/desires.  I expect to see Spencer or possibly Andy or Judd on the block next to Amanda on Monday, but none of them will be in danger of going home or getting voted out.   In between now and Thursday we should see a lot of ups and downs from Amanda as she swings between acceptance and campaigning.  Maybe she will make one last loud bang, or maybe she will just stay in bed all day, I don't really care either way.  As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (6)

My hope is that when Amanda and McCrae see that GM, Judd, and Spencer were pulling the strings after the veto ceremony maybe they will both get their heads out of their butts and realize maybe they should go back to Ms. Slater and cut a deal. McCranda most likely lost the votes because 4 people are voting this week and Elissa ain't helping them but you never know. Andy should nominate himself to go on the block so he can hide from voting Amanda out because if the vote is 4-0 then McCrae would be pissed. My only question would McCrae and Elissa see that they can only make it further if they work together against the other 4. Because this move is all done by the exterminators and maybe they might target one of them. Oh and I don't know if they would blindside Amanda with the vote or let her know. If they let her know then Mccrae would need to find a way to keep himself safe
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBman
They made Andy dance every time the bb voice went off so they kept singing and mentioning production.
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda
I would LOVE to see McCrae and Elissa make a real final two deal. I think between the two of them they could break the "Exterminators". Neither one can do it alone. Go Mclissa!
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAnthony
What about this big rumor that Amanda has won the diamond power of veto? If it's true, it makes the other rumor that she and Grodner are friends and the game has been rigged for her look true.
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterboptist23
Please don't believe dumb rumors. She has not won any special power. Barring a shocking reversal of opinion, she's gone on Thursday.
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
It was so sweet that McCrae won the veto!! The 'Exterminators' (which GM can't even SPELL-omg lmao!) will find themselves being picked off one by one...only Judd and GM can win anything and GM is hurt (broken toe & messed up back). Without Amanda and her 'aggressively assertive' personality, let's see if who still remains can even think for themselves!! Helen set up Narcissa and GM, and TOLD them to go after Amanda & McCrae, so this week wasn't due to GM. The only ones who actually played the game that are still left in the house are McCranda and Andy. Granted McCranda ran the house without winning anything...but if you really think about it, it was McCrae calling the shots and making Amanda, Elissa, Aaryn & Andy get all the blood on their hands. He's safe this week, and since he is done throwing comps after Andy turned on him resulting in Amanda's probable eviction, watch out for McCrae's wrath!!! And he has one he!!uva fight ahead!! He should win the 1st HOH after Amanda goes, and put up Narcissa & Andy. BUH-BYE Narcissa!! And hello scare the pants off of Andy by putting him on the block making him go to McCrae for a F2 deal. Narcissa's eviction by McCrae's hands will be all for Amanda. Then, being a double eviction, it doesn't matter who is HOH, because none if the remaining HG's have the ability to think that fast, and someone like Spencer or Judd should go if McCrae & Andy have any part in it.

Andy/McCrae to F2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter•~catty~•

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