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The Night Owl

Today started out really slowly, but picked up as the night went on.  It was definitely a day and night of campaigning.  We knew Amanda wasn't going to go down without a fight (as she shouldn't) and she certainly hasn't today.  I could get into the specifics, but really you have heard most of it before.  Amanda and McCrae alternately and together a few times went to GinaMarie and pitched as many deals as they could think of to try to get her to put up Elissa or Judd.  Each time, GinaMarie told them she would think about it, but basically implied it wasn't going to happen.  McCrae even tried threatening to use the veto on Amanda instead of himself thinking that would make her put up Elissa if he made a deal to use it on himself instead of her.  GinaMarie was unaffected of course since McCrae was actually the target this week, and if he did that, it would't be a bad thing for her or her alliance.   He won't do it though, it was just a campaign tactic.  Spencer will be the one replacing McCrae when he takes himself off.

GinaMarie promised early on in the day that she would let Amanda and McCrae know before midnight if she was willing to put up Elissa, so as promised, she had a conversation with them in the HOH and told them she would not be putting up Elissa.  Amanda had just seen Judd and Elissa talking in the Rainbow Room  and Spencer and GM talking in the Hammock, so she came to the conclusion that Judd and Elissa are a pair and that Spencer is working with GinaMarie.  She started yelling at GinaMarie about how she "knows what is going on" and she said "It doesn't make sense" about sending her home at LEAST 100 times..probably more.  GinaMarie kept her cool though and just kept explaining that it actually does make perfect sense for her to break them up. GinaMarie swore on everything she could think of that she was not doing Judd and Elissa's dirty work and that this really was the best move for her.  It is still somehow lost on Amanda that it is a good idea to break up an overt couple in the house who are playing as one and for each other.  I'm not sure if she really doesn't get it or if she is just doing a really good job playing dumb, but either way, in her eyes "it doesn't make sense."

By the time Amanda stormed downstairs and outside, she had actually gone back to being relatively defeated again.  Judd, Andy, Spencer, and Elissa were all out there.  Amanda started talking about her entire game and the way she played.  She explained to Judd all the things she thought about him.  He explained himself to her and that he STILL was not MVP and never had been.  He told her pretty much everything except for letting the whole grasshopper alliance thing remain as a supposed lie so as not to out Spencer.  Amanda admitted that her paranoia is a big problem and is her downfall.  She told Spencer reasons she didn't trust him and told everyone the different ways she had pushed for each nomination and eviction etc....  It was a kind of scary, but interesting share fest until Elissa got drunk...

For those that don't watch the feeds, when Elissa gets drunk, she gets pretty nasty.  She kept making digs at Amanda (who for ONCE was not saying anything mean to Elissa) and she also kept talking about production and causing feed cut after feed cut until she finally got "in trouble" for it.  I say in trouble, but really none of the BBUS HGs ever actually get in trouble.  They just get warnings that never add up to anything.  Regardless, everyone started making their way away from the outside and up to the HOH room to get away from Elissa.

Shortly after most everyone got to the HOH room and said a few things about Elissa's behavior, Elissa ended up in there with them.  McCrae and Amanda ended up leaving and heading to the hammock to go comfort and console one another abotu Amanda leaving, while everyone else stuck around and just sort of dealt with Elissa by trying to joke around with her.

There were a few other talks of game that went on today, but none of them were all that important.  Andy and Spencer are still worried about Elissa getting HOH, while Judd is still worried about McCrae more than Elissa, and even half assed tried to get McCrae to consider using the veto on Amanda instead of himself so they could vote out McCrae.  There really wasn't any super out of the ordinary game talk that went on though.

The rest of the night was mostly fun and games with a few jabs here and there between Elissa and Amanda.  Lots of BB "Stop that's" and "Shut it DOWN's."  And also some back flips and hammock shenanigans.

Amanda is still set to leave on Thursday and the only people really in danger during the DE will be Elissa, McCrae, and Judd.  If anyone other than McCrae gets HOH it will be either he or Elissa going home depending on veto and which of The Exterminators gets HOH, but if McCrae wins HOH, he will put up Elissa nd Judd, and if Elissa wins veto, this could be Judd's second time going out second on the DE.  I'm really really hoping that doesn't happen, but I always try to at least consider what the worst case scenario might be.

For now we just have to wait until Thursday.  I expect we will see more rumblings out of Amanda.  I don't expect that she will aly down and die even though she knows it's pretty much hopeless at this point.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (9)

Wouldn't it be great if at the end of the show the production team gave each houseguest a DVD with 8 or 10 hours of their worst behavior over their time in the house. So they can see themselves as we see them. I bet they all would be shocked...well except for Amanda who would day it was fake and well Aaryn would say it was taken out of context.
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbigbrothergossipfanguy
Amanda's "It doesn't make sense" is an act. She's been playing throughout the show as if she and McCrae are doing what they do to help others. She's not going to admit to anything that will weaken her game. Why would any player? You make the best argument that will help your game, omitting those facts that would hurt you. She's all about putting her spin on the game and hoping she doesn't get caught. With this group of dummies, it almost worked. It took Helen putting the thought into their heads that Amanda wasn't playing for them for the rest of the house to catch on.
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBen
Why would McCrae put up Elissa and Judd and not Elissa and Gina Marie? Did Amanda change her mind? She told McCrae a few days ago to put E & GM up.
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
To the first commenter, most of them would brush it off, not just Amanda and Aaryn. Elissa would blame everyone else, claim superiority and refer to her supposed "values and morals," Helen would be able to justify the stuff she said about Amanda with the same spin she put on everything, Candice already justified what she said to GM and we know GM will never apologize for the stuff she's said.
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGuest
Thank you for the updates. I appreciate them so much!
I really hope they stick to their guns and vote out Amanda. I really can't stand her and I really think she thinks she isn't going to go. So I can't wait to see her face when she is voted out. Lol
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered
To Takers, um the whole week Amanda and McCrae knew one of them were going. Ash even talks about it in this post. She won't be surprised at all on Thursday.
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGuest
Objkshn: McCrae has said a few times to both Spencer and Andy that he doesn't know if he will put up Elissa and GM or Elissa and Judd originally...or even GM and Judd with intention to put up Elissa if she doesn't win veto. But he did say if Elissa wins veto he wants Judd to go more than GM. Amanda wants GM out because she wants revenge, but McCrae really wants Judd gone. All that could change by Thursday, we know how they are, but that has been what he has been saying thus far.
September 2, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh
After reading about amanda getting a golden or diamond power of veto during the balloon comp. i didvnot see her make much atempt to pop many balloons. She had nothing in her hands after spencer won the comp. she has no pockets in her spandex so how in the hell did she get this golden power of veto. i will never watch this show again if they fix this so that she stays or wins. She gives women a bad name, she is nothing but a pig.
September 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRita
Not sure where you heard that rumor. Amanda didn't get any kind of veto this week. The balloon comp just resulted in Spencer winning $10k and that's it. Amanda is going home and the only veto won this week was the regular golden power of veto won by McCrae.
September 2, 2013 | Registered CommenterAsh

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