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Some of My Unpopular Opinions

So the season is kind of winding down to a close (only two and a half weeks left) and many of my views on the HGs have changed and some have stayed the same since my original pre-season predictions.  I thought while there is a lull in feed happenings I would go through and give a quick rundown of my current opinions on the remaining HGs and their games.  Keep in mind these are only MY opinions.  You are more than welcome to your own and can post it if you want to.

McCrae - I'll start with McCrae. Why not?  He has come a long way in the game, but not in the way I expected.  The fact that he was such a superfan and a feed watcher coupled with being smart and relatively good at comps really had me believing that he would play a really good game.  Unfortunately he put all of his BB eggs into the showmance basket, and at this point I'm not sure his game can be saved.  All season I waited for Amanda to be evicted so we could really see what he was made of, but now that she is going, it seems it might be too late, and he really seems to have very little interest in playing the game outside of trying to save her right now.  I was hoping he would rally and save himself, and maybe he still will, but I'm losing hope and I'm a little disappointed. I'm also disappointed in his attitude in general as of late.  He seems to have taken on some of the self entitlement his other half carries and it's not an attractive look for him.  He came in very humble and was one of my favorite first HOH's ever as he didn't do much of the "kiss the ring" BS or expect people to bow down to him.  Lately he is much more condescending and mean and it's the risk of overusing the term, disappointing.

Spencer - Spencer was another "superfan" that I was hoping would do well in the game.  He has done well at surviving the block time and time again, but I think that's mostly because he is not a comp monster and so is not very threatening to the people in the house.  I know the people looking at the end game also feel like they could beat him if they take him to the final 2, and I think that's a lot of the reason he is still around.  Unlike many, I do find Spencer entertaining and funny occasionally until he crosses that line that he inevitably does time and time again, but I do enjoy him once in a while. Like I said..these are my UNPOPULAR opinions.  I don't love Spencer, but I think there is a high liklihood that he will be dragged into the final 2 and take second place no matter who he sits next to.  He is pretty smart when it comes to the game, and there is something to be said for his social skills and ability to keep himself in the house by constantly volunteering to go on the block, but I don't think it's enough to win the $500K.

Elissa - I have very little to say about Elissa.  I know she has many fans. I personally am not one of them.  She has competed well in a few comps, but her social game is completely lacking, and if not for the MVP twist I feel she would have been gone within the first week or two.  Her self entitled attitude and passive aggressive jabs at people are not something I enjoy watching.  She makes it impossible for people to work with her as she flips at every whim that hits her brain or is whispered to her by the DR and so you can never count on her to stick with you for more than a few days.  Loyalty is not something that wins BB for you, but I think it's important to at least be stable in your decisions for more than a few days, and to think them out well before you flip on them.  I will give her that her weird ass version of crazy is occasionally entertaining to me in a "omg did she really just say that" kind of way, but I do hope she goes soon.  I personally don't enjoy watching her play...or not play depending on how you look at it.

Amanda - (the reviews eventually get more positive, I promise)  I am always torn on Amanda on many levels.  I personally don't enjoy watching her, and I am glad she is being evicted.  I do give her some credit here and there though.  While she is wrong about most things her paranoia has driven her to believe, she has been good at manipulating a lot of people into doing what she wants them to do.  She has also brought a lot of fireworks on nights that might have been otherwise completely boring.  I find the fact that she is campaigning to stay based more on not wanting to be away from McCrae than from a standpoint of wanting to win to be HIGHLY disappointing, and her continued obsession with blaming Judd for everything just gets on my last nerve.  However, she is occasionally funny, and in her own way has tried to play the game hard, so I give her a little credit for that.  That being said, I look forward to her leaving this week and won't be sad if she is completely blindsided by it.

GinaMarie - Ohhhh GM! She is controversial and says horribly ignorant things about people and there is no defending her on that.  There are no excuses.  She is however a cartoon character parody of herself and that is amusing in small doses.  I pity GM more than I dislike her.  She has a ton of emotional issues and 0 self esteem, and I think all of that leads her to say some of the things she says about people. She is one of the few that I am actually concerned about post BB.  But let's talk about her game.  GM has surprised me.  I originally thought she was just there to be loud and funny, but she actually has a weird talent for card games and comps, and that is highly interesting.  She plays hard. I don't think there is any way she will win the game.  Her social game has been more than lacking and all but one of the jurors so far cannot stand her.  I have enjoyed watching her HOH wins throw a wrench in the plans of the larger alliances though as they never felt the need to include her in on anything and then always went into panic mode when she won and got to nominate people. She is another person I could see being dragged to the final two..especially by Andy if he makes it there, but I don't think she can win.

Judd - Anyone who reads my blogs knows that Judd is my absolute favorite in the house.  He entertains me to no end on most days, and is probably the only HG I have the same opinion of that I did when I watched his pre-season interviews.  I enjoy him so much.  Is he playing a perfect game? Not by any means.  If he wants to win BB he would need to really step it up in the comp dept and make a big move to get rid of someone who is actually a threat to his game.  He would also need to step it up in the social game aspect.  Judd has a great social game in that he is able to make almost everyone like him (everyone except Amanda that is), but his anxiety (which I can relate to) makes him appear a lot more shady than he is. He gets nervous and that makes people nervous. He has been a lot better at keeping his cool thus far his second go around, but again, he will have to step it up if he wants to win.  As one of the few HGs I really like, I would love to see him make it to the end, but I don't have high hopes as I know most are afraid to take him because he is so well liked.  He would really have to win the HOH and Veto comps to save his place in the game in order to get to the final two.  Here's hoping though.

Andy - Here is where my opinion gets REALLY unpopular.  I think of all the people playing this year, Andy is playing the best game by far.  He isn't my favorite HG and a little bit of him goes a very long way with me, but I cannot deny the way he has played the game.  Each time I mention Andy I get a ton of tweets calling him all kinds of names indicating that he is stupid and flighty and a "floater" who just goes to wherever the power is.  I really don't see him that way at all though.  I think Andy stuck by Amanda and McCrae for as long as he needed to.  He was loyal to them until he needed to flip and get away from them, and he knew all along that time would come.  He strategically played the middle while remaining loyal to them so that no one else wanted him out and he let them take the brunt of being targets because he was able to play it off as if he had no idea what was happening when he was actually helping mastermind a LOT of the evictions.  Now that he has flipped to The Exterminators alliance, I see that as a strategic move as well.  He isn't just flip flopping around.  He knows he CANNOT beat an alliance of McCrae/Amanda/Elissa in the end, and those three would take some combination of each other to the end while he remained low man on the totem pole.  He knows he has a much better chance comp wise and end game wise of beating GinaMarie, Spencer, or even Judd.  Big Brother is not a game that is won by being loyal to the end.  You have to make choices to evict the people who will beat you, and I think he is doing just that while STILL remaining off of most of the HG's target lists.  I find that impressive.  He didn't use his own HOH to make a big move and make waves, but that was also strategic.  He came out of having an HOH and evicting someone without putting any new targets on himself, and that was best for his game.  Unless some of the HGs get wise to the fact that he is about to win the whole thing and decide to oust him, I could easily see him winning the whole thing.  On a personal and entertainment level, a little bit of Andy goes a long long way, but I think he has played one of the best games this year.

That's pretty much it.  Those are my opinions and my opinions only.  What are yours?  Who do you want to see win?  Who do you THINK will win?  How have your opinions changed since the beginning of the season?



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I know Andy is dreaming of all the Howdy Dudy puppets he can buy with the half million. Then he can blame his lies on his puppets and not Elissa.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

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