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Big Brother Season 15, Episode 31 Recap

It’s a huge night. A double eviction this late in the game means that almost ⅓ of the house will head to the jury tonight. If you thought the feeds have slowed down the last few days, imagine what it will be like after this hour is over.

Add to that a (not so) secret alliance between two rivals that was supposed to save the person originally destined to go home. Imagine the reaction in the house if it somehow works. Conversely, that person’s reaction (and her partners) should be stunning if the “rat” indeed sticks with the week-old self-professed “greatest alliance ever” (which is certainly not the case).

After that, it’s a crapshoot. There’s no way to predict what happens with the new HOH, their nominations, veto, or eviction. It really is up for grabs.

So let’s get right to the 500th episode of Big Brother. Last night’s show concluded with McCrae saving himself from the block, and replaced with Spencer. What does everybody think about that move? GinaMarie babbles about how her plan is in place, while Spencer is so confident that he’s safe that he volunteered to go up (which CBS failed to show last night). “I just have to have faith and loyalty in these guys.” Amanda claims that if Elissa had been put up instead, “she would have walked away with zero targets. Hence, the reason why I think it’s personal.”

Amanda and McCrae are crawling into bed when GinaMarie comes in to talk to them. Like the other 20 times they’ve had this chat, it turns into GinaMarie explaining how she had to break up the pair. “You’re jealous”, replies Amanda. “I’m sorry Nick’s not here so you couldn’t be a power duo.” This creates some giggles between Judd and Andy in the next room. GinaMarie’s response is that she’s doing pretty well as a solo act. “Bitch is crazy!” This goes on and on before GinaMarie finally wanders off as Amanda complains “it’s like talking to a four year old”.

Now we see Amanda walking into the kitchen, asking Elissa if she can talk to her. In the diary room, Amanda says she “has a really good pitch that can benefit Elissa’s game”. Admitting it’s a “lost cause”, Amanda says that if she was to stay then Elissa would have three people protecting her (Amanda, McCrae, Andy), as opposed to having people like Spencer after her. “If I’m gone, I feel like a lot of people will be going after you because you’re like the next big threat.” Elissa doesn’t seem too interested, adding a “mmm hmmm” or two, and Amanda admits she’s “tortured her a lot lately”.

A bit later, Elissa says that it does “make sense to keep a bigger target them myself”, and is considering Amanda’s idea. She pulls Amanda into the cockpit, and says she now wants to work with her. “Swear to God.” She explains that she does trust the two of them more than Spencer and GinaMarie. Amanda hugs her, and Elissa explains that she came in to the house to win, and if keeping Amanda makes that happen then she’ll do that. They also decide to trade jewelry to ensure each other’s trust.

Oh wait, look who pops in! It’s Andy, doing what Andy does best! Elissa explains this new idea, and he looks stunned. He begs off, telling them to keep talking. “This is going to out me”, he says in the diary room. If it doesn’t work, then his loyalties will be known. Amanda then pulls McCrae outside to fill him in, but he’s not as excited as she is.

Andy is now outside with Spencer and Judd, and explains they “have a major exterminator problem”. He tells them about Elissa’s new idea, and they’re both pissed. Andy says there is no way that he’ll vote with them, but they need to use this to make Elissa look bad.

Back inside, Amanda and McCrae are talking about her new hope. McCrae wants to go to Elissa to ensure that she’s not just fucking with them. Amanda doesn’t like this idea, as “she’ll be annoyed that you just questioned her on it”. McCrae, though, is also worried about Andy, but Amanda doesn’t agree. She thinks McCrae is the only person he can trust.

With that scene, the old footage is finished, and Julie now announces the double eviction to the house (although they’d already figured it out). First, she tells them about being part of the 500th episode.

We jump right to the final pleas, and Spencer goes first. He thanks a bunch of friends and family members, and that’s about it. Amanda then says they’ve all “become family”, and by keeping her she can help some people’s games.

Voting now starts with Judd, who votes to evict Amanda. McCrae obviously votes to evict Spencer, as does Elissa (to groans from the audience). Andy is up next, and he votes against Amanda. It’s a tie vote, for the first time this season.

Julie then announces the tie, and Amanda knows she’s fucked. GinaMarie then casts her vote to evict Amanda. “Get steppin’.” Amanda hugs them all, says to fight hard, and tells McCrae she loves him. Walking out the door, she turns to Andy and says “I thought I could trust you.” He replies the she could. Looks like the plan to pin it on Elissa didn’t work.

Amanda walks out to some cheers AND jeers. “Looks like some of you don’t like me”, she says to the audience. Julie starts the interview by asking what happened, and Amanda says she doesn’t know. “I’m dumbfounded.” She doesn’t think Elissa screwed her, as she does have her wedding ring in her suitcase. Julie then asks what she said to Andy, and she claims she was actually helping his game by making the house think he didn’t vote for her. Well, he didn’t anyway.

Playing a hard game is then brought up, and the awful term “bully”. Is that the real Amanda? “I’m definitely not a bully”, she responds. The audience begins to chuckle, but Amanda carries on by saying she just told people the truth. She does regret bullying Elissa, though.

Julie then asks about the fact she has “no filter”, and whether she has regrets. Amanda wishes she had been nicer to people. “It’s a game. You have to play it. I’m not a Jordan, for sure.” Her relationship with McCrae is the next topic, and Amanda says she admires him. She adds that he plans on moving to Florida.

The messages then end the segment. Elissa says that she did keep her as “being here is better for my game”. GinaMarie bitches to her that “your ass just got exterminated. Boom!” Andy then admits that he voted against her “because I came to win this game and not get third place with a power couple”. He then stupidly announces his Exterminators alliance. We end with McCrae saying how he’s “going to miss her a whole lot”. After the conclusion, Julie asks if Amanda is mad at Andy. “Yeah.” Well, duh.

It’s now HOH time, and it’s called “Go Fetch”. They have to race across the yard to a dog pen, and dig for two “bones”. The first to find them, and deposit them in their dog bowl is the winner. In almost no time, McCrae wins! Seriously, the competition had just began!

After a commercial break, Julie calls everybody back into the living room. With no hesitation, McCrae then nominates GinaMarie and a clearly worried Elissa.

Before the veto competition, we have yet another commercial break. This competition is called “The BB 500”, and they have to move a car through a maze. The first person to get through it is the veto winner. Andy takes a quick lead, but Judd catches him to win the veto!

A few more adverts later, it’s time for Judd’s decision on whether to save either GinaMarie or Elissa. First, we hear some yelling in the house between GinaMarie and Elissa about the deal with Amanda. Julie then calls everybody back into the living room, and Spencer tells her she looks great. Ass kisser.

Elissa pleads her case first, and it’s about the double eviction that temporarily took him out. GinaMarie then says that she always has his back, and rambles on and on. “Everybody leaves me in the dark” is about the only thing I can figure out. Judd then says he’s not using the veto.

Yet another set of adverts before we get to the inevitable. They get to plead their case again, and she says she’s never lied to Judd and never nominated Spencer. “I’ll work with you going forward. She has more votes in jury than I do.” GinaMarie then says she’s “loyal to the death”, and a few more cliches. “I’m good at things and stink at some things.” She’s just awful. Seirously awful.

Voting then begins with Spencer, who votes to evict Elissa, as does Judd and Andy. Yes, that Reilly monster is going out the door! Julie announces the news, and Elissa is up even before Julie is finished. She wants her bag, but Julie tells her that she needs to come immediately. She walks out without a hug...or much acknowledgment to the rest of the house.

Julie asks Elissa if there was anything that could have saved her after Amanda was evicted, and she STUPIDLY thinks it was McCrae who voted against Amanda. Even Julie doesn’t get that. “Because Andy looked so shocked” is Elissa’s explanation. She is then asked about being taunted by Amanda, and she claims that she just wanted to work with her head instead of emotions. Her idea was that if they both stayed then Amanda and McCrae would be the targets. Julie asked if her sister gave her any advice, and I just can’t keep going with this. Elissa is making absolutely no sense. “It’s just crazy” is about as deep as she gets.

So that’s it, besides Julie announcing how the last few episodes will go, which will apparently involve a former winner’s input in one episode (please do not have it be Dan). It’s definitely a different house now, even more so than I mentioned at the beginning of this recap. Are you happy with what happened? Did you wish either evictee had stayed? Who is the new frontrunner? Tell us what you think!


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Reader Comments (18)

McCrae made a huge mistake putting Elissa next to Ginamarie. Clearly he wanted Ginamarie gone based on his reaction. Ironically, Elissa would have worked with him and now he is alone. If he wanted Gina gone, he should have used spencer as a pawn.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertim
I'm not at all surprised that both Amanda and Elissa both went tonight (w00t! I got a prediction right in my last post!) ... but it definitely surprises me how it happened. McCrae nominates Elissa, who was the only one who voted with him to save Amanda? McCrae must have assumed that Andy remained loyal to them (he didn't) and that Elissa chose to ignore the alliance that she backed up with collateral.

Or if he was genuinely meaning to target GinaMarie, did McCrae nominate Elissa in the mistaken belief that he'd have the votes?

I wanted to see how McCrae would do in the game without Amanda. He kicked butt to get HOH during this double-eviction comp. But I'm not understanding his thinking, and this was a significant moment in the season. Am I missing something?
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John
I think McCrae was very dumb for putting up Elissa! Andy the snake needs to be "exterminated" if you ask me! I can't stand how he rats out everything & has no loyalty!!!!
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDana
Now that those 2 are gone they just need to get Mccrae and Andy gone. Elissa is a meathead. She is dumber than ginamarie ever thought about being. I mean just listen to her interview with Julie. Wow.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLucinda59
By the way, an "Exterminator" will win next HOH because McCrae isn't eligible. Is it safe to assume that means McCrae will be their target?

And if so, should the new HOH nominate two fellow Exterminators with the intent to backdoor McCrae? ... To that, I'd say no, because McCrae is more likely to win POV than, say, Spencer or Andy.

Just because it would be something different and new, I'm rooting for Spencer to win HOH.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John
I have said most of the season:
Andy/McCrae, ALL THE WAY!
They're the only 2 who are left that played the game.

Sorry Amanda's gone; she handled Julie Chen well. Big Props to Amanda and Elissa for graceful and intelligent post-interviews. That has GOT to either be the most thrilling part or the most excruciating part. Kinda humorous that Elissa left with a shiny/sweaty face and no luggage/baggage. Made her seem human I guess?!

GM is next, sorry to say, unless she wins HOH or POV.

Andy/McCrae all the way!!!
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter•~catty~•
Backdooring doesn't really matter that much anymore, because everyone will definitely play for veto. So, I guess the only reason to initially keep McCrae off the block would be to lull him into a false sense of confidence, convince him he's not the target, and then have him not fight as hard for it. It seems like they often try to employ that strategy, since there's something about being on the block and having your back against the wall that really gives people the extra edge to win. And, I guess that if McCrae did win veto, it would give the HOH the ability to say that he/she wasn't coming after McCrae and keep the exterminators hidden one more week.

It's so down to the wire though, this almost doesn't matter. Everyone really should be fighting really hard in all the rest of the comps, because they're so close. McCrae just lost Amanda and he has to feel pretty alone in the house and know that he's likely to be a target. Also, if he DOES win veto, the exterminators have to turn on their own pretty damn quickly (that alliance was formed like 10 minutes ago), which effectively breaks them up and just reshuffles everything.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKristen
There's no such thing as a backdoor now, as everybody plays in veto.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I saw McCrae making a deal with GM after he won HOH...that's why he put up Elissa. He trusts her more, plus she is more seducible. Watch him wrap GM right around his finger. That's why those other fools will try to get rid of her as soon as possible.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNancy
I really really hope that Elissa wins America's favorite, not because I love her, but because the other house guests are so convinced that it won't happen. They are so chauvenstic, racist, and most egregiously, totally delusional that I want them to be seriously butt hurt by the results.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPointels2123
McCrae. Had high hopes for the dude. 70 so days he's had his little head doing all the thinking. Now, when his big head gets to think for a change, it's out of practice.

I think he was thinking that he's tighter with the guys - they used to have the Moving Company and then they had the all-boys alliance. But in retrospect, he's going to regret putting up Elissa. She was the only one in the house that the Exterminators wanted to get out more than him. Mistake.

Think it funny that Amanda gave Andy an "out" to help his game, and he also gave Amanda an out (out of the house) to help HIS game.

And I think it is absolutely delicious that the new best-friends, Amanda and Elissa, are going to the jury house together on the same night. (Unless Elissa makes good on her promise to "walk away" from it.) Looks like McCrae will be following them in short order.

Since there are only Exterminators and McCrae left, and McCrae wasted his HOH getting out the Exterminators 1st pick, he's going to be their target, unless this 4-some decides to implode. Given how good he is at competitions (now that he got his fire back), they'd be a fool to keep him going into final four. Send him to Jury House so he and Amanda can enjoy the remainder of the time out of the camera spotlight.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
I don't think I can stand to watch anymore. I changed who I was rooting for as the game progressed. there's no one left I feel I can root for. I was rooting for Judd when he came back in the game but so far it looks like he is playing along with the rest. He hasn't impressed me at all. This week I was hoping the Fn2 would be Elissa & Mcrae but it looks like mc will go out the door next. Spencer is disgusting, and I can not stand the site of Andy anymore. He pops up everywhere so he's impossible to avoid.
September 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoban
This is Andy's game to lose. He's played it absolutely brilliantly. He's got everyone wrapped around his finger. If he pulls it off, easily one of the top 5 BB strategic wins ever.
September 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBen
Talk about parallel universes..what planet did you come from..Ben? In the end Andy has fooled NO ONE!!!! You call that sure set the bar low, don't you.
September 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNancy
Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. You have information that the HGs don't have. Andy has fooled everyone. The only people who caught on couldn't convince anyone else because of how well Andy fooled them. Next thing you know, they were out of the game.

Andy is playing the best game of anyone left, and it's not even close.
September 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBen
Ben...I said in the END when everyone compares notes and it comes to the final vote. I can't help it but I loath lies and betrayal and deep down so does everyone else. You may not be aware of it on a conscious level and you may say its just a game, but deep down betrayal is a very painful thing. There has to be a better way to win. Also winning isn't's the example you set for the rest of us fools out here. Andy sets such a poor is not a game. I know people like to think it is and they can live vicariously watching Andy wrap everyone around his finger. Myself...I enjoyed Amanda and Elissa coming to their senses and making up.
September 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNancy
As expected, Julie said nothing to Amanda about her questionable remarks (as she did to Aaryn). Perhaps b/c Amanda told Aaryn she was being racist, that earned Amanda points in the producers' eyes. Wonder what they'll do about GM, Spencer et al., when they come out?
September 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSJU
Very disappointed with JC 's exist interview with Amanda ! What's with that ? I'd call that a little bias.....hhmmmm
September 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEimee

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