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The Night Owl

Well, Amanda's last night in the house wasn't exactly a quiet one.  Feeling very confident that because of Elissa's vote she will be staying (she won't), Amanda and Elissa again didn't even try to hide their new bestie type friendship and continued to jab at GinaMarie and Judd trying to get a rise out of them over the course of the day.  They kept boasting to each other that they could not WAIT to see GinaMarie and Judd's faces When Amanda stays and kept talking about how Amazing it would be, and then Amanda would say something like "Does it worry you that me and Elissa are so close now" to GinaMarie.  She continued through the day to say things like "Does it bother you?" "Are you afraid" "I might not even wear my dress"  "I'm leaving tomorrow....or AM I?" etc..  When none of that got any reaction out of GM, Amanda and Elissa decided to go for the bed issue.  GinaMarie had promised her HOH bed and room to Amanda and McCrae for the night, and everyone knows GM is obsessed wtih sleeping in the same bed she and Nick slept in when she is downstairs.   Amanda continually encouraged Elissa to take over the bed and refuse to move out into the hallway room so it would drive GinaMarie crazy.  Elissa attempted to take it over a few times, but eventually had a conversation with GinaMarie where she agreed to move into the hall after she took one last nap in GinaMarie's bed.

Yes, Amanda does strategize without pants often.  Shit finally hit the fan when Amanda came out of the DR, went to check and make sure that Elissa was asleep in GinaMarie's bed, and then went into the kitchen where all the other HGs were playing Jenga and eating at the table and announced that Elissa was asleep in the bed and asked GinaMarie if she was asleep there for the night.  GinaMarie told Amanda that she had already had a conversation with Elissa about the bed and that after the nap she would be moving to the hall bedroom.  Amanda then smirked at GinaMarie (she later admitted she was intentionally trying to piss her off) and GinaMarie snapped.  At first it was just a heated argument and then the next thing you know, both of them were throwing really low blows at each other.  Medications, eating disorders, sex, parents, ex boyfriends, and game were all attacked.  And then this happened:

Then they continued to yell for a little while longer until Amanda turned on the water works and headed for her bed to wait for McCrae to come and console her.  When McCrae finally came to console her, Andy, Judd, and Spencer all went with him to Ask Amanda if she was okay.  Amanda said "Fuck all of you. I don't want to talk to ANY of you" because they didn't stand up for her and also because during one part of the fight Andy and Judd caught a case of the giggles.   Amanda then stormed off the the have-not room "to be alone".  McCrae of course followed her in and tried to talk to her, but she was livid and crying about the fact that he had sat there and not said anything while GinaMarie said personal things about her.  Now in MY opinion, Amanda could have walked away from this fight at any time, and she also sort of instigated it by trying to piss GinaMarie off all day, so I don't feel terribly bad that it happened to her.  I feel like she and GM were both in the wrong and both said horrible things to each other.  However, in McCrae's case, he is STILL playing a game and there is a certain amount of poker facing that must be done in the game of BB.  I think expecting him to stand up and scream at GinaMarie when she was holding her own just fine, is kind of ridiculous.  It's like asking him to help tank his own game..or at least put more of a target on his back.  But I don't think Amanda really thinks all that strategically. I think she thinks and plays emotionally.

While Amanda and McCrae were hashing it out in the have-not room, GinaMarie came in and apologized to her and told her that she could still use the HOH room overnight, and said she really was sorry and that she knew how rough it must be being up on the block.  Amanda did not apologize to GM, but she did take her up on her offer and later took the HOH room with McCrae once things were all fine and dandy with them again and they were back to being overconfident that Amanda is going to stay.

The Exterminators spent a good portion of their day and night in between being giddy about getting to vote Amanda out (and blindside her) and strategizing what to do once the votes came down if Elissa or McCrae wins the HOH during the DE.  This is what Judd, Andy, and Spencer plan on doing:  Since Amanda and McCrae have been fighting already, if Elissa wins HOH, Judd and SPencer are going to tell her that McCrae decided he wanted to form a boys alliance and he last minute voted Amanda out, so they need to get him out (because Elissa's biggest fear is a boys alliance).  If McCrae wins, Judd is going to go to McCrae and tell him that Elissa did not vote to keep Amanda and that she was playing them the whole time.  He will tell him that he knows about the wedding ring exchange and everything because Elissa has been telling him all about it.  That way McCrae will still go after Elissa and probably put her up with GinaMarie.  None of them know if any of that will work or not, but it's their best shot at this point if one of those two win. 

That's really about it as far as game and fireworks go.  Most of the rest of the night was spent with small time tiffs and game playing and chit chat.  Amanda is still leaving, and as of now she will still be blindsided unless Elissa flips back or someone tells her tomorrow.  Everything after that will all depend on who wins that HOH and then who wins the veto after that.  In my idea scenario, after Amanda walks out the door, someone other than Elissa will win HOH and veto, and she will follow Amanda out, but that's just my personal preference.  We will just have to see how it really plays out.  I fear for Judd and hope this isn't his second time going out second on a DE.  I hope he survives it.  I'm really excited to see what happens though.  As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...

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Reader Comments (10)

McRae: a total no win situation. Especially with an irrational wingnut like Amanda...
If stays out of the fight his ol'lady instigated, he's a wimp... If he taggs in, he's the brute who tagged in...

& if she's got the balls to "hang" out with her ass hanging out having an ass like that hanging out, she's one secure insecure broad...
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered Commenteraunty nobody
The minute a man calls a woman a c@nt he loses my respect. Judd is as weak as McRae and Andy. Gina Marie referring to Elissa's son as a dirty monkey also lost my support.

Judd only stepped between those two women to stop Gina from accidentally getting herself expelled from the game due to a physical altercation. He needs her for now until its time for he and his fellow weak assed guy pals to turn on her too.

Elissa may be a bit spoiled and ditzy AND Rachel's sister, but she's the only player left I can allow myself to root for.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBiddle
This is probably the only time you would ever hear me say this EVER, but I hope Elissa wins the first HOH tonight and manages to take out Judd or Andy. After that I hope McCray wins HOH and takes out Elissa.

However it happens I want McCray and Spencer to be final two. I would laugh my ass off if the last two standing wing up being Moving Company members.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBig Brother Rat
Elissa is the only player I have respect for anymore in this game, Spencer is ok...n proud of being a pawn so I'd love for see him and Elissa in the final 2. That is very unlikely, but one can dream :) I'm very disappointed with this season but it's impossible to stop watching.

I love your blog everyday Ash, thanks for doing what you do, you truly are an amazing writer :)
I am anticipating a good show tonight. I just hope someone doesn't tell amanda so we get the classic jaw drop face when the votes are revealed. Then I hope Judd wins the first HOH and puts up Elissa and McCrea and we see Elissa leave with the jaw drop vote and she says "But, But, But...I'm America's favorite..." After that I could care less who wins. Wait that's not totally true, I don't want to see Andy get very much farther. He's just so wishy washy personality wise, I could do without him. I guess it would be cool to have it come down to Judd and McCrea for the win. Two fans of the show that played an OK game...I think.

The Owl ROCKS!!!!!
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbigbrothergossipfanguy
This is as far as I can go with this season, at this point WWE is more believable I can usually watch and enjoy BB knowing it's not real at all, but CBS and these no talent HG's are ridiculous.

Ash your Blog and Tweet's are great, without them I would have been gone a month ago.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTim M
I watched the fight between GM and Amanda, and it was GM who went off like a firecracker and wouldn't let it drop, all Amanda did was ask what was going on with the bed and GM took off like a lit rocket. She went way overboard and acted way worse and said way worse things than Amanda has ever said. I don't condone the way Amanda has acted at times throughout the game, but I found myself feeling sorry for her during the fight, GM went way overboard and was meaner than a mean girl. But Amanda haters will never admit that GM is as bad as fact,she is worse. But she seems to be forgiven for her mean, nasty, racist remarks simply because she put up Amanda and MC for eviction.Give me a break! Or...give Amanda the same break.

As for McCrea, he should have damn well stepped up to the plate and put a stop to it. He didn't have to yell at GM or talk trash to her, he could have just said, ok, enough is enough. He kept almost blaming Amanda b/c she has gotten into fights before, but this one was different because....if you go back and watch the fight, right from the get go GM saw red and wouldn't shut up, throwing out every nasty, trashy mean thing she could think of.

And don't get me started on Judd. He should be back at the jury house where there are lots of women he can swear at..

Love your site and podcast!
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLori from Canada
Whether or not McCrae should have stepped into the fight is not the question, the question is why didn't McCrae tell the "person he loves" to put pants on?
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterZoe
I would like Elissa to win HOH , and send Andy or Spencer packing, but what if McCrae wins the HOH would he stick w/Elissa or go with the Exterminators

The whole fight last night, that darn Amanda how many times has she cried this season? She has to be the houseguest in the 15 seasons who has cried the most
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCaleigh
I watched the fight between Amanda & gm also & gm caught the sleeker Amanda gave. That is what set gm off. So it was not all on gm. GM did not give Amanda no more than Amanda had not given any of the other girls in the house this season, so I didn't feel for Amanda in the least. If Mccrae had of step in Amanda would not have shut up like so many other times he has tried to calm her arguments down with other HG's & she just will not stop with them even if they stop with her. So he was right to stay quiet. If he cares so much about her he should tell her to put some pants on that fat butt of hers and quit showing it to the whole TV land.
September 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLucinda59

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