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The Big Brother Hype Machine In High Gear

The rumors just keep popping up and although I am generally one not to gossip too much about those kind of things (ironic eh?), I do feel the need to address some of the current 'whispering' that is going on out there on the internet about the upcoming season of Big Brother.

Will this been an "All Star" cast? Will it be an all new cast? Will it be a mix of new and old?  Family/friends of alumni?

I discussed this with co-contributor John at lunch and he suggested posting our own 'inside info' rumor that would be impossible to disprove once the real details are provided.  So this is what we know....

  • There will be a pretty even mix between men and women in this season's cast.
  • The average age of the contestants will be the upper 20's - maybe low 30's.
  • There will be at least ONE 'gay' and or 'lesbian' cast member.
  • There will be at least one, more likely two African American contestants.

There you go - you heard it here first - you can take that info to the bank - tweet it - facebook it - all that kinda stuff!

But seriously, here are some of the rumors and facts floating around on the social media currents that I've been seeing.

The feeds will kick off a day later than normal because they have decided to do a two night "Move-In Event."  That means that instead of tuning in Wednesday at 9pm Pacific, or as we call it "BB Time," we will have to wait until Thursday 10pm BB Time (Friday 1am Eastern) to see the new house guests and start discovering whats gone on since they entered the house about a week earlier.

In past seasons the potential house guests have been 'kidnapped' and put up at a hotel near the Big Brother house on the weekend before they enter (that would be this coming weekend).  If that's true then they are currently still out and about, checking out the internet and television and now know that the premiere will be a two night thing.  What exactly does that mean for the game play?  Some are speculating that it means part of the cast will enter one night and another part a second night.

That gives some credence to one theory that there might be a group of alumni that enter the house before / after a group of new folks (Several former BB contestants are implying they are in sequester or about to go there - something that happens each season of late after Janelle implied she was going on a vacation to 'Greece' right before BB14).  There have been similar situations of groups entering at different times such as Big Brother 8 where Dick, Dustin, and Jessica entered before the others and eventually joined them and Big Brother 14 where Britney, Dan, Mike "Boogie" and Janelle joined the newbie cast after they had already entered the house.  While they TV show may show some HGs entering on Wednesday's broadcast and others entering on Thursday's, they may actually enter on the same day separated only by a few minutes or hours (through the magic of 'editing.').

I personally have to assume that at least SOME of this seasons cast will be fresh faces.  There was a lot of time devoted to the casting process with many many casting calls set up and constant reminders to apply for the show.  If the intention all along was to have an 'all star' cast or a cast of only alumni and friends & family then it would seem like a lot of money and peoples time was wasted.  Will Kirby also implied he had been contacted by at least two finalists looking for advice (of course that could be a smoke screen as well tossed out by Dr. Evil).

So what do you think?  Please chime in and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming season.  Are you hoping (like me) for a completely new cast? Do you want an all alumni cast?  Who DON'T you want to see return if it is indeed a cast with at least some veteran players (hmmmmmmmm???????)?

If you haven't signed up for the Live Feeds yet, please consider doing so via this link or by clicking on any Big Brother Live Feed banner on this site.  It helps support and its greatly appreciated!



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