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Ash's First Impressions

Well, it's that time of year again.  We have a whole new cast of actual fresh faces this year.  Barring something strange going down on night one or two, it appears we actually have all brand new cast members this year.  Dare I hope it stays this way?  I'm actually a little excited! You all know I'm not a fan of returning players or their relatives being in the house, so this is ideal for me.  With all that said, here are some of my first impressions:


I may as well start with Victoria as she was the last interview I watched but probably left the least amount of impression on me.  The one thing she said that just keeps SCREAMING through my brain is that she would rather lose the money/the game and be loved by America.  She feels the money will be useless to her if America hates her.  This makes me think she has absolutely no idea what she is getting herself into.  I'm not sure what game she thinks she is about to play, but unless she throws caution to the wind as far as her reputation goes, she is going to get outplayed and fast. All Big Brother players have haters and that's the way it is.  I just don't have a lot of hope for Victoria after her statement.


Sweet, naive, unmalicious, and nonconfrontational... I just don't see this girl making it anywhere.  I think she will either fall prey to the week 2 model eviction curse, be someone's easy "no blood on their hands" eviction, or be a permanent pawn.  I'm not sure I will be terribly sad to see her go either.  If her house personality is anything like her pre-season interviews, I will be bored bored bored every time she walks into a room.  I just don't think Amber knows what she is getting herself into, but you never know, I'm often wrong and sometimes HGs surprise me.


I believe Zach will either be loved or hated across the board.  It's hard for me to get a grasp on whether he is highly insecure or highly over confident, but whichever one it is, he is certainly a handful.  He says he believes he has no downfalls, can manipulate everyone's desires, and hasn't had a girlfriend since pre-school.  With his "strong 2.7 GPA" (his words not mine) he says he is the smartest of his friends and that he is a physical threat too. I doubt I'll be hoping for this guy to win, but with his great big mouth full of opinions about other people he has the potential to be great feed entertainment.  The jury is still out on this one.


 Joey was instantly one of my favorites when I got to her video.  I enjoy her style, she is a self proclaimed girls girl, and she seems to be pretty sharp.  My concern is that she and Frankie will end up pairing up and I'm just not a Frankie fan, but I'll get to that later.  Other than that, I think she has some staying power.  I feel like she has the ability to play a decent social game if she doesn't let her politics and emotions about things overtake her in a house full of quite a few conservatives.  The question will be whether she can win competitions when she needs to.  I'm very often wrong about the people I like during the pre-season interviews, but I do think I will enjoy watching this one.


 Nicole is a superfan! She has been watching Big Brother for a while and she also says she watches the live feeds.  I'm torn on whether I think she has what it takes to actually play the game she has watched.  She says she thinks she will cry a lot and says that other girls don't like her.  I rather enjoy her and hope she stays for a little while at least so we can see if she puts her feed watching to use while playing the game.  She strikes me as being sneakier than she says she is, so she may have the potential to go far.  But I also fear she will snuggle up to one of the boys and end up being in a dreaded showmance.  Don't do it, Nicole!


This is one that will likely drive me crazy and cause much complaining from me about noise levels and chewing with her mouth open.  She has the potential to be really feed entertaining because she is very loud and opinionated and also seems like she can be pretty catty and dramatic.  She has an extremely high opinion of herself, and while I'm not sure if  she can actually win any competitions or not (that will remain to be seen) she will likely stick around for a while through sheer manipulation. She is also a DJ who has been in Maxim twice and has quite a large twitter following, so she may be a contender against Frankie when it comes to things America votes on.


Donny is the oldest of the cast members this year at the ripe old age of 42.  As a million people have stated before me, he looks very Duck Dynasty.  He comes off as very country.  My opinion is that he likely won't win a lot of competitions, but I think he has potential for feed humor.  Humor is something that was lacking a lot in the casting videos this year.  There are usually at least a few that stick out as being super funny, but this year that didn't happen for me, so I'm hoping that Donny unassumingly and unintentionally will just BE amusing without really trying.  He describes himself as "a character" so let's hope he follows through.


I'm not even sure what to say about this one.  She is a minister and her whole life is Jesus.  I'm not sure how well she will fit in with the rest of her cast mates.  There are a few other conservatives and religious folks among the cast this year, but none that seem as serious about it as Jocasta is.  She says she is willing to do what she has to do to win the money and that will remain to be seen.  She is already a big fan of Big Brother and says she has been watching for a long time.  In the past we've seen this work both for and against players depending on if they know how to apply what they've seen inside the actual house.  She really wants an all girls alliance which is something Joey also expressed a desire for, but whether these two opposites can get along and bond over it I have no idea.  I'm reserving my feelings about her until I see her actually interact with the other HGs. 


I think quite a few of us instantly thought of David Girton from last year when we saw Hayden's interviews..and umm..some of his other things posted around and about the interwebs.  He proclaims himself a ladies man and says his best feature is his legs.  He has a thing for posing nude or semi nude though not as a model, just as a thing he likes to do.  He sees himself as an underdog and thinks he will be underestimated physically.  I doubt he will be a winner contender, but he is another that may provide much unintentional entertainment. And who knows, maybe he will underdog his way to the end. It's happened before.


Brittany was recruited two weeks ago in a bar and is very new to Big Brother, but this doesn't mean she doesn't have the tools to play if she decides to.  She strikes me as being one of the more prissy girls and also comes of as pretty bitchy.  She proclaims that she is a single mom and "doing it for the kids" in every interview I've seen which gives me nightmare flashbacks of The Mom Squad from last year.  She really wants to attach herself to a strong man for her alliance and have a weak person around that she can just manipulate.  She is more concerned with getting rid of people she doesn't want to live with than the people who are a threat to her game, and that makes me think she doesn't quite get it yet.  I think if Brittany is a fast learner and puts her mind to it she may be a decent manipulator and may stick around for a while. Whether I'll enjoy watching her on the feeds or not is still up in the air.


A self proclaimed Big Brother fan ever since "The Jeff Season", Cody I fear is going to be head of...or at least a huge part of the inevitable jock alliance that happens every year.  I predict he will be a physical threat and will workout a lot and do many shirtless DRs.  I tend to not care for most of the super arrogant "eye candy" boys that spend most of their time working out or making out on the feeds, so I am doubtful that I will enjoy this one...but we shall see.  I'm trying to remain open minded.


I like Derrick.  Derrick is a Big Brother fan who actually applied to be on the show.  He is a police officer which I hope will make him more like Kathy (whom I loved for her entertaining inability to play the game) and less like a domineering jackass with a God complex.  He seems to be aware of some of the negative preconceived notions some people associate with police officers and says he plans to not admit his real career while in the house.  He plans to tell everyone he is a parks and recreation coordinator.  In general he strikes me as a pretty nice guy and as relatively sharp.  I look forward to seeing how far he can get and if he can play the game well.


Devin is a single father and a former professional baseball player.  He seems like a decent enough guy though I admit to being rather bored during most of his interviews.  I hope he will step it up in the personality department on the feeds.  I also want to say that as a former pro-athlete he will be a physical threat, but we all know how that worked out for Howard, so there is just no telling.  The jury is still out for me on this guy.  I just don't really have much of an opinion yet.


I'm not excited about Frankie.  I would like to be, but I just can't seem to get there.  I was already hesitant when I saw that they were sending someone with a famous sister (Ariana Grande) and a 500K plus twitter following into the house.  America is supposedly doing quite a bit of voting this year, and having that kind of following provides a HUGE advantage over other no-name new players.  Then I watched a few of Frankie's interviews.  I do think Frankie will probably be good for CBS and will probably draw some viewers.  He may even be feed golden as he appears to be extermely dramatic.  I'm just not personally a fan.  I have a hard time getting excited about a 30 year old man who spends as much time as he does bragging about how Bieber has touched him.


While Frankie is the HG I am the least excited about, Christine is one of the HGs I am the most excited about.  She's a little quirky, a little eccentric, and kind of cartoon character- ish, but I tend to like those things.  She is a huge Big Brother fan and has been watching since she was 11 years old. So, like Jocasta and Nicole, we will have to see if she knows how to apply what she has seen while inside the house.  She seems relatively smart and I think she may be able to go far.  If not, I think she will annoy people enough with her strangeness to at least cause some good feed drama.  My hope is that they don't see her as the odd girl out that makes a good first easy evictee.


I believe Caleb and Cody will likely be fast friends.  They will, after all, have their six pack abs and bicep guns to compare.  Caleb describes himself as a "rhinestone cowboy" which he defines as a country boy who dresses well.  He says he is going to be the bobber in this game instead of the hook because "when you catch a fish, it's mad at the hook, not the bobber."  My first inclination is to not like this guy and think he will end up working out or making out much like Cody, and we all know I'm not a fan of showmances.  But, hopefully he will surprise me.


So there you have it.  Those are my first off the top of my head thoughts and reactions to this year's cast.  A friendly reminder that I am often wrong about my first impressions, and we are all allowed to have our own opinions about different HGs.  That's what makes things interesting instead of boring.  I'm excited that we have (so far anyway) an all new cast this year and I can't wait to see how this season plays out.  How about you guys? Are you excited? Who are your favorites and what are your first impressions?  I'll see you all the night of the 26th when the first Night Owl blog of the season is posted. Until then...

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