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Those Strange Cast Photos

Last night, CBS threw us a couple of bones in preparation for tonight's debut. First off, we got a little taste of the first HOH competition, apparently featuring the half of the house that we will see enter tonight:

A little bit later, they released photos where the cast is separated by gender:

There's so much weirdness in these shots. Clearly, the person in charge of photohopping needs a little more training. Look at Frankie's neck. Or lack of neck. Caleb, meanwhile, appears to have the neck of a giraffe. Having Frankie and Cody do some weird sort of scizzors thing isn't the greatest idea ever, either.

As for the women, a couple of things stand out for me. First off, they appear to be allowing smaller bikinis than in recent years. And what's up with the bow tie? Amber's legs also appear to be simply drawn on to the shot.

Finally, we got a full cast pic:

The "work" on this shot make the previous two look like art! None of these people appear to be in the same room as each other. And what's up with Caleb's pink shorts and cowboy boots combo? Not only were these people together when the pic was shot, but the background is clearly a green screen piece of trickery!

At least we were given a couple of bones before tonight's episode. Any thoughts on this montrosity? Does it make you any more excited for the season? Tell us! Now!

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