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The Night Owl

Well tonight started off slow and then picked up a good bit right around 4am my time.  Then it got even more interesting around 5:30am.  I consider myself a night owl, but this cast may kill me. Do they EVER sleep?

First the non-game related stuff: Caleb spent most of the day wearing Amber's dress around his neck.  Devin continued to talk about his daughter, bed sheets, and lotion, and the HGs made a makeshift bowling game for themselves in the backyard. 

Around 12am BB time there was a booze delivery for Nicole's 22nd birthday and then the fun started.  There was a lot of shouting and dancing and general silliness.  So here are some pictures:

But then, the conversation all of us (or most of us) have been waiting for happened.  Caleb confessed his love to Amber.  It was one of the most fantastically awkward things I've every seen on the Big Brother live feed.  It may not be as bad as Keesha's birthday party, but it was close.  Caleb kept telling Amber how he felt about her and then interrogating her about how she felt about him.  Amber kept snacking on crackers, not making eye contact, and saying "thanks for the complements" and "I'm getting to know everyone as friends." and "I'm just not looking for that" etc..  Caleb continued to stumble over himself talking about how everyone in the house sees her looking at him and how he wants to stick around the area after the show to hang out with her.  I guarantee you Caleb did not hear Amber say no like we heard Amber say no.  If Amber gets evicted soon we may see Caleb sniffling into that dress he keeps wearing around his neck. 

I'm very curious to see how awkward things are going to become since I don't think his obsession with her has lessened even slightly, but Amber was horrified and immediately had to go and tell the other girls in the house what happened and how uninterested she was.

Now for the game talk.  There wasn't a lot of that, but there were pieces here and there. Various members of The Bomb Squad met throughout the night and talked about their plans for different people and getting them out. 

Hayden told Nicole he wanted to try and get in with "Caleb's people" for protection even though he doesn't exactly know who those people are.  Nicole agreed it was a good idea.

After the whole Caleb and Amber debacle, Christine approached Frankie in the Hive room to propose that they try to go far together.  Frankie told her that he would like to go to the end with her and that even though he knew he would have to play with guys, he really wants to go to the end with a strong girl.  Despite my feelings about Frankie being cast, he is playing a pretty amazing social game thus far.  Almost everyone is approaching him for an alliance or deal on some level and he isn't even HOH.  If nothing changes and he isn't found out, he can basically pick whichever alliance he wants to stick with whenever the time is right for him to choose.

And that's about it for tonight.  They are still awake, but I don't expect to see much more happen.  I really don't expect to see a lot of anything until closer to time for the first eviction and the next HOH competition.  Joey for all intents and purposes seems to have given up, and I don't expect she will be making much noise in the coming days.  Then again, we have a couple cans of crazy floating around that house, so anything could happen.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more updates.  Until tomorrow night...





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