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Why Did Devin Shepherd Really Quit Baseball?

From the very start, I’ve been a bit suspicious of Devin Shepherd’s claim that he left a potentially lucrative professional baseball gig for his daughter. It just never made sense. The financial security alone should have potentially made up for time spent on the road with the team. Plus, six months out of the year he would have few obligations but to spend time with her.

Thus it was no surprise that out of the blue on Friday afternoon, Shepherd opened up a little bit about his baseball career. While not completely forthcoming, Shepherd did fess up to having spent multiple stints in rehab, which I talked about on last week’s Big Brother Gossip Show.

I was still curious about what exactly happened with Shepherd, so after the broadcast I hopped on the ol’ Google machine and found his minor league stats. Take a look at the year 2009, as we’ll be discussing that in a bit.


At the same time as I was doing some research, my buddy Ed (@BrophE) at TVFishbowl (@BBTVFB) was doing the same. Notice Ed’s discovery that Devin admitted on the feeds to being convicted of DUI at the age of 22.

I then sought out the advice of a couple of friends in the sports community. Since Shepherd was originally drafted by the Twins, I went to Argus Leader sportswriter Matt Zimmer for comment. “I only remember him because he did not sign with the Twins after they drafted him in the fifth round. That’s pretty high, (and) rarely do guys drafted that high choose not to sign.”

Another friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a Big Brother fan who works for one of the national cable sports networks. He says this was a poor decision. Instead of going to the Twins, Shepherd went to college, which cost him “around $300,000” in guaranteed money.

His college days began at Oklahoma University. “He got kicked off the team, and then went to Southern Nevada”, says my source. When he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2008, he dropped all the way down to the 11th round.

But what about that missing year of suspension? According to my source, I jumped the gun when I alluded to steroids on the Big Brother Gossip Show. If it was a PED (performance enhancing drug), “that would be (publicly) listed. In 2009, miior leaguers get 50 games for their first PED detection, and 100 games for their second. It’s kind of unlikely he failed two of these tests in one year.” He believes it could have been a street drug such as coke, particularly due to the fact that it does coincide with a rehab stint. (Other sources list his departure as being for “family reasons”, but Baseball America is considered the best for minor and amateur baseball information.)

After being released by the Cardinals in 2010 while batting .171 in Palm Beach, Shepherd did attempt to continue a pro career in independent leagues. “The independent leagues don’t have any team affiliation”, says my source, “and he was OK but not great. They don’t make a ton of money in those leagues. Most teams have a $70,000 salary cap. Players live with host families and make $600-900 a month.” This is around the time his daughter was born, so he was certainly under some pressure to give up his sports dream. “In his head, he probably thinks he gave up a career for her.” Zimmer is more blunt. “He’s out of baseball because he wasn’t any good.”

As we wrapped up our chat, my buddy had one more reason for not buying the story that his rehab stints were for anxiety. “I can't see him being in rehab in 2010 for social anxiety. The guy has told lie after lie. If you have social anxiety, would you go on Big Brother? I know I wouldn’t.”


Reader Comments (9)

I found this story about him in the St. Paul Pioneer Press regarding him getting kicked off the Univ. of Oklahoma baseball team:
July 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBryan
Have you took time to research Caleb too since he was the one who started the season with his racist twitter comments being uncovered?
Oh, I guess that's not as big of a deal.

July 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMe
To: Me.....Caleb isn't a liar....he speaks the truth and we all have the right to our opinion...unlike the lies told every time Devin opens his mouth. I'd rather know the honesty of someone even if I disagree with their God given right....Yes I said God given. Who in their right mind would give up a "pro" BB career for his daughter...thats stability. And yes the poor daughter is probably illegitimate. I only hope her Mother is a good person but poor judgement for procreating with that looser.
July 11, 2014 | Unregistered Commenternonliar
Caleb has lied plenty! Have you actually watched the feeds?? You have NO idea...
July 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRvolpi
Went to elementary school with Devin (Hollywood beach school) also went to Jr high with him. He was always trying to pick a fight and thought he was better than everyone one. He thought he was gods gift to baseball also. He's from Oxnard CA also not Santa Barbara.
July 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDakodes
Interesting to read that he has always been delusional. I assumed it was the Adderall. Intrigued by college ball? Scary guy.
July 15, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterniboryak
I like Devin. Yes he played a very bad social game, but I like him as a human being. We all make mistakes and bad choices. I will miss that muscular body of his, and handsome face. I'd have his baby anytime any place . Come my way Devin anytime. (lol) Hope he stays single till I get there.
July 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAngela
What you all don't realize is minor league or independent league baseball it doesn't matter the salaries are similar. If he had a kid while in the minors there's no way to support it. The midwest league salary that he played in, in 2010 was 1100 a month only for the 5 months of the season.
July 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBaseball fan
I knew Devin at a young age, we were 8 and 9 went we started martial arts together. He was my grade school "boyfriend" and my actual first kiss, taking me to my first official concert. He was a super sweet kid ( when he wanted to be),, with that smile that everyone has fallen in love with. I have to say that he's always been a lair, most of the time, just to seem better than people; I guess some things never change. As far as I'm concerned he's from Port Hueneme, CA where he lived with his mom, down the street from me. We went to school together some years, his mom always worked hard to give him more opportunities...his mother is an amazing woman! But Devin was a mean kid most of the time, always thought he was better and had a sense of entitlement. Could have been the only child syndrome. Eventually when we got to high school and he came back to Oxnard a high where I attended, he was the rudest and coldest he'd ever been, pretended he didn't even know me. Sad, because we'd grown up together and were close for a long time. It's funny how life works out. I got married and have chosen to wait to have kids until I'm done with my RN in May, and Devin...well we all know where life took him now, since he's chosen to publish it on National TV. If I could tell him one thing, after all I've experienced with him, is I hope he finds happiness. I think about him from time to time, his mom Stephanie too, and I only wish him well. I know he has the capacity to be a good person, if he'd just be a "real person" for once.
August 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLeslie

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