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POV Competition Results - Big Brother Gossip Show Tonight!

The Power of Veto Competition was held this afternoon and Donny ended up winning his second one.  Before the competition he pledges to use it to save Jocosta if he won since she wasn't playing due to illness.  Since she couldn't play only five house guests participated; Caleb, Caleb, Devin, Donny and Christina.


While its pretty much a lock that Devin will go up in Jocosta's place at the POV meeting, I wouldn't say it is a sure thing that Devin will be the one voted out.  There will be some strong consideration given to getting Caleb out while they have the chance.

We will discuss the possible outcomes on tonights Big Brother Gossip Show along with loads of other things - tune in tonight at 10pm EST - 7pm BB Time via the tuner in the right sidebar or at

Reader Comments (3)

kick ass donny
July 12, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterrichard
i think caleb will go thursday
July 12, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterlysko
Listening to your podcast from Sat night--great show btw--listening to your comments regarding Nicole. The thing that totally revised my thinking on her was when she went up to talk to Zach as the new HOH. She looked like she had been abducted by aliens and was being introduced to her half alien offspring. Zach was offering her an alliance, offering to spill the beans on the Detonators, basically telling the fruitloop dingus that there was an alliance, Christine was in it, and he and Cody had an alliance. She never responded to a single item of info! Then, instead of mulling over this huge amount of information, she ran downstairs and told Christine, Hayden, Victoria and Amber everything Zach said.... She got no information in exchange for telling it all... If she was stumped by the enormity of what she'd heard, she had every opportunity to discuss it with Hayden or with Donny....instead she simply blurted it all to everyone assembled in the beehive room.

NO "SUPERFAN" WOULD EVER REACT TO A THURSDAY NIGHT HOH TALK LIKE NICOLE DID. She reacted like someone who has never had a strategic thought in her life. Completely clueless. I expected her to talk to Zach...consider at least a temporary or fake alliance...grab the chance to learn everything she could from him...and esp get the goods on Christine who'd already made an alliance behind her back! But nothing. Shameful. NOT A SUPERFAN! Whoever said the extent of her game is that she made t shirts for her crush of the season had it on point! She is clueless. Clueless. Check out Thursday night, when she visited Zach alone in the HOH, then follow her downstairs to tell everyone. If that's a Superfan, I am going to marry Caleb!
July 28, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercyninbend

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