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The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Now that the POV has been played and Devin did not win, there isn't a whole lot of anything happening outside of paranoia.  After Donny won the veto he presented it to Jocasta (who didn't play today due to still being pretty sick) and told her she wasn't going home.  He then went and talked to Derrick and told Derrick that he didn't mind doing this to Devin

A little while later Have Nots were named.  All volunteers this time. Devin, Amber, Caleb and Hayden all agreed to do it since Christine can't actually eat slop because of the gluten, Frankie is claiming he shouldn't be a have not because of circulation problems and the cold room, and Brittany, Zach, and Victoria just got done doing it.

Devin mostly laid low for the night.  He is making comments here and there that are making people paranoid like "What if Donny doesn't use the veto and I stay?"  To his credit, it's kind of working on people.

Donny, Derrick, and Frankie started the TA rumors today about Paola saying that Zach is related to Amanda before she left.  Derrick told Victoria and told her to run it by Brittany to see what she thinks.  Donny told Nicole and told her to run it by Christine and see what she thinks about it.  Nicole didn't exactly buy it.  She eventually ran it by Christine, but she also thinks that maybe Donny is America's his sell didn't work out very well.  Frankie and Derrick met much later in the night to talk about who else to tell. They plan to tell Caleb and hope that he runs it by Amber, and then eventually tell Zach about it so that the rumor can just be squashed.

Meanwhile, Zach and Cody started talking about the "What ifs" of evicting Caleb instead of Devin this week and that got Zach's wheels turning.  He unfortunately ran the idea by Frankie.  I believe trusting Frankie will be ultimately what kills Zach's game if Frankie doesn't get evicted soon.

Frankie immediately ran first to Christine with the idea and then went and literally banged on the HOH door until he woke Derrick up so that he could talk about it with Derrick.

Derrick squashed this idea immediately.  He told Frankie that one: Donny was definitely going to take Jocasta off the block because him running to her in her sick bed after the veto comp to give her the veto is going to make TV, and two: Donny doesn't trust Devin and want him in the house either.  He then explained to Frankie that he believes getting Devin out this week is more important than evicting Caleb because Devin isn't just muscle, he also almost always beats them or comes in second on mental competitions.  Apparently he came close to beating them at veto today, and then Donny pulled out a last minute win.

After Derrick was done explaining it to Frankie, he had Zach up into the room and explained the same thing to him.  Zach was grateful for the grounding and after listening for a while said he totally agrees with Derrick that Devin should go first. Especially since if Caleb wins HOH he still won't put the 2 of them up, where as Devin is now on his own and would likel do just that.

I don't expect t his to be the end of the conversations about Devin vs Caleb.  I think it's just the beginning.  I think a lot of people in the house are keen on the idea of evicting Caleb over Devin, and I think there will likely be a lot of flip flopping before the vote.  Derrick will likely have to ground his alliance members on a daily basis until they make it to Thursday if he continues to want Devin to be the one evicted....and they haven't even had the veto ceremony yet.

That's pretty much it.  The rest of the night was pretty drab, although most of them are just getting revved up since a lot of them napped until about 1am and THEN started their day. As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates. Until tomorrow night...


Reader Comments (1)

hey ash not a big fan of Derrick anymore he's good at the game but I catch him on the feeds to doing dumb stuff like the over lying to ppl and ppl starting to catch on to it to like yesterday when Victoria called him on the bull he told her she went to Nicole, and Brittney and compared notes and they all said he's lying for know reason. like the team America thing went to his head ever since he found out Donnys in it he's been bashing Donny ever since. plus I find it funny that all the stuff he called Devin out for he did the exact same thing this week plus i'm hoping for the others outsiders that's not in the BS to see get Caleb and keep Devin in the game just cause he's good for tv and I love watching him make the houseguest scramble cause he's such a wildcard.
July 13, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterjosh
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