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The Night Owl - Tuesday Night

For most of the day and night the house was pretty lacking in game talk.  There were a lot of skits and impressions by Frankie.  Many British accents were murdered and characters played. Devin did campaign a little during the day, but to no avail.  I don't really think there is anything at all Devin could do to convince anyone to keep him.

Later on in the night there were a few notable game conversations.  Early in the evening Brittany spent some time in the HOH and Derrick and Zach kind of felt her out.  The general feeling of the LTA alliance right now is that Brittany can't be trusted...but they kind of want to trust her and be able to work with her.  Brittany is talking to both sides of the house about game right now, and to be honest, I don't think she is no more loyal to either side than the other.  I think she is just setting things up to hopefully not be nominated no matter who wins the coming HOHs.  I don't think it will necessarily pay off for her though. A lot of people don't trust her right now.

Zach also had a conversation with Victoria about game.  No, she didn't actually talk much game, but he told her he wouldn't put her up this coming week in order to pick her for information on who she wants to put up/wants out.  She said that she does not trust Frankie or Amber or Donny and that those would be the people she would want to go after.  Derrick sat in on..or rather laid in on this HOH convo and kind of reeled it in and out as it needed to be.

This is another way that LTA are laying their groundwork to have each member be good with a few people in the house outside of their alliance so that they don't get put on the block together.  For example: Cody is close with Amber and Zach at least has a sort of deal with Victoria while Derrick is close with Victoria.  So if Victoria wins HOH, she could put up Cody, but she won't put Cody and Zach or Cody and Derrick next to each other.  The same rules apply if 2 members of TSA win both HOHs.  Cody could put up Victoria but not Amber.  Zach can put up Amber but not Victoria.  Those are not the specific targets, just an example of how it works.  I think it's pretty smart if it works out.

Anyway, moving on to the other late night happenings, Nicole and Christine had a short conversation about how it would be smart for them to each cast a wonky vote this week making the vote against Devin 9-2 instead of 11-0 so that they can blame the votes on Donny and Jocasta.  Donny and Jocasta are still suspected to be possibly working with Devin by some of the members of the house in their most paranoid moments, so they may actually believe that.  Then again, they may just think two people cast some crazy votes and chaos may ensue.  I'm good with it either way. Entertainment.

While this talk was going on and most of the other members of the house were chit chatting about general stuff, Cody and Amber spent a LOT of time hanging otu together on the hammock.  Most of their talk was about their family and home and things like that, but they also coveredd trusting each other, and Amber talked a good bit about how she feels like Caleb is keeping her from getting to know an of the other people in the house.

Caleb meanwhile kept his eye on Amber and Cody almost the whole time.  I don't think he was impressed by the amount of time they spent together.  He has had talks with Cody before about his feelings about Amber and not understanding why they spend so much time together.  If Cody isn't careful, I feel like Caleb might throw him up on the block the same way Devin did to Zach. 

later on in the pantry, 2/3rds of Los Tres Amigos (Zach and Cody) met to talk about the upcoming HOH and what to do about it.  The night before Zach made a comment about throwing the upcoming HOH because he didn't feel like he was in much danger, and that (rightfully so) annoyed the piss out of Derrick who just got done keeping him safe this week.  So, Cody talked to Zach a bit about why it might be better not to throw the comp, and also told him to keep his mouth shut about it if he did indeed decide that was what he was going to do.  They also talked about who they might nominate and agreed that they are running out of people at this point with all their side alliances. Zach also mentioned to Cody that Frankie needs to go soon.  He said that Cody and Frankie are in similar positions with the house. The difference being that Frankie doesn't actually care about screwing people over.. and I quote "and I know the first chance he gets he is gonna screw me over too".  I sincerely hope he means that...mostly because it's true and I like Zach, but also because I would LOVE to not have to deal with Frankie anymore.

That's pretty much all I caught as far a game conversations go.  Everyone is still mostly just riding the week out knowing that Devin is going on Thursday.  I expect the game talk to pick up more tonight and tomorrow as people get ready to play the new HOH and need to make decisions on who they will put up.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night....


Reader Comments (2)

The amount of alliances that have formed or are forming has gotten out of control this year. Lazy houseguests...........just make up alliances every other day and assume you have safety. Stupid people. The legit alliances from the past never put their members in danger of eviction and didn't evict each other until after everyone against them had left the house. You don't have to name an alliance to make connections and form trust with other members in the house.
July 16, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterwoodycorn44
Yeah the weight comment from Amber was really rude. CBS should make her wear a fat suit for a week...seriously. Last season they made a big deal out of racial slurs, this is no different.
July 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBea
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