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The Night Owl - Friday Night

Well, tonight is really slow and most of the HGs are asleep right now.  I don't know if they are down for the count, but it's looking like they might be.  The only people awake are Zach (shocking, right?), Jocasta, Donny, Nicole, Victoria, and Christine.  Most are doing their own thing or just chit chatting, so I'm going to give you the nomination and BOB results and call it a night.

The nomination ceremony happened early in the afternoon and Cody nominated Victoria and Brittany as expected while Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta.  After the nominations, Brittany went into her default "I deserve to be here more than Zach or Nicole or anyone else without kids" thing to Amber and Jocasta.  Amber kind of nodded and agreed with her as Amber does when she is talking to most people, and Jocasta gave some kind of "be strong" sermon.  This all took place in the bathroom if that makes it any more amusing.

Brittany also went after Victoria and basically accused her of making a deal to throw the competition.  She told her that she was going to end up being the next Paola and picked at her for a while.  Victoria was, as always, completely confused about what was happening and just told Brittany that she thought they could win. 

But, shortly after that, the BOB was played and Victoria and Brittany did not win making them the nominations stuck on the block and keeping Cody as HOH (YES! NO FRANKIE HOH!).   Everything sense then has mostly been Brittany talking about how she is done with everyone and how unfair it is.  She keeps saying she won't throw Victoria under the bus because that's not her and she is the most honest player in the house (as if that's something that gets you anywhere in BB). 

Meanwhile Amber has also been running her mouth a little, and Frankie, Christine, and some others have been embellishing some of the things she has been saying.  Christine announced to all the Detonators alliance plus Nicole in the HOH room that Amber was rallying up the girls (Brittany and Jocasta) to take the boys out.  Derrick said it doesn't really matter because Brittany is a leg of that and unless she wins the POV she is going home this week.

Zach also heard the things that both Amber and Brittany had been saying about him, and is really annoyed with Amber and wants to confront her, but is curiously picking Donny's brain about the idea of voting out Victoria instead of Brittany.  He is telling Derrick and his alliance that he will vote with the house, but talking to Donny about possibly not voting with the house.  It's yet to be determined if he is just playing a game to amuse himself, or if he really just wants Victoria out THAT badly.

We really won't know anything until after POV is played today though.  If Brittany (or Victoria) win POV, Donny is expected to go up on the block.  If anyone else wins POV nominations are likely to stay the same and Brittany will most likely get voted out unless she works some crazy magic.  The good news is that Brittany is extremely dramatic, so this could be a very entertaining week.  As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  I will post a follow up if things get crazy while I'm still up.  Until tomorrow night...


Reader Comments (3)

Maybe I'm thick but why are they trying to backdoor Donny? Do you think Production will try to "suggest" not taking Donny out? Would seem some irritation with whoever knifes "the good guy" of the season.
July 19, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterlmb02
lmbo2 - anyone savvy enough in the house would absolutely love Donny and for that very reason, would not want him to go up against them in final two. Get him out early - and a lot of other houseguests have blood on their hands for his eviction also. Get him out late - and fewer to blame. I'd love to see him make it to final two - but his social game is too good!
July 19, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Sad. But I think he is a lock on getting the fan vote money, even this early.

I know he doesn't have much of a chance of making final 2 (but would likely be unanimous if he did), but to see him go so early... pity. Still, if this years script is for the simple good ol country boy to win, I'm sure DR will try to influence him staying longer.
July 19, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterlmb02
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