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The Night Owl - Thursday Night

Well we have new Dual HOHs.. Cody and....(cringe) Frankie.  As soon as the feeds returned after the HOH competition tonight, Frankie was already screaming, singing, and carrying on with many "OMGs" and "I'm SOOOO HAPPPYs". 

The scrambling started almost immediately because shortly after the competition Frankie was told about the new Team America mission.  The new mission is for the three members to get a person they consider a physical threat nominated.  Frankie and Derrick immediately decided that Amber would work for this since she was likely going to be nominated anyway, but the catch was that they all had to agree on the nomination and at this time they had not talked to Donny yet.  Frankie, Derrick, Zach, andCody decided that as the four nominees they wanted Amber, Brittany, Jocasta, and Victoria.  Derrick told Zach and Frankie both that they really needed to have Brittany and Amber on opposite teams so that one of them could stay up and have the option of remaining the target.  The problem started when Frankie told Derrick that he did not want to be the one to put up Amber because he wants to remain HOH and Amber will likely win the BOB competition.  The thing is, Cody can't put up Amber without blowing up his game because Amber is one of his closest friends in the house.

While the scrambling and general talk was going on, Brittany first went and cried to Donny about possibly being put up and then went and cried for a while by herself in the Rock Room.  Also during this time a tiff broke out about the bed situation.  It's almost too difficult to explain, so I'll just say it all mostly comes down to the fact that no one wants to sleep with Victoria.  Frankie made plans for Caleb to sleep in his HOH bed with him and Zach is sleeping in Cody's HOH room, so that left 2 extra spots in The Rock room for people to have their own beds.  Brittany normally sleeps in The Rock Room with Cody and Zach, but at some point I THINK (I'm unclear on the details) Nicole tried to push Victoria off on Brittany for once since Nicole, Christine, and Frankie have all been having to sleep with her for almost the whole season...and apparently she cuddles very inappropriately. The whole thing came to a head in the kitchen between Brittany and Nicole, but all I really saw was Brittany snapping at Nicole about it being "Fine!".  After that Nicole went and talked to Donny about it and then Derrick.  I'm sure she will be happy to see Brittany be one of the nominations in the morning.

Shortly after all this it was time for the HOH rooms to be revealed. Cody got a letter from his dad, but it was quickly overshadowed by all of Frankie's squeals and shreiks about the things he got in his HOH basket, plus the letter he got from his sister "Ari".  All pictures of her in his HOH room were convieniently of her as a baby of course.

While the HOH room was being revealed, the Have Nots got to become haves again and had their feast.  Eventually Zach and Derrick joined them and left the rest of the crew to hang out in the HOH.  This stand off between everyone went on and on and is still kind of happening as I write this.

Derrick and Frankie both eventually got to Donnie and had a quick Team America meeting with him in the Have Not room.  Donny agreed that putting Amber up as the Physical threat would be perfect because she won that HOH and has come very close to winning quite a few other physical comps as well as winning last weeks BOB.  So now all they have left to do is each go to the DR and confirm that Amber is their target for nomination and then get her nominated (easy since the plan was to nominate her already).

After Donny left the room, Derrick talked for a minute to Frankie about the fact that Cody cannot be the person to nominate Amber.  Frankie resisted at first saying he didn't want to be the one to nominate her because of what Caleb would think (and also because he wants to keep the HOH and Amber might win I'm sure) But he eventually agreed that he would be willing to nominate Amber and Jocasta and let Cody be the one to nominate Victoria and Brittany.

A little later Brittany managed to catch Frankie downstairs and started her traditional cry in front of the HOH to try and keep from getting nominated thing.  Frankie asked her what she thought he should do for the house.  Brittany threw out Nicole and Christine because they are a pair, and then Zach joined them in the Hive Room.  He said that he wanted Victoria nominated of course.  And then, as Victoria always seems to do as soon as her name is mentioned, she bombed the conversation and that was the end of that.

Currently it's 6am here and everyone is still hanging out in the HOH room minus a few like Donny who have gone to bed, and I don't see this breaking up any time soon.  The chit chat is going between Devin bashing, Victoria's inappropriate touching, and food challenges.  I imagine at SOME point this morning Frankie and Cody will get together and talk about who is nominating who.  If all goes as planned now, Frankie should be nominating Amber and Jocasta and Cody should be nominating Vicotria and Brittany.  I'm hoping like crazy Amber pulls out a win in the BOB. Not because I really care if she stays or goes, but because I think a week of Frankie being HOH might actually kill me.  It's already intolerable and it hasn't even been 12 hours.

I'm also hoping for some good fireworks either pre or post nominations this morning and either before or after the BOB competition, so I'm going to call it an early night in hopes that I catch some good stuff today.  As always,  you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates. Until tomorrow night...



Reader Comments (4)

Frankie Rules
July 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterGettingLost
I live your insights everyday... You do an amazing job...thank you for always keeping us up to date on what's going on. #BB16
July 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBeth
I love your Night Owl posts! You are such a trooper for being able to stay up and tolerate all the back and forth. I really hope they don't backdoor Donny. I'd be good if Brittany and Victoria lost BoB and one of them goes home. I'm surprised they haven't thrown out trying to backdoor Caleb seeing as how he is considered a "physical threat"
July 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJoeRayes
I wish that there was some kind of rule that states that Team America only gets the money if all three of them are still in the house.
July 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJenny
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