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The Night Owl - Sunday Night

Oh boy, where to begin?

At the beginning of the night we finally saw Brittany complete her 2,400 goals with a few hours left to spare.  There was a quick celebration where everyone ran around cheering and she jumped in the pool, but shortly after that she went to bed.

After Brittany went to bed, the fun really began.  Cody had been a little wishy washy all day on the fact that he doesn't really want to put up Donny as the replacement nominee in the morning and he is mad at Caleb over the Amber thing and because he took the $5k instead of the veto and put him in a crappy position.  Cody had also been talking to Amber and Brittany who he seems to have soft spots for, so he had been pondering all day about what he really wanted to do. Ultimately after talking to Derrick and his other alliance members, he was reminded that for them, Brittany must go.

However..that was just the beginning...

Somehow Zach ended up in the hammock with Hayden talking to Donny.  Donny has been kind of pushing the idea of putting up Caleb and keeping Brittany for the last few days, and he started to really talk about it to Zach and Hayden.  He said that he is not in an alliance with Brittany but felt like Caleb was more of threat etc.. and he also talked about how he felt like nobody could get Cody alone to talk to him because Derrick was up there controlling the nominations like he has for almost every HOH.  Donny also said he would ride up there on the block if he needed to, but that he really didn't want to. Zach and Hayden agreed with him for outward appearances, but apparently Zach took some of what he was saying to heart because he revved himself up and off he went..

The first stop was to talk to Nicole in the hammock about what she thought about keeping Brittany and sending Caleb home.  Nicole explained to Zach that Brittany had made clear that Nicole and Christine were targets of hers, and had also continuously said that Zach was a target for her and that he didn't deserve to be there.  She circle talked him for a few minutes, but none of it was really taken to heart.

The next stop on his mission was the HOH room where Derrick, Cody, and Frankie were talking.  Zach told them "no offense, and I don't mean anything by this, but I kind of want to talk to Cody alone."  That was obviously a no go with Derrick who told him to just spit it out and say whatever he had to say. So Zach started his plea for "why don't we just put Caleb up so we don't have to nominate Donny." Meanwhile, Nicole was telling Christine that Zach was trying to flip the house, so she and Christine immediately headed for the HOH room and things started to get a little heated.   Nicole and Christine both got loud about the fact that they needed Brittany to be the one to go home no matter what.

Zach made some really good points about how Caleb leaving would be better for Cody's game because Caleb is after Cody and Brittany isn't.  He also said that they didn't know for sure that Donny was working with Brittany, Amber, and Jocasta.  Derrick and Cody heard Zach out, but Derrick also relatively loudly and somewhat sarcastically explained to Zach that what was better for the alliance and better for him was for Brittany to go home because she is after members of their alliance for sure..especially him, and Caleb can be kind of swayed and controlled for now and probably wouldn't put any of them up.

A conversation that I missed, or that may not have been shown on the feeds that also fueled this was apparently Caleb telling Amber that Zach had been talking shit about her, and then Zach somehow catching wind from Caleb that the two of them might be after him as well.  I can't confirm that converstion since I didn't see it happen. I just heard Frankie and several others talking about it later.

While kind of arguing with Derrick, Nicole, and Christine, Zach went into "I don't care if I go up on the block" mode and then things really started to get louder.  He said he wasn't afraid of going up on the block and going home like the rest of them were, to which Derrick countered that HE cares, because Zach is part of their alliance, someone who won't put them up, and a number for them in votes, and if he goes, they lose a number.  The whole thing was broken up when Amber decided to enter the HOH room and Zach went away..only a little mad.

After Zach went downstairs, Derrick went almost immediately to go find him.  They talked by the pool for a little while and Derrick tried to get his point across more.  Zach sort of nodded and agreed with some of it, but continued to push that he thought it was selfish for them to just go after Brittany when it might be better for Cody's game if they went after Caleb.

Caleb almost immediately broke up this conversation before Derrick could completely diffuse it, and Zach went off to talk to Nicole on the couches.

Nicole immediately went into defensive mode where she started telling Zach he can't be mad at her for wanting to get out Brittany when Brittany is coming after her.  She got stuck on this "you called us selfish thing" thing and didn't let go of it for the rest of the night.

Zach then went and talked to Frankie in the storage room about what he thought about the whole thing.  Frankie told him that he just thinks he is a lunatic, but he loves him anyway etc.. etc..

While the Frankie and Zach talk was going on, Nicole ran to Hayden to fill him in on what happened, or more accurately, whine to him about being called selfish.  She looped this selfish thing over and over and over and over.  Hayden told Nicole that he saw Zach's points and that it wold actually be great to get Caleb out of the house, but that it just doesn't make sense to do it this week since keeping Brittany would be dangerous for all of them.

After that, Hayden went up to the HOH room to talk with Derrick and Cody and the re-tells and talks about Zach began both in the HOH and all over the house.  While Hayden was in the HOH room he asked if there was any way they could put Caleb up instead of Donny and either still make sure Brittany goes home, or take a shot at sending Caleb home.  Derrick went over the scenarios again with him and explained why it just wouldn't be smart, and eventually Hayden agreed with him.  There was also a lot of anti-Zach/Zach is a loose cannon talk both in the HOH and through the rest of the house. 

The game talk between them was again bombed by Amber who decided to come up and plop down and talk about how she doesn't like hearing that Zach is talking shit about her.

For a while there was just a lot of re-tells of the HOH incident and a lot of talking about Zach and not trusting him etc. etc..

Then Zach reappeared and just when I thought things were calming down, here we go again...

Zach started talking to Frankie, Christine, and Hayden in the hammock about game.  He started talking about how he feels like maybe he shouldn't have said anything and that it was probably a bad idea.  Then he said that he was really just trying to figure out the easiest way to get himself sent home next week because he was really homesick.  Christine, Frankie, and Hayden all tried to talk him down from the ledge and tell him he goes through these days (which he does sometimes). He agreed that maybe he was just having a bad day and that things would be better tomorrow.

No sooner did things start to seem normal, then Zach got the crazy idea to try to get himself nominated THIS week.  He started talking to Hayden, Christine, and Frankie about the idea of getting Cody to nominate him, act like he is pissed off, and still stay in the house.  His logic was that if Cody nominated him, maybe it would take some of the target off of their alliance and himself because everyone is speculating about the guys working together, and especially Cody and Zach.  He felt like getting Cody to nominate him would throw people off.  Christine and Frankie told him it wasn't a bad idea, while Hayden removed himself from being any part of it, So off Zach went to the HOH room to pitch his idea to Cody.

Cody and Derrick were in the HOH room talking about the fact that they have to nominate Donny when Zach came in and started pitching the idea of Cody nominating him.  The conversation went on for quite a few minutes, but Cody never really wavered away from "No way! I am NOT doing that!"  Derrick explained to Zach that it was sort of a good idea, but would have monstrous repercussions if it was found out that they were fake fighting and the nomination was a planned gimmick.  Zach left the room telling them to "just think about it."

After Zach left the room, Derrick started talking to Cody about what they were going to have to do about Zach.  They both speculated that he was some kind of saboteur, or at least getting paid to get himself put on the block or something.  But their game talk didn't last long because Brittany decided to get up and drag herself up to the HOH room to soak in the HOH tub.

Meanwhile at the hammock downstairs, Frankie and Christine finally started to calm Zach down from hurricane status to tropical storm, and eventually down to just a little drizzle. 

While Zach status was being downgraded, Hayden and Nicole actually became the showmance that CBS has been pushing for this whole season.  They actually started to make out this time.  The interesting, or possibly kind of disgusting part of the whole thing was that Nicole avoided all his advances until today when several people commented about his lack of showering and how dirty he was and even that he smelled.

At this point, most everyone is still in/around the kitchen area except for a few like Cody, Donny, and Nicole who have already gone to bed.  Everyone seems to be unwinding and headed for sleep sometimes soon. I THINK the drama is over for the night.

I still expect to see Donny being the one nominated at the POV ceremony this morning, and I still think Brittany will be the one vote out on Thursday if nothing really drastic changes.  I don't know if Zach completely killed his game tonight or not.  It's very possible, but things also change from minute to minute in the house, and he may have a little time to remedy things if the large alliance still goes after Amber, Jocasta, and Caleb before they go after him.  There is also the possibility of him winning HOH so that he doesn't have to worry about his own safety this coming week.  That's what I am personally hoping for. 

This has been the most exciting night of the feeds yet for me, and I'm grateful for the fantastic little mess that is Zach.  I'm calling it a night, but will post a follow up if anyone gets worked back up or anything more drama filled happens.  As always, you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Reader Comments (1)

Great rundown of the many conversations...I got confused because of the number of them, and going back and forth on the feeds.

If it is at all possible, could you occasionally put a time on a conversation? Only the update had one that I could find. If we had a few starting places earlier for flashback, it would be great. Just a thought--don't want to make a lot of extra work for you.

Thanks so much for all the work you do!
July 22, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercyninbend
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