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The Night Owl - Monday Night

Well, today started off with amazing amounts of potential to be entertaining. When Cody woke up Brittany was of course waiting for him with her silly plan about putting someone else on the block.  She talked and talked "Blah blah I deserve this." "Blah blah Deserve it"  "Blah blah blah blah"...

Then Donny went up to speak to Cody.  Donny did a very good job of working on Cody.  He asked him how his family would feel watching him and told him to play his own game.  He also told him no matter what, he still trusts him even if he puts him up.  To which Cody said: "My brother would think I was a total pussy if I don't put Caleb up. I'm not putting you up."  And with that Donny and Cody went downstairs.

Cody then told the crew sitting outside (Frankie, Nicole, Christine etc..) that he was putting up Caleb and needed them to still vote Brittany out.  All of us watching were suddenly on the edge of our seats of course!  Cody went to go get ready for the veto meeting and Frankie ran as fast as he could to wake up Derrick and get him upstairs.  I should mention that at this point Frankie was in FULL meltdown mode and Cody had to kick him out of the HOH room more than 4 times just to try and get some talking done.  Derrick then headed up to the HOH room to talk to Cody.

Derrick told Cody that he didn't think it was a smart decision to put up Caleb because he felt like Hayden and Zach would vote him out and that Caleb would end up leaving and Brittany would stay.  Derrick was probably right, and for his game that makes perfect sense...the better option for he and Cody, in my humble opinion, would be to nominate Donny, but we all love feed entertainment, so I was all for things getting stirred up.  The feeds then cut for the veto Ceremony, and when they came back.....

Yep, Donny got nominated anyway.  Cody was really distressed and Frankie was actively kissing his ass and telling him how courageous he was for nominating Donny (really?!?!).  Cody explained to his alliance that as he was thinking about it outside waiting for the meeting to start, he decided he couldn't nominate Caleb as the fallout would be bad for the alliance as him leaving might also be.

After the small amount of scrambling and explanations, most of the HGs went to take naps, and Brittany firmly planted herself in the HOH room bed and didn't emerge until a few minutes ago (12:30 am BB time).  Derrick kept a close watch on her and talked to both Cody and the other members of the Detonators to make sure they secure that they have to keep Brittany gone this week, but also MUST vote her out.

Derrick talked to Donny for a while and told him that he didn't know he was going up etc.. etc.. and that he had  his vote.  Cody also had a conversation with him later that night saying the same thing.  Donny talked to Zach and Hayden on separate occasions and told both of them that he had plans/targets and liked the plans, but that he didn't want to start saying names until Weds or Thurs so that no rumors would get started and cause him to go home.

Once the target was clear and post veto talks had happened...nothing else really happened for the rest of the night.  There were general hang outs by the hot tub and chit chat.

There was onr point in the evening when Victoria admitted to Derrick that Christine and or Nicole had told her that they knew Donny was going on the block, and Derrick picked Victoria's brain for a while about that, and then went and warned Cody that they couldn't trust anyone but each other in the alliance.  They also both mentioned trusting Hayden more than Zach now, but they didn't get to have much of a serious talk about it because Caleb busted up the conversation.

Everyone except Amber, Jocasta, and Caleb also spent a decent amount of time talking about how Amber and Caleb have to go while Caleb found himself circle talking in the HOH for a while about how he thinks Brittany "DESERVES" to be there more than Victoria. It doesn't seem to have dawned on him that she came OFF the block today and is safe.

And that's pretty much it.  Everything else was eating, movie talk, singing, feed cuts, and napping. Every night can't be a winner I guess.  As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...