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Big Brother Season 16, Episode 14 Recap

At first glance, this should have been an ordinary episode. The question of who was going to be evicted was decided last Saturday when the veto competition occurred, outside of a moment or two where Cody questioned his decision on a replacement nominee (as shown last night).

Then out of the blue came big news out of the house. Frankie’s grandfather died, and last night he was given the news in the form of a letter. This created an entire evening of grieving and remembrance, culminating in a bizarre commercial-free half-hour of Frankie addressing the cameras on TVGN’s Big Brother After Dark.

Obviously, this news is going to be covered on tonight’s show, but to what extent? Will it be told in a traditional segment of house happenings, or will Julie also interview him? I have mixed feelings on this topic, which you’ll hear on this weekend’s Big Brother Gossip Show.

Until then, let’s get to the start of the broadcast with the reactions to Donny going on the block in place of Victoria. Who? Donny is upset that he was put up after being promised safety, but “you don’t take anybody’s word for what they say”. Brittany tells him that he “was the only person I was hoping wouldn’t be sitting by my side”. He responds with a joke that loses its translation when printed here, as most of Donny’s jokes tend to be. Brit says it sucks to be nominated next to him, as he’s been by her side through the whole game. She doesn’t want to campaign against him.

Cody is now shown upstairs being a pussy. He’s mad at himself and paces the HOH. Donny “doesn’t deserve to be on the block”, he says. He starts breathing heavy, and Cody hopes this “doesn’t come around to bite me on the butt”. He then heads outside, and Frankie and others tell him it’s the smartest move he could make. “I feel like such a fuckign bitch”, he says.

Frankie then runs after Donny to ask him if he’s ok, and tells him that he has his vote to stay. “We think it’s going to be unanimous for you, honestly.” Donny says he appreciates that.

Derrick then heads in to talk to Donny, and tells him that he’s safe. Donny knows that Cody has people directing him, and thinks Derrick is the “kingpin. I hope I’m wrong.” Cody also talks to him, acknowledging that he knows Donny is going to be mad. He tells him that this is the only way to ensure Brit goes home, but Donny says he was “looking at it another way. You have this other big alliance that you like, and you do like me, but you were willing to risk me.” Cody doesn’t respond to that little line of questioning, but does tell him that he thinks it will be a unanimous vote. Donny’s not convinced. “Pawns do go home.”

It’s now time for Brit to campaign, and she starts with Caleb because “he has a big influence on a lot of the other house guests”. She butters him up by telling him that, and adds that Donny is actually a bigger threat. The “deserve” line also comes up, and Caleb says that Brit staying would be better for him. “If you’re not coming for me, why would I not?”

Caleb is then upstairs complaining that it’s not right that Victoria is going to last longer than Brittany. She’s fought for her life, after all, and if Donny wins the next HOH he’s going to put up two of them. “We have to protect that.” Silly Caleb still believes the Bomb Squad exists. Derrick plays up to it, and says that maybe they should all evict Donny. Silly boys.

Now we get the Frankie segment. Julie introduces it, and we hear Frankie being called to the diary room. He’s give the letter from hsi family, and breaks down in tears. He comes back out to the living room and announces that his grandfather has died. The entire house comes down, and Brittany reads his letter to the house. He then talks about the man, and laughs at how the letter said that grandpa didn’t understand how the show worked. He also talks about how accepting he was of him coming out, and they all end up in a group hug. That was surprisingly low-key.

A moment of silence leads into commercials, and Julie addresses the house when we return. She offers condolences to Frankie, and then asks Caleb about not taking the veto. He says that he has “stuff at home that I have to pay”, and felt safe this week. Zach is asked what his reaction was, and he says that he was just happy that nobody took his trip to Germany away from him. Cody is asked what the hardest part of the week was, and he says it was putting up a replacement nominee.

Julie then announces that Have-Nots are back this week, and the four are the “laziest players in the game” judged by their Fitbits. “Amber, how do you think you did this week?” She thinks her cleaning helped her pad her stats. Christine is asked who is definitely a Have-Not, and she says “honestly, probably Zach”. Julie announces the bottom four, which are Nicole, Caleb, Christine, and Derrick. She reminds them that if they become HOH, they won’t be a Have-Not.

Oh lord, we have another Nicole/Hayden segment. Anybody that reads these recaps know my feelings on this idiocy, so I’ll just be quiet here. The families are also brought in for this segment, and it’s a complete bore.

More adverts and we’re at the final pleas. Brittany goes first, and she just babbles about “proving herself”. She thinks that the soccer punishment was proof of this, and pleads for “one more chance”. Donny then thanks God for the opportunity to “play this game I love”, and thanks his family. To the rest of the cast, he says “there’s a special place in my heart for each and every one of you. God bless  you all, and God bless America”.

Voting then starts with Jocasta, who votes to evict Brittany, as does Nicole, Hayden, and Amber before we head to commercials. After the show comes back, the votes still go against Brit. Derrick goes first with his vote, followed by Caleb, Christine, Victoria (who?), Zach, and Frankie. Yep, it’s unanimous. Snore.

As always, Julie then announces the vote, and Brit mouths “wow” before slowly heading towards the door. “Don’t trust Zach”, she tells Jocasta.

After the awkward stare at the memory board moment, Julie starts the interview by asking about the vote count. Brit says she was kind of expecting it, because too many people don’t vote for their own best interests. People like Caleb control the house, and the girls are weak players, in her eyes. Julie then asks why she was such a target. “It was easier to put up the same people, as there weren’t targets on their back.”

The soccer comp is then brought up, to cheers from the crowd, and Brit says her feet are now “disgusting. It looks like I have a plum underneath my toenail.”

The goodbye messages are then played. Zach says it was better for his game to see her go. “We had become kind of friends, but if I never see you again I don’t really care.” Jocasta says it was a tough choice, but she had to be loyal to Donny for saving her. Hayden says she was too “unpredictable”. Donny says that he hopes she is seeing this video, as there “are only two choices - me and you”. He says she’s “been dealt a bad hand in this game. I’m going ot miss our little ice cream dates”. Julie then asks if she’s happy to be gone, and Brit starts crying about being away from her kids. They are then brought on stage, with one carrying a soccer ball. Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve seen this happen before. I’m not sure I’m happy with this warm and fuzzy version of Big Brother.

Ok then, it’s time for the HOH competition. It’s a one on one competition, where a “country” song will describe a competition. The first to pick whether it’s a HOH, BOB, of POV stays in the game. An incorrect answer also evicts them, and if neither answer they’re both out. They do this dumb comp every year. Come on, Big Brother. Let’s show some originality.

First up is Christine versus Hayden, and Christine correctly picks HOH. She chooses Donny and Jocasta to be the next up, and Donny is right on with BOB. He picks Frankie and Caleb, and the Frankie beats the beast mode moron with BOB. Frankie has Amber and Victoria (who?) go against each other, and Amber is right on with POV.

Donny and Derrick then go head to head, and Derrick moves on with a HOH answer. Zach and Nicole are then selected, and Zach is correct with POV. He chooses Amber and Christine to go up next, and Christine beats her with BOB. Frankie and Derrick then go up, and Derrick is heard saying “you want to see your grandfather?” He steps back and lets Frankie pick HOH. He is now the first HOH, and Christine and Zach are up to find out who is the second one. Zach picks BOB, and wins! Frankie and Zach are the new HOH’s!

Ok, time for a little bitching here. Last night, after Frankie got his letter, most of the house decided to throw tonight’s HOH in order for Frankie to get pictures of his grandfather. It’s clear long before Derrick’s lay down that the various pairs were decided to ensure that indeed happens. This is silliness, in my opinion. None of these people deserve to win this season. This is no longer the cutthroat Big Brother I’ve loved for over a decade. It’s a farce, with a cast that’s too chickenshit to do anything that shows any type of true gameplay.

At least Julie questions Derrick about this move, but we get nothing but rainbows and lollipops in return. Ugh. Frankie then breaks down into tears as we head to credits.

There’s one more piece of silliness before we sign off. Julie has to announce the latest Team America (Fuck Yeah!) garbage, and this time they have to get two people to argue at the nominations or the veto meeting. Who cares?

I’m sorry I’m so negative, but this is turning into my least favorite season ever. I’m trying to remain positive, but it’s next to impossible. What do you think? Are you disappointed? What did you think of the house throwing that comp? Tell me what you think!



Reader Comments (14)

Scott I love your recaps! Please be yourself and negative. This season is a bore! I don't understand why Britney, Donny, Jocasta Victoria and whoever else are not making an alliance. I don't understand what is do hard to do about that. Production needs to step in like bb11 and 12 and give out a special power like a Cute et Ta or a diamond power of veto! I hope Caleb can get backdoored this week to provide drama. I want Zach to do it and he can turn into the next Devin. The gameplay has been water down because the same people keep winning hoh and the same people keep getting nominated. Maybe if Jocasta, Donny, Victoria are nominated for the 3rd time they will get a clue. I can't believe Frankie got hoh for the 3rd time! He needs to go!
July 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBrandon
"The entire house comes down" to offer Frankie condolences -- except Caleb, who slept through the whole thing.

I admit being disappointed too, Scott, even though this is just my first FULL season watching the show. There have only been a couple of eviction votes which were not unanimous, going back into last season.

Are they all perfectly happy to settle for getting to jury? I'm a newbie yet even I can see how they script the TV episodes.

If they do All Stars next year, fine, but the twist should be that they give them a significantly new game to play so as to negate their experience. And no repeating the same tired comps.
July 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John
Well, I don't like production interference so I'll never beg for special powers. It's a terrible task, terrible twists. I wanted so much to like this season, but there is nothing that I like about it right now.
July 24, 2014 | Registered CommenterScott
Oh yeah, John, I forgot that Caleb wasn't around. It was part of his 20 hour sleep that he bragged about this morning, although now he's fuming that the fitbit stats are incorrect. lol
July 24, 2014 | Registered CommenterScott
This season seemingly has been the season of thrown competitions. This is the third time I believe that has happened. I hate that. I like competition. It does seem like people need to get clued on some of these alliances. If not they will go home. I think Donny knows what's up.

I haven't watched since the beginning, so I don't know this. Are they required to look at the memory board? Every week they do that. Nothing special about the picture going grey.
July 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEric S
Yeah that's part of their "script". Just like when they do ceremonies, they have those staged moments where they stare at that wall. It's also annoying.

There's no originality in the production. I've said this before, but when I'm grabbing screencaps to go with these posts I know what cam shots are coming at any moment. Take Julie talking to the house. It goes from Julie with the house on the TV screen to a shot behind the two nominees as Julie says hi, to a shot of the entire cast before going to individual HG's. Even the feeds used are edited in such a way that I know what angle is coming at any given moment.
July 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I'm 50/50 about this season only because last season left a terrible taste in my mouth with the HGs they pulled from the nearest gutter. On the other hand, maybe BB USA needs to take a look at BBCAN to see how to keep the comps interesting and live up to that "Expect the Unexpected" motto they keep parroting.
The comps are boring so that makes the HGs seem boring because we all know who will win and who will fold first. BBCAN had different HGs running around doing all sorts of things and lots of big twists.
C'mon CBS, change it up! It's getting stale.
July 24, 2014 | Unregistered Commentersusan
Honestly I feel terrible about Frankie's grandfather, but with that being said I think Frankie needs to go. He's the fakest member in the house, and granted it's big brother and you have to lie to get around but be smart about it. It was just cold to say that you'll give Brittany your word and go running to Cody about it. And we all know he has the BEST chance at getting America's Favorite player because of Ariana, although Donny has a great chance because everyone loves Donny!

I'm rooting for Christine, Amber, Donny, Nicole, and Caleb. I was rooting for Brittany too but we all know how that turned out. Why did everyone hate her so much anyways? Especially Derrick calling her conniving, and fuck Victoria for saying "happily vote to evict," like Victoria girl, you are so IRRELEVANT to this game! No one even knows you're there half the time. Hell, Derrick and Nicole weren't even aware about her last week, that's why she didn't go up.

Sorry for this rant but this season of sugar gumdrops and rainbows is annoying. Season 15, aka season of the floaters (hated Andy, McCrae, and kinda Spencer), is looking great in comparison.

P.S. Team America (ran specifically by Frankie and Derrick, OF COURSE would put up Amber as the physical threat. Total waste of a mission. We wanted to see Caleb, Zach, or Hayden up for fuck's sake.
July 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEdwin
I'm curious as to what the author of these recaps expects. Everyone is playing low because they want to be safe. No one is making big moves because they want to be ensured safety and win the money they gave up so much time for. I'd like to see the author of this in the house and see him make all these ginormous moves that he expects to be thrown around week 4. Won't happen. Yet people like this would bitch if they had veterans play the game. Whoever writes this needs to find a new hobby. If you are so disgusted by the show and it not being original and Team America being stupid then stop watching! My lord.

And for the people wondering why I am even taking my time to write this and why I'm here if I don't like this guy's recap: my shift ends right when the episodes do so I just read these recaps because they are the first to come out. But after 4 weeks of this stupidity I'll just stick to watching the show on the CBS website
July 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLukas
They are then brought on stage, with one carrying a soccer ball. Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve seen this happen before. I’m not sure I’m happy with this warm and fuzzy version of Big Brother.

B B used to do have a loved on waiting for the evicted guess a lot back in the early years. This only happen for the non jury evictees.
July 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJimmyJ.
Oh Lukas you're a silly goose.
July 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I think this has been the least contentious season ever. There are no players to incite drama and conflict and if someone tries to, they get evicted. I like the house guests as people, but for game play they are awful. Zach is the closest thing to crazy and drama you will get and they will get him out sooner rather than later. I miss the seasons of brenchel and mcranda where there was drama, girls with the idea to actually play the game instead of having the guys play it for them. This season has been disappointing but I hope it changes soon.
July 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMeredith
and i thought it was just me who thought this season is boring. glad to be on the same page with you all.

also, I don't care what you are doing, you do NOT miss your family member's funeral, etc. in my world it is totally disrespectful.

as always scott, great recap.
July 25, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermjude
Thanks, Jude.

Again, a reminder for those that read this site. These episode recaps are a real time reaction to what I'm seeing on my TV. I find that it's the most honest way to do it, and hopefully it sets me apart from other sites that do the same. I'm also (obviously) not one that is going to automatically love everything or feel some obligation to put on a happy face no matter what is happening.

I'm extremely disappointed with this season. I was excited at first, as my main priority of an all-noob season was created. But as always the stunt casting has hurt the show, along with the "twist" that clearly haven't worked the way they expected. I could go on and on why I'm not happy.

BTW, the "turn the channel" response is one of the internet's worst cliches. It's right up there with "you're jealous".
July 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterScott
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