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The Day Timer - POV ceremony

Hayden used his Power of Veto to save Victoria this afternoon, so Frankie put Amber on the block as the replacement nominee. House guests will decide this Thursday whether to send Jocasta or Amber home.

That's the newest news. What follows is my usual lack of understanding of why things play out the way they usually do.

My logic goes something like this: Caleb is seemingly more of a game threat than Amber. His obsession with that woman makes his motives untrustworthy and irrational -- and potentially damaging to former allies if he wins HOH next week. Further, although his unrequited puppy love is a source of comedy to the house guests (and live feeders), it's also a source of annoyance. So why wouldn't they try to backdoor Caleb rather than Amber this week?

In another of our near-daily lunchtime Big Brother conversations (which I really should refer to as "lunchtime Big Brother learning sessions"), IndyMike explained it to me this way. "Caleb is like play-doh," he said. "Once molded into a shape [by the Powers That Be, typically Derrick], he stays in that shape, thinking and doing more or less what they tell him to." On the other hand, Mike says that Amber will go talk with others, break confidences, spill the beans, and pretty much question everything and everybody. She's more of a wild card and therefore more dangerous to their games. If she wins HOH, Amber is more likely to target the likes of Derrick, Cody, and Zach than Caleb would be.

So that's why Amber has to go first, at least if I want to think like the house guests. This disappoints me for a few reasons:

  • I want Caleb to go before her in the hopes of seeing a taped "goodbye" video of Amber saying "Look, dude, I tried several times to let you down easy, but now that you're gone will you please understand that I don't want to see you again? Ever?" That would be delicious.
  • If Caleb makes it to jury, my faith in the world will have been reduced by more than the usual daily amount.
  • Are there no strong women in the #BB16 house? By that, I mean game strong. I really disliked Amanda last year, but, geeze, she could play the game!
  • Victoria (and her whining) will be around for another week, and I'm concerned about her personal well-being, mental-health wise. Every week she spends on this show will probably equate to another year of therapy she will need.

One line of thinking is that Caleb might be the only person these next few days not to realize that Amber, not Jocasta, will be going home. I suppose that depends on whether he really is play-doh and on what (mis)information Derrick and the others feed him.

But then these eviction votes are almost always boringly unanimous. CBS will find the only 60 seconds occuring over the next 72 hours in which house guests consider voting Jocasta out and edit the TV program to make it seem like the decision is actually in doubt. Ugh! I'm still trying to find somebody to root for, but heroes are in short supply this season.

Jocasta annoys me way more than Amber, but there's no point in prodding you for thoughts about what might have to happen to save Amber. Jocasta's here for another week and that's that. I continue to respect Derrick's game skills (master analyst, strategist, and manipulator) and as such that makes him the most likely winner, in my view, but it also makes me want to see him lose his power. So, two questions: Who do you want to win? And who do you think is most likely to win? Comment here or at @uselesstraffic.

Reader Comments (4)

I'm with you, I'd want Caleb out first too. I think they are going to be regretting their decision next week when two of them are on the block next week.
They are still trying to blindside Caleb and Amber with the vote this week and are calling it Operation Brittany. That's most likely going to bite them in the pants. Here's why:
, I'm thinking that the dual HOH is going to end this week and there is going to be an endurance comp which Caleb will win. He is going to be so pissed off at them and will most likely put up Frankie and Zach. I'm looking forward to the fireworks.

Derrick and Cody were talking today and are already targeting Christine instead of Caleb. They think he is more loyal to the team and won't win the mental comps coming at the end were Nicole and Christine would smoke them. But I 'm not sure what Caleb will do when he feels betrayed by them all. All bets are off if his lady love gets out before jury.

I would like to see Donny win but I think Hayden will.
July 28, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKim G
I hadn't even considered the possibility of Hayden winning, Kim G. If he can basically stay out of the spotlight while the likes of Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Zach basically kill off the easy ones before turning on each other (or being picked off by non-Detonator HOHs after they double-HOH twist stops), yeah, I could see how a Hayden win could happen.
July 29, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTarget John
I really enjoy your "newbie" perspective on the game. But then, you are learning at the feet of a master commenter . And Lala on the side is just desert! At this point, my fave is Zach, though I don 't think he''ll win. It looks like Derrick could win, but the others may catch up with Donny and realize that in time to get him out. Like you, I'm seriously disappointed with the female lack of game skill this season....had big hopes for Christine & Joey early on, but no. I, too, can see a sleeper Hayden win, and that wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

Thanks to all of you; love, love the Overnighter with Ash and the Gossip podcast!,
July 29, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLindaLee
John -

You're cute. The things that make you mad about CBS edits for eviction day made me mad five years ago. Now I just accept it as part of the script. It's another reason why the recruited houseguests who *think* they got caught up watching the episodes, haven't a clue. I would like for the powers-that-be to figure out how to shake things up more so it's not so unanimous. Who wants a harmonious house week after week?!? How about a secret HOH? There's a contest and a winner, but only the producers / camera operators know who won the game. HOH makes the nominations in secret. Because no one knows who HOH is, maybe they won't all evict who the HOH wants them to evict?

In short, Amber is being nominated because even though they are not a showmance, Caleb and Amber's play was linked. She told him yesterday repeatedly she never would have nominated him (even if she also will never date him). So as a duo, they had to be separated. Of the two of them - houseguests would rather go up against Caleb in final two than Amber. He pissed so many people off, already. Amber's only real enemy is Zach, but when up against a floater like Jocasta, Amber will be the obvious target as a more serious competitor.

In this game, if you get hated enough, you can overcome having every other houseguest seek to get you evicted ('cept didn't work out well for Devin) because they would instead want you to sit next to them final two . Evil Dick strategy.

I'd like any of the Nordic trio: Christine, Nicole or Hayden to win. Derrick also deserves props as puppet master, but he's nowhere near the caliber of Dr. Will's puppet skills and he'll get his comeuppance midway through, I'm guessing. Right before or after Frankie gets the boot. Christine is "game strong." She stays quiet and in the background, she's aligned with most somehow, and when Zach told her his plan that she throw BOB she put her foot down (unlike PowPow).
July 29, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
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