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The Night Owl - Sunday Night

Overall, tonight was mostly just more planning and putting details into place for the veto ceremony coming this morning.  As Caleb's ego about "HIS plan" to put Amber on the block grew, everything mostly fell into place without him realizing that it was already the plan before he stated it. 

Team America started priming Zach more and more to give his speech to Amber at the veto meeting.  The most amusing part of this being that Caleb is actually in on it and has been coaching Zach all night on what he wants him to say to her.  I absolutely loathe the Team America twist and what it does to people's (mostly Zach's) games, but I have to admit, watching him rehearse his speech cracked me up over and over again.  If the speech goes as planned it will mention people almost dying of pickle eating and giving up their have not blankets.

There was a memorial service for Frankie and Derrick's grandfathers held b Jocasta on the feeds tonight.  Everyone went around and said something nice to them and there were prayers etc..

Immediately after the ceremony Frankie went to work holding court with everyone about how things would be handled as far as the veto meeting.  He talked with Hayden for a while and they decided it would be better to not tell Caleb about the veto being used on Victoria instead of Jocasta until morning or possibly just not tell him at all and let him see at the veto meeting.

Frankie also talked to Cody, Christine, Donny, and Nicole at different points in the night to prime all of them on what was going to happen and make sure everyone knew their role when it came to what to deny and what to say to Amber, what to say to Caleb etc.. etc..  Caleb is still under the illusion that Amber is staying and they are just putting her up to scare her so that he can save her.  Frankie has Christine on duty to tell Caleb that Amber told Nicole about The Bomb Squad to help him be ok with getting her out later on in the week.  The rest have just been told to keep her calm.

Derrick did a little bit of damage control with Amber in the Hive Room.  He talked for a long time to her about their alliance and trust and kind of worked some of his magic on her so that none of this will fall on him or too close to him when it all happens.  Amber does suspect something may be coming, but she really isn't sure.  Derrick also continued to imply that Amber should wait to talk to Caleb until after the veto meeting since it really is imperative to the plan that Caleb and Amber not actually talk to each other and compare notes.

Frankie also spent the night on another mission to get Zach out soon.  Each of the people brought to talk to him about the veto Ceremony were also questioned about how they feel about Zach.  He talked to Cody about how he thinks Zach is hurting their alliance and how he doesn't think it's time to get Caleb out yet.  He talked to Christine about putting up Zach if it's a double eviction this week and if he doesn't win the veto "oh well..oops".  He talked to Nicole about the same thing and when Nicole said she doesn't have any reason to put up Zach, Frankie told her to do it anway, and he also tried to plant some seeds with Donny that Zach needs to go soon.  I don't know if Frankie is just really jealous of having to share the spotlight with someone or what, but it really makes no sense to me when he goes on these "get Zach out" tirades.  It would make sense if it was someone who was after him, but it's the one person who would never ever actually go after him that he is trying to get out...and he knows that.  I've pretty much had it with Frankie tonight, so here is an awful picture of him:

After his talk with Frankie, Cody talked to Zach.  He didn't tell him what Frankie said about him, but he did tell Zach that he doesn't care what Frankie says about keeping Caleb, they need to get him out next.  They talked about how if it's double eviction this week they will definitely either just put him straight up, or try to backdoor him.

Cody later talked to Derrick and they agreed that they didn't care what Frankie was saying, but they wanted Caleb out next.  They also said they wanted Donny to go after Caleb, but my hope is that maybe Derrick's wheels are turning and he will start to think about the fact that Frankie has won 3 of 5 HOHs and almost won the one veto he played in.  The would be stupid not to take a shot at him on a week when he can't play for HOH or at least soon on a week that he isn't HOH.  Getting Frankie out is much more important to their game than getting Donny out at this point imo.

I'm calling it a night pretty early because I don't think anything crazy is going to happen tonight, my brain is pretty exhausted, and I really want to be up for the veto meeting aftermath today when it happens.  It really could create total chaos in the house between Zach's speech and Amber's blindside and Caleb's shock about Victoria being saved, plus all the damage control. As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


Reader Comments (3)

I really liked Frankie at the beginning, but like you, he is wearing me out. What I don't get, is that he will tell Zach he loves him and that they are such a good team, and then go after him. It is either really fantastic game play, or he is a total dingus.... Thanks for the updates!
July 28, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMeredith
I wouldn't worry about Zach's game, he's been bent on eviction since he got there. Members of TA have been protecting him from himself so far.
July 28, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCraig
this question has nothing to do with today's post.

what is up with those awful ball caps? the colors etc. are driving me crazy.
July 28, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermjude
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