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The Night Owl - Tuesday Night

WOW WOW WOW! Where do I start this morning?! It has most certainly been the craziest night of the feeds so far this year!

During the day/evening there was mostly just a lot of "to blindside or not to blindside" discussions about Caleb.  Everyone in the Detonators was nervous about his reaction both ways, and so they were trying to decide if it would be better to tell him before the vote, or tell him after the vote that they had to vote her out for his game. 

During this time there was a lot of craziness with the Nicole and Frankie situation from the other morning when Amber was nominated.  Nicole was still telling Derrick that Frankie was the one who told her to lie to Caleb about Amber coming to her about a girls alliance, and Frankie told Derrick that he didn't tell Nicole to lie, he told her to tell him the truth about what Amber had said.  The truth about the whole thing is somewhere in between those two.  At one point Amber DID say to Nicole that they are going to have to start going after the boys, BUT, Frankie did also run to her the morning Amber got nominated and tell her to lie to Caleb and say that happened (because he didn't know it had actually happened).  Ultimately Derrick believed Frankie and now doesn't trust Nicole or think that Nicole, Hayden, or Christine are trustworthy. He told this to Cody when they had a few minutes to discuss game.

Caleb contined to campaign for Amber, and she continued to campaign for herself. Frankie and Christine had some talks where they decided once again to blame EVERYTHING they could on Zach.  Frankie continued to carry this out for the first half of the night before everything went nuts.  THEN, Amber talked to Christine!

When Amber talked to Christine she told her that Caleb was her new target because is ruining her game.  Christine ran and told Frankie, Derrick, and Zach about what Amber had said.

Shortly after that, the detonators minus Cody gathered in the Hive room to talk about what had been said and what to do.  Cody was off talking to Amber, and she was telling him the same thing she had told Christine about her target being Caleb now.  The guys in the Hive room sent Zach on a mission to go ask Amber if he was still one of her targets while Cody was talking to her so that they could talk.

Derrick and Frankie and Christine started deciding whether or not they wanted to flip and keep Amber.  Frankie just kept basically saying "everyone in the whole house wants Zach out. He is everyone's number one target and everything is his fault. His craziness. blah blah blah"  Then Frankie dropped his idea.  The idea was that they keep Amber but don't tell Zach they were all voting to keep her, and throw him under the bus after the vote so that anyone who wins HOH would put him up/evict him.  After a few more minutes of talking, Derrick mostly killed the idea of keeping Amber because she is just being too paranoid, and then the conversation was broken Caleb I think (my brain is pretty full of stuff tonight so I don't remember for sure who broke it up).

Derrick and Frankie then went up to the HOH to continue talking and Zach followed.  Derrick and Zach both agreed that they should tell Caleb what Amber had been saying and make him want her out rather than waiting to tell him what she said after they evict her, because he wouldn't believe it if they told him post eviction.  Frankie disagreed and still wanted to blindside him, but reluctantly finally said they could do it if they waited a few days...but that is why I love Zach.  All chaos, no waiting!

Frankie was eventually called away to the DR, and Derrick went down to the HN room and talked to Jocasta about her staying. This gave Cody time to talk to Zach in the HOH room.  It was AMAZING! Cody told Zach about not trusting Christine anymore and how Christine had told Donny that Zach said he had Donny in his back pocket.  Then Cody told him some more of his concerns like his concerns about trusting Frankie.  Zach told Cody how Frankie was scary and that he talks about wanting Cody to be the first one out of the alliance.  They both shared a LOT of game with each other, and I COULD be wrong, but I really do think the fence is mended between them.  I'm pretty sure Cody realizes now that the stuff being said about Zach came from the Frankie and Christine gossip machine. Zach also told Cody about Christine and Frankie's final 2 later on when they got to talk some more.

Derrick and Caleb then came into the HOH and Zach went to work.  He started asking Caleb really pointed questions about Amber and then implying that he may not vote to keep her because he doesn't trust her.  He kept reiterating to Caleb that he doesn't want to lose trust with HIM, but that he still thinks he is one of Amber's targets.  This went on for a while until Frankie entered the room.  Frankie was practically seething at Zach over the fact that the news about Amber was starting to come out now instead of later, but eventually just spit it out when Caleb asked Frankie if Amber had mentioned her any new targets to him lately.  First he told him that she was still mentioning members of their alliance, but eventually he said, she now says you are her target because you are ruining her game. AND THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!

Caleb looked at Cody to see if what Frankie was saying was true. Cody confirmed it, and Caleb was off! He stood up, everyone started yelling for him not to leave. Frankie tried to stop him and Caleb kind of pushed him out of the way and stomped downstairs to give Amber the death stare.  All the boys left in the HOH jumped up to go running after him!

It's worth noting that Caleb was wearing a onesie and bunny slippers during this whole debacle and the next time we saw him he was chucking the bunny slippers across the living room.  SO many Fatal Attraction jokes, but I have so much more to write!

Frankie went down and tried to do Damage control with Amber, Nicole, Christine, and Hayden outside.  He told Amber that Zach and Caleb were fighting and she should leave it alone.  And at some point he told Hayden what was actually going on.

Meanwhile, Cody, Derrick, and Zach talked about everything that had just happened.  Derrick congratulated Zach for doing an amazing job at pulling the whole thing off.  They discussed not trusting Frankie a little bit, and then decided to go and try to get Caleb back again.

Cody had previously tried to talk to Caleb and was not able to get him to say anything, so Derrick went and tried his hand at it, and was eventually able to convince him to come back to the HOH room.  For a long time Caleb was very VERY silent and mad with his hood up over his head.  Derrick, Zach, and Cody all told that they didn't want to have to tell him what Amber was saying because they knew it would break his heart, but that they wanted to keep the group trust, and wanted to tell him as their friend.  Caleb eventually broke his silence with "Dude...I ate the pickle!".  Which brought nervous laughter.  Hayden eventually joined the group and stated his support for Caleb as well. 

Caleb kept talking about wanting to confront Amber, but the boys kept telling him it would be better if he just waited until eviction day and then told her that he has known what she said all along and she is going home.  Caleb kept talking about wanting to prank Amber by throwing bananas at her or pouring cold water on her, and the other guys kept telling him it wasn't a good idea to do things like that (except for Zach of course who said it was national waste banana day because there were bananas to be wasted. I love this kid.)

Caleb eventually calmed down enough to go downstairs, and the guys upstairs continued to talk and fill Hayden in on everything that had happened/is happening. 

Currently, Caleb is in the Hive room kind of yelling at Frankie for not telling him right away about the things Amber was saying.  Frankie is going in between looking like he is crapping his pants and being indignant with Caleb about not wanting to tell him yet.  The drama is still going down, but it's almost 7am and I had to find a stopping place somewhere to post this stuff.

I will try to post a follow up to this if any more insanity goes down.  If you have the feeds, I highly suggest going back and watching the drama unfold.  I didn't even get into a lot of the specific details as I would be writing until this time tomorrow morning.  At this point it still looks like Amber is going home, but I fully expect Caleb to talk to her at some point today and then come back to the guys with something about how he wants to keep her again.  The never-ending loop...  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night... 




Reader Comments (3)

You are amazing! Thank you so much for this blog Ash! I missed all of it. :(
July 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLinda
finally a little excitement!
July 30, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermjude
Caleb and his douchebag mode cowboy is awful. This kid is the FBI's profiler model for a stalker/killer. He thinks he is controlling Amber. It is scary .
July 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse
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