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The Night Owl - Weds Night 

Well, there was a lot of game talk overnight tonight, but honestly, not much of it really means anything since Frankie has all of the HGs convinced that today is a double eviction and a single HOH, so that's what they are preparing for.  Neither of those things are true.  We know because of the way the Team America task vote was worded that there will still be duel HOHs and we know that they won't have time to do a DE with the BOB still in play.  So, I will just try to hit some of the more important details of the night for you.

Early in the evening the memory wall changed into looping videos of the HGs in various comps.  They watched these and studied them while they were playing.  This will likely be part of a true/false or an A/B questions HOH based on the details in the videos.

The plan is still for Amber to be voted out. Caleb actually followed through with putting a pickle in a banana to put in her bag when she leaves. He also plans on telling her that he is the reason she is going home.

All of the Detonators have been scrambling to try and find a way to make Caleb NOT the target of the rest of the house, because they want to keep him as a vote/a number for themselves right now.  Derrick brought up to the other alliance members that they are cannibalizing their own numbers and making it easy for the other side of the house to gain momentum if only one of them were to flip to the other side.

They all talked about who they would put up as a target and agreed that Jocasta should be the target for the week, but in the event that she came down there is some confusion as to who wants to put up whom.  Christine was worried because she is essentially in with the other side of the house (Hayden/Nicole/Donny) and felt like they would be pissed if she doesn't put up Caleb.  They eventually came to the conclusion that she could put up Donny and just claim cowardice over not wanting to put Caleb up Caleb. Zach said he did not want to put up Donny but would rather put up Hayden since they have all been talking about how Hayden is the one person not in their alliance that could really be hard to get rid of once backdoors are no longer possible. This got mixed reactions, but in the end everyone pretty much agreed after several talks in several rooms that they would either be on board for whatever, or just cross that bridge if they come to it.

Hayden and Cody have both come to a point where they would like to be able to get Frankie out, and Hayden was vocal about it to both Cody and Nicole.  When he talked to Cody about it tonight, Cody said the problem was that they wouldn't have the votes.  Unfortunately, he is probably right for now.  Since The Detonators are trying to keep numbers, they most likely won't let go of Frankie any time soon.  Nicole also said she was down during a hammock date with Hayden, but they agreed that the probability of them having the votes to get him out was unlikely.  So, Nicole and Hayden for now are sticking with their targets being Caleb or Zach.

Frankie made a faux final 3 deal with Christine and Zach called "The Trust Circle" which is really just his way of protecting Christine from Zach for right now.  He also picked Zach's brain for a while about whether Cody and Derrick have mentioned being after him or not and asked questions about where the LTA alliance stands.  Zach eventually caved and told him a lot of the information Cody had given him the night before.  He told him how Cod thought he was Frankie's errand bo and that they know that he is in good with almost everyone in the house.  I will give Zach that he at LEAST didn't tell Frankie that Cody has talked recently about how Frankie might need to go soon.  So he did withhold a LITTLE information.  That part makes me happy, but I still have a feeling Frankie will run to Cody with the info Zach did give him the first chance he gets and try to further turn Cody against Zach.

Speaking of Zach, it's time for him to get screwed by another Team America mission.  We all know how much I hate these things, and this is the one I am least happy about so far. America voted for the option to have Team America throw 2 hinky votes at the eviction tomorrow and then have Team America blame 2 people and yell at them about it from the time the person is evicted until the start the HOH comp in the backyard.  And guess who Frankie immediately brought up to be their scape goat once the mission was announced?  That's right...Zach!  Frankie and Derrick decided that they way they wanted to go about it is to ask Caleb if changed his mind last minute (therefore implying that he changed his vote) and then start saying to Zach that it was him because he wanted to stir the pot.

Afer deciding how they thought the mission should go, Derrick went and woke up Donny to tell him about it.  Donny said he thought they should decline the mission.  He talked first to Derrick about how there are some smart people in the house that will not stop trying to figure things out until they get to the bottom of the wonky votes.  Then he went to the DR to get further instructions about it.

While Donny was in the DR, Derrick and Frankie talked about how they HAVE to talk him into doing it. Frankie whispered "I need more money!"  Then when Donny got out of the DR, they eventually were able to get him up to the HOH room alone to talk with both of them.  Donny continued to say he did not want to do it.  He said that accusing someone specifically of throwing a weird vote would be completely out of character for him.  He also said that he came there to play Big Brother and play his own game and that he did not travel that far to play America's game.  Derrick and Frankie eventually said they would all sleep on it and talk about it again in the morning and if they have to decline then they will. 

As soon as Donny left the HOH room, Frankie turned to Derrick and said "Donny has to go!"  I agree with Donny that he shouldn't have to play America's game just because America got a vote, but unfortunately it will probably send him home really soon because Derrick and Frankie will have him nominated and voted out before he can think twice if the is refusing to do the missions and keeping them from their money.  I also REALLY hate this for Zach.  My feelings are that if we have to have a stupid America's vote where they mess with other people's games and make them look untrustworthy, they shouldn't be able to use the same person week after week after week.  Zach's game hasn't really recovered from the last Team America mission, and he got lucky that the one where they claimed he was Amanda's cousin didn't screw him, because it easily could have. I find the America's votes where we have to actually mess with other people's games to be extremely frustrating. PS- I hope they cut Zach a check for doing at least half if not most of the work on these missions. *steps off soap box*

Amber is still set to go home today and the vote should either be 9-0 or 7-2 if they go through with the Team America mission.  If two members of the Bomb Squad win the HOHs, the nominations SHOULD be Jocasta/Victoria and Either Nicole/Hayden or Nicole/Donny unless they decide to throw up two of their stronger players to beat Victoria and Jocasta and keep them nominated.  If anyone outside of the BS wins, I have no idea what will happen other than that the target will likely be Caleb or Zach.  We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out. As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


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Reader Comments (5)

Ash just wanted to say thanks for your great commentary. It is appreciated!
July 31, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBBFan
Ash - Thanks for all the updates - They are great - I totally agree with your soap box about TA - They are being horribly unfair to Zach (whom I adore). I am a bit tired of Frankie and his constant need to throw Zach under the bus. I know it is a game and you play people all the time, he seems to be a bit more cut throat than some in a different way. Telling him he loves him and would marry him and then just in a second throwing him under the bus. He plays a bit more emotionally evil for lack of a better term. It will be interesting to see the new week and what happens. I would love to see them get Frankie out and see how Zach plays the game without his puppet strings. Thanks again for your wonderful updates!
July 31, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMeredith
zzzz. Isn't there something that can breakup these unanimous votes? Where's the excitement this year?
July 31, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSJU
Thanks Ash.
I read your blog daily and just wanted to say you are fantastic.
July 31, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDMH123
Thanks everyone!! Meredith, I agree with you about Frankie. I don't think the way he goes after Zach is always, or even mostly based on game. In the first weeks telling Devin and Caleb that Zach says he wants to do violent things to women, and then in recent weeks just saying really horrible things about him in general to everyone. It's malicious and mean spirited. Going by his HOH blog, Frankie (who is oh so wrong about almost everything he thinks about America) thinks that all of us want him to continue to get out "the stupid people" and "the people who have never seen the game" He includes Zach in those people because he hasn't paid any attention to the fact that Zach actually does know the game. It's all very frustrating to watch.
July 31, 2014 | Registered CommenterAsh
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