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The Night Owl - Thurs Night

CODY AND AMBER ARE YOUR NEW HOHs..wait, let me try that again, DEVIN AND AMBER ARE YOUR NEW HOHs.  Hold on.. it didn't sound right. DEVIN IS YOUR NEW HOH.

It's true that Devin hasn't been crowned the HOH yet, but it is all but set to happen.  At the end of the show tonight we saw Cody de-throned after they reviewed the tape and saw that his foot touched the ground before his hand touched the buzzer.  So they gave the second HOH place to Devin who was in second place in the competition.

All the HGs immediately started scrambling to talk about who should be nominated with Caleb making the most noise about trying to control Amber's nominations.  The game changed when Devin won that second HOH spot because he was originally the target of pretty much the whole house.  But, we all know that if you don't want one person to win HOH, that is exactly who will get it. Devin made it his first priority to go to Donny and tell him that there was no way he would be nominated and that he would never ever put him up.

Devin pretty quickly made clear that he wanted to nominate Paola and Brittany.  No let me clarify, he TOLD Paola she was being nominated, got warned about it and then continued throughout the night to tell her how to react when he nominated her. Brittany already knew she was Devin's target without needing him to tell her. She cried for a while and then cried a little bit more.  I hate to see her so defeated because I would like to see her fight hard to actually win the BOB comp, but how confident can you really be when you know you'll be partnered with Paola.

Then the "Nominations Today" sign came on and there was even more scrambling because suddenly it was only 90 minutes until nominations presumably so they can have the BOB competition sometime Friday afternoon, or possibly a Have-Not comp then BOB.

But here is where it gets really interesting, and for me, super frustrating.  I was happy for Amber and her HOH win and was hoping she would devise a strategy to get the HOH and backdoor Devin if he didn't playin veto just like everyone else wanted to do earlier.  But then it starts to become more and more clear (because she is literally saying it out loud) that poor Amber doesn't want to be HOH.  She doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, she doesn't want to get any blood on her hands, and she doesn't want to have to do the job of an HOH.  She just wanted a picture of her family.  That's all.  So she LITERALLY makes her nominations based on what Devin and Caleb tell her to do and the fact that she wants her nominations to win the BOB so that she doesn't have to be HOH.  I could scream! Why on EARTH would you come on Big Brother to not play the game?

So Amber decides on the suggestion of Devin to nominate Nicole and Hayden.  Devin, never one to be detoured by rules or warnings, made sure Nicole knew she would be going up as well.  I mean really, CBS? You take an HOH from Cody after reviewing the tape, but you continue to let Devin break the rules over and over and over and over and over after he has been warned and don't even take one of his nominations away from him? Sigh..

I finally got frustrated with watching the circular nomination talks and decided to follow Zach who was more concerned with the fact that he can't poop than he was with nominations or Amber's unwillingness to be HOH.  I have to get my entertainment where I can, guys.

Then it was time for nominations..

When the feeds returned, as expected, Brittany and Paola were nominated by Devin and Nicole and Hayden were nominated by Amber.  Devin immediately went to work talking himself up to Nicole and Hayden and telling them how his plan was in place for them to win.  He told Paola to throw the comp so that Brittany would stay on the block.  So he feels he has insured that Hayden and Nicole will win the BOB and he will remain HOH with Brittany and Paola remaining on the block.

Meanwhile Cody was all fired up and talking to Christine downstairs.  He said he was going to push for Paola to go home this week and not Brittany.  He talked about how much he hated Devin and how he would rather go home than be pushed around by him.  Christine agreed and as of now seems to be on board for pushing for Paola to leave instead of Brittany.  I hope it works.  I'm loving Cody all fired up and actually playing now that he is a Have, and if they can't get rid of Devin this week, I would love to see Paola walk so that Devin and Caleb don't have the constant insurance of putting her on the block and having her throw the BOB comps for them.

The HGs are all still up and scrambling, but it's mostly the same things being said over and over. Paola is telling Brittany she isn't going to throw the comp (we shall see).  Devin, Caleb, and Amber are acting like a united front to Nicole and Hayden going on and on and on about playing with honesty and integrity, how hard this whole thing is for Amber (boo freakin hoo) and of course, about Devin's Daughter.  Christine, Zach, and Cody are all scrambling around going between telling people what they want to hear, and talking about the idea of keeping Brittany and getting Paola out.

It's after 6am in my world, so I must depart to get some sleep even though they are still awake. Paola is currently trying to strike a bargain with Caleb and Devin to send Victoria home in a later week as a favor to her for throwing the BOB competition.  They are not taking the bait.  I think we will probably see some fireworks at some point this weekend (not the 4th of July kind).  Cody and Brittany are both on the verge of losing it over the Devin thing, and Devin himself is just a loose cannon in general, so the prospect for drama is high. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens after the BOB comp.  Until tomorrow night...




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