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The Night Owl - Friday night

It was a relatively uneventful July 4th in the BB house.  As most or all of you know, the BOB comp was played shortly after I posted my last blog and went to sleep.  As expected, Hayden and Nicole beat Paola and Brittany making Devin the HOH for the rest of the week and dethroning Amber.  Paola was supposed to throw the competition to keep Brittany on the block, and according to the people watching her like Derrick and Cody, she definitely did.

After the comp was played and talks were had, the HGs slept for most of the day and were given a wake up call in the afternoon.  Caleb's day started with him crying into towels and talking to Devin and Frankie about being emotional about the 4th of July because he is ex-military.  He actually had my sympathies until he started asking Frankie to call a house meeting to tell everyone that (and I quote) "It's not the twist to the game, but there is an ex military person in the house so everyone needs to watch what they say today." Caleb was apparently unable to tell them himself, so he sent Frankie to do it...and Frankie did.

Caleb pretty quickly cheered up once he got a hug from Amber and got to tell all the other HGs EXACTLY what the hug felt like and how she did it and how long the hug was.  I wish I was exaggerating, but there really isn't any room for that with Caleb. It should come as a shock to no one that he also spent the latter part of the night talking at Amber.  The shocking part is that she actually let him..and talked back to him...sweetly.

In between those times there was a little bit of scrambling and game talking that went on.  Cody, Zach, and Christine would much rather send Paola or Victoria home this week than Brittany.  They feel like Paola is just a tool for Devin and Caleb to use.  Nominate, have her throw the comp, rinse, repeat.  The problem is that Frankie, and occasionally Derrick are vetoing the idea of keeping Brittany out of fear of Caleb and Devin coming after them.  

Zach and Cody continued to tell Brittany that she has to win the veto tomorrow (or whenever veto is actually played).  They both agree that keeping Brittany would be much better for them if there is a way. They are, as everyone is, being pretty honest with Brittany and telling her that everyone but Devin and Caleb would prefer her to stay in the house, but that they likely won't vote that way because of the threat of Devin and Caleb.

Outside of game talk there was mostly just a lot of socializing, joking around, and game playing.  There was a 4th of July party that the feeds were down for where thy all got pizza and alcohol, but nothing terribly eventful seems to have happened during the party.

The wine however seemed to get to Victoria.  She went to several boys in the house..mostly Cody and leaned on them and flirted and tried to get attention, but to no avail. None of the guys in the house care much for Victoria.  This combined with her buzz came to a head later on in the night when Jocasta was playing around with her and jokingly told her she was demanding after she demanded that Hayden go get her clothes out of the dryer.  Victoria cried and carried on and told everyone that Zach was throwing frisbees at her head during the HOH comp and Jocasta thinks she is demanding, and no one has ever thought of her as demanding or snobby before.  It went on and on and there were many tears.

Jocasta tried to defuse the situation by explaining to Victoria that she was just playing and that she has no problem telling her the things she does actually have a problem with about her, but that in this instance she thought they were just joking around.  Jocasta was pretty unsuccessful though, and Victoria continued to carry on.

Victoria was however completely calmed again once this happened:

Victoria was also the center of the only other little bit of drama that happened in the house during the day as apparently some of the boys are sleeping in the Have Not room when they are not Have Nots because Victoria sleeps alone in her own bed and will not allow any boys in the room where she sleeps. This problem remains unresolved.

As I'm writing this an interesting conversation just started to take place. Caleb, Amber, Derrick, and Christine just started talking about Devin and whether or not they actually want to appease him this week by voting out Brittany if she doesn't win the veto.  They all, including Caleb, are saying they think Devin wants Brittany out for personal reasons and they would rather have her around.  Amber says she is afraid of Devin coming after them and now (not yesterday but NOW) she wishes she had fought to keep HOH so she could backdoor Devin. I'm still not sure Amber knows she is on Big Brother.  Caleb seems to be turning on Devin because he thinks Devin is trying to control Amber, and the others are filling them in on their feelings about him and going over the perks of keeping Brittany to try and get rid of Devin.  The logic being that if Brittany is the one to nominate him, he won't come after the BS because they didnt do anything.  This could turn out interesting if the conversation actually goes anywhere.

That's pretty much it. They are still awake but I don't see a whole lot more happening tonight. Hopefully more will happen after the POV competition is played.  I'm personally hoping for Brittany to pull out a win and keep Devin from getting his way or for the others to just vote to keep her. Seeing Victoria or Paola go home would be totally fine by me. As always you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight updates. Until tomorrow night...

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