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The Night Owl - Monday Night

Where to begin? Hopefully you all know or have heard about everything that happened after the veto meeting this afternoon, because it would take me until the end of the season to write it all out, and even then, I would probably miss details. 

The long and short of it is that Devin gave a speech about Brittany being a parent and took her off the block and put up Zach.  Zach outed Devin for all his hypocrisy and even mentioned the medication he takes on a daily basis once he got all revved up.  Paola got in on it...I guess just because she is Paola and also because of the deal she had with Devin to take her off the block if he won veto.  Brittany also said some things to make sure the rest of the house knew she was loyal to them and not Devin, but what exactly she said is still unclear to me.  Then chaos ensued...

Frankie has been working and working and working trying to get Zach nominated and evicted (to what purpose I'm not sure) so he went around being offended about Zach and making himself a victim.   Derrick being the smart guy he is, immediately went to work with Cody by his side doing damage control and trying to keep Zach in check.  Too late! Zach outed the Bomb Squad to Hayden.  This caused even more of an uproar.  Suddenly Amber is freaking out about the BS stuff and about people finding out that she let Devin basically have HOH etc..  Frankie ran to talk shit about Zach to Caleb to make sure that Caleb would be on board for getting him out.  Prior to that moment, Caleb had been more offended by the fact that Devin just nominated one of their members.  Devin pulled Hayden into the HOH with Frankie and Caleb and tried to make him the replacement member of the Bomb Squad to keep him from outing it to anyone else while Zach and Paola got into a decently loud fight in the backyard with Paoloa's only coherent argument being "Because you're an asshole." Christine during this time talked to Nicole about The Bomb Squad and so on and so forth... Chaos.

Eventually Zach went to sleep and the house mostly calmed down with just whispers here and there.  Derrick going and planting seeds with people to keep Zach, and Frankie going around setting fires trying to burn him out of the house.

Ultimately, Hayden decided the whole Bomb Squad thing was bullshit and talked to Derrick and Cody about how he hates how Devin strong arms people and said he wanted to keep Zach in the house.  Nicole and Christine both say they will vote the way Hayden votes. 

The vote talk and scrambling mostly stopped for just a little while and everyone played the bean bag cornhole game and pool etc..  Then Zach woke up and started to campaign.  He went and talked to Derrick, Cody, Donny and Hayden who are all doing their best to try and get the house to keep him.  They talked about different scenarios and ways to get votes.  Derrick coached Zach like a rockstar and broke down every person in the house and what would appeal to them and what fences he needed to mend.  Then Frankie showed up...

Frankie listened to the chatter for a while and promised Zach his vote but then instantly ran off to go tattle or more appropriately to make up some OUTRAGEOUS lies.  He went into the fire room with Jocasta, Amber, and Victoria and told them that Zach thinks he has their votes, but that most of the conversation he just heard from all of those boys was misogynistic women hate.  He got all the girls riled up...especially Amber who grows more naive by the day, and had them believing there was some kind of anti-females rally going on outside.  They were pretty easy to convince since Devin has been telling them all that "Zach said Victoria was a B"  and also telling everyone that he threatened to HIT Victoria, which is a lie that Frankie made up.

After Frankie did his damage, he went out to the hammock to talk with Donny and Derrick alone about how they were going to vote as Team America.  Derrick seems to be all in as far as voting the same way they do.  I'm not sure if he thinks we won't like him otherwise or if he thinks he won't earn the money, or if he is just blowing smoke.  Either way, he and Donny pitched over and over to Frankie the reasons it would be smarter to keep Zach in the house over Paola.  And every single time they brought up good points, Frankie would return to "I would rather have Caleb and Devin as allies"....sigh  Donny even came out with a "I think Team America shouldn't be scared of anyone.  I wasn't scared of Devin and look what he did to me."  I truly love Donny though I rarely see him since he goes to bed so early.

Eventually Donny did go to bed and Derrick told Frankie he could tell he wasn't on board and he wasn't trusting the whole Hayden thing etc..  He asked him to tell him what he thought.  Frankie again kept balking at the idea of keeping Zach: "He's erratic, he isn't loyal, I'm worried about my game, Devin will never put us up" Blah...blah...blah.  Eventually an idea that Frankie SAID he could live with was pitched.  Frankie said they could keep Zach if he made up with Caleb and Devin, so they got Caleb over to the Hammock and Derrick went to work on him telling him that Zach was apologetic about the explosion at the veto meeting and that he still wanted to be loyal and just wanted to stay in the house. Caleb did not take the bait.

But then THIS happened:

Frankie and Zach went into the Hive Room and talked.  Frankie told Zach that he wants to vote to keep him but that he can't lose face with Devin and Caleb.  He told him that he has been scrambling and not trying to keep him from getting nominated/going home.  He and Zach made a plan for Frankie to vote to keep Zach but blame it on someone who definitely isn't voting to keep Zach like Victoria or Jocasta.  The plan also includes Frankie still acting like he really wants Zach out to Amber, Devin, and Caleb. The things is, with all the info that Frankie spilled and the tone of his voice...I kind of believe him a little bit.  Thursday is a long way away, but it may actually happen.  For the record, Frankie also told Christine the plan and sounded like he had intentions of carrying it out and blaming the vote on Jocasta.  Then he told Derrick about it and he and Derrick started to elaborate on the plan and see who they could get to actually vote for Zach to stay, and who they are going to tell to not vote for Zach so they can blame the vote on them.

They are all still chatting, but I am frankly exhausted, and there will be many days ahead of scrambling and changing votes.  As of now this is where things stand: Zach most likely has Derrick, Donny, Frankie, Hayden, Nicole, Christine, Brittany, Cody.  He does not have Caleb, Amber, Jocasta, Victoria. And Devin only votes in the event of a tie.  I have no doubt flip flopping wll be rampant , but as I've stated many times before, I so hope things work out in Zach's favor this week. As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 on twitter for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night....



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