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Tuesday Morning - POV Meeting Aftermath

Hey there everyone, so after a crazy weekend on the feeds, the last 24 hours have been mostly 'quiet.'

The POV meeting took place and as we expected, Christine blindsided Nicole and put her up on the block, replacing Zach who won the POV on Saturday.  Nicole told Donny later that she wasn't completely shocked because of the way Cody, Derrick and "Media Mogul" (You know who I mean) were acting.  As much outrage as there has been on the internet over Christine's move, I personally think had Nicole been the HoH she might have put Christine up in Caleb or "Media Mogul"'s place had they been saved by the POV so I don't think Christine was in the wrong.

Once the meeting finished most everyone went back to bed. Nicole was depressed and low and all in all it was a good day to do something besides watch the live feeds.  As of now I don't see Nicole staying, however, I still maintain that if Derrick (who wanted Victoria to be up instead of Nicole) sets his mind to it, he might be able to flip the house vote and get Donny voted out (which is how he wanted this week to go).  That may or may not happen and even if it does we may not see it until Wednesday like we did last week when he decided to keep Zach over Jocasta.

The next 'exciting moment' (if you can call it that) happened at 10:16pm when a couple of fans shouted from somewhere outside the house that they loved Zach.  Derrick, Christine and Cody heard it and it seems Christine was the most annoyed, having complained earlier that several people recognized Caleb and Frankie at the Cowboys practice but only one person gave her a shoutout.  I think they were a bit surprised as they have been pretty sure that Zach was disliked by 'America' and the shoutout shows them they may be wrong.  While it may hurt his game with Christine (if that's possible), I think Derrick (and thus Cody) may realize its good to keep a player America appears to like around a bit longer.

Finally I caught this gem this morning as the "Media Mogul" was going to bed, alone, in the HoH room.  First let me explain that Frankie (there I said his name!) has been sleeping in the HoH room every night since he won the Battle of the Block.  Christine had claimed he told her he deserved it but since I thought Christine might have made it up I was trying to find audio of Frankie saying it.  So instead of telling Frankie NO or sleeping in the same room alone with him, and perhaps being seen as conspiring with him, she has been sleeping downstairs, telling people she likes it better down there.  This morning at 4am he talked to the camera's for a while and said the following (I am paraphrasing you can got to that time on the feeds to hear the whole dialogue), "My strategy of telling the truth seems to have worked..."   "I'm sleeping in Christine's HoH room.... I don't feel guilty about it because you saw... I'm the only reason she is HoH"  and "It seems like no one is against me except maybe Nicole & lets be honest that problem will be rectified soon."  Priceless stuff huh?

Comment away or holler at me at @BBGossip on twitter.  I have not talked to Ash this morning but my guess is she was tied up with real life and lets be honest - game wise not a lot happened yesterday!

Reader Comments (6)

To clarify - and I'm totally not making this up or being overdramatic - Christine made a lot of comments about why she gave Frankie the HOH room and they all add up to she doesn't want to be away from Cody. It's not speculation. She was laying in bed with him rubbing his shoulder and twirling his hair saying things like "I have to be in this room tonight. I like it so much better..." etc. It would definitely look wrong for her to invite him to sleep with her upstairs, so she can't do that, but it has been A LOT of comments pointing towards that. And I don't care either way. She's got a crush, so what? Being married doesn't mean you're never attracted to anyone ever again and I think she's aware of what she's got at home. I just hope she doesn't get the Noonans and start thinking she actually has a chance with him.
August 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJo
As an older woman, I feel terrible for Nicole, having everyone gang up; on her like that. HOWEVER, I think also of the many ways this deluded child got here, and know it's for the best of the game that she is kicked to the curb asap. She is greasing the skids for Derrick to be handed the $500k...she'll carry it to his car. She'll tell him why she should be allowed to give it to him. She is so terribly out of her element here.

First, back when Zach was HOH, he called Nic up to his HOH room right away to talk. He has had an issue with the women not being aware of the huge guys alliance they are facing--I believe it sincerely upsets Zach to think of them playing blindly. He also hangs with and protects Donny. Anyway, to anyone who pretends to be a "Superfan," the Thursday meeting with the new HOH is--or should be-- serious business. You have a chance to gather some info, possibly make at least a temporary alliance.

When a guy from inside the opposing 'force' of players asks you about your relationship with your bf in the house, and balks at you saying "just friends," then informs you that he is more than just friends with a guy he gangs out with, that you can't trust your friend, and that there is something big in the house you are missing---you pay attention! Ask him to fill-in the blanks. Play dumb (should have been easy for Nicole). Ask him what advice he'd give you. You'd think about a temporary alliance...don't put me up and I won't put you up... And you'd drill him about your friend. Ask how he knows the things he's told you. Then , instead of primly announcing you don't think he should put you on the block, ending all discussion, you try to stay there as long as possible.

This is your life in the game and the guy is talking big time! But this "Superfan" runs downstairs and tells the same friend she ought to be extremely suspicious about, another guy and a couple of other girls who happened to be awake, one of which is mesmerized at the thought a game might be being played under their roof (Vic). Blab blab blab. Oh, and she accused Zach of telling her "bull crap"---a phrase that needs to be outlawed and is so much more vulgar when she says 10 or 20 times a day. Give me the honest "s" word any day! Zach---who never lied to her at all--- was hung out to dry with his alliance too as she trashed his game as well as hers. Horrific lack of strategy, game, instinct.... A true WTF moment.

But that was not her only sloppy gameplay. She continued to trust Christine all the way until Christine told her Victoria and Hayden were involved sexually---imagine that her bf thought she was stupid enough to buy that story? The house virgin and the guy with a crush on another girl. And the one who knew her best thought it would work.

With all the heads up about an alliance of guys....their meetings, their HOH parties...their targeting of every girl in the house...this chickie still cannot believe the guys have an alliance! Zach told her, but evidently she's never seen a BB season where people play the game....and she never looks for evidence. She never tests them... She never asks any one of them, even Zach. She is so convinced that Derrick has a secret alliance with ONLY her, and it is the only alliance in the house, that when her alliance with Derrick Cody and Hayden crashed because of Derrick's and Cody's betrayals, she still does not question his final 2 with her! Why would they save Zach unless what Zach said was true? Count the votes dingbat!

And finally, when Zach once more divulges all the Detonator secrets to Vic, Nic refuses to accept the possibility of an alliance among the guys! She still tells all the guys Zach is lying to her. She is the dumbest, poorest excuse for a player in BB ever. She was in the bathroom bragging on how easy the game was for her and Derrick because they had no lies to conceal. She was making up all of his excuses for him. It was shameful for a woman in this day and age. I hope male bosses don't watch this moron and decide not to hire females based on the inability of this one to see the forest for the trees. Frankly, I wish she could have gone first and Joey were here to see the evidence... Nic exposed the joke of the "Superfan" fiction as well. She has never read a blog, never talked strategy, never heard a podcast. Sewing sequins on a t shirt is all the BB she knows. The tv show fiction, and I guess she thought it was just the competitions that got players to a child's boardgame. Her supporters post in droves on her cbs hoh blog comment site. So proud of their country bumpkin.

What a shame she took up space a real fan who knows what the game of BB really is was left out to make room for the fruitloop dingus, er, "Superfan"--and how hard it must have been on Zach, who so angry, yet polite, calling her this silly name when the words "deaf idiot" must have been reverberating in his head. His game has never recovered from her lowing him up--no wonder he lied about her Saturday.....
August 12, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercyninbend
Christine is or was married??
August 13, 2014 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous
Cyninbend, thanks for elaborating on my big complaint about Nicole (besides that awful voice). She's not a real "superfan". She's one of those who develops crushes on a boy every year, and her entire focus is on watching that boy 24/7. This is why I overreact when she does her storage room dance after something good comes to her, and then excitedly talks in the diary room about how she never dreamed she'd get that opportunity.
She has ZERO ability to strategize. Last week (or two weeks ago, maybe), I was flabbergasted that she allowed Frankie and Derrick to kick her out of HER HOH room to basically plot her future demise. A real player would have been suspicious about their desire to talk alone. She just smiled and left the room.
The other proof about how dumb this cast is concerns Donny. I've heard them all complain about how "evil" he is. How he plots and creates disturbances. He's done none of that! He hangs out outside by himself, and reallly does nothing but compliment anybody when they give him their five minutes per week. In Derrick's case, I do believe it's strategically planned, but the other dummies truly do believe that Donny is a mastermind, despite the fact that he's done nothing other than win some needed competitions.
It's getting harder and harder to keep watching this season. I just don't like this cast, outside of Zach. But Zach is not a real gameplayer either. He's just entertaining to watch on the feeds. Now that it's turned into the Frankie show (moreso now than before the scripted "reveal"), I dread seeing the broadcasts. I really wish they'd just cut the checks to him and Derrick and call it a season.
August 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterScott
Scott and Cyninbend I totally agree with both of you.
I am just flabbergasted over the stupidity of the HG this year. How many times do they have to be told of Derrick and Cody's role in the BS alliance and STILL go on to say they are the only ones they trust. ( hand to head) Derrick's game should have been blown up last week. As others have said here and elsewhere, he is only a mastermind due to the idiots in the house.
Scott, I started out pretty much liking everyone this year and now I am only rooting for Zach and Donnie. I can't watch the feeds anymore and just follow the goings on in the house on this site and a few others. I boycotted the show on Sunday and intend to do the same tonight. They will be on my DVR and maybe watched, or not, next week when it won't count for ratings. Each year the stunt casting goes up a notch. It started with Willie, then Elissa, and now Frankie. What's next year going to be like? AG's family member?
I can't believe how nobody has teamed up with Donnie, he keeps saying I have no one, he has won a bunch of comps, keeps his mouth shut, and is trustworthy. As I said, idiots! I feel so badly for him. I think he has Social Anxiety Disorder with a bit of OCD going on that is hampering his ability to actually reach out and start something with anybody. And then when he does make awkward attempts he is slapped down or targeted. I sincerely do think I'm quitting this Season once he goes and doesn't come back. I can't take the rest of them and Zach's antics aren't enough to keep me tuned in cause he has me totally PO'd with making up with Frankie.

The only hope I have is that Victoria is playing possum and really does know what's up and has been playing them all along. Then when it gets down to the final 4 she kicks ass and takes anyone but Derrick to F2 .I'm thinking it will be Christine, Cody, Derrick and Victoria. and even though I like Christine the least, It would be karma if F2 is Victoria and Christine. All the Macho boys get beat by girls.

Although my dream F2 is Zach and Donnie, I know that's not going to happen.
August 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKim G

Love your blogs!!! You make me so happy every morning when I read them. Keep on keepin on!

August 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKris
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