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Wednesday, the I'm too busy to type a lot update.

As usually happens - Mid-August tends to slow down inside the Big Brother house and my "real" life gets busy.  However I know not all of you are more busy now and depend on this site for updates so I wanted to give you a little something so you don't feel you are missing much.  This will be VERY short but tell you what you need to know game-wise.

Last night Nicole started campaigning, but it looks to me like it is a lost cause.  She continually told those she talked to (Christine, Derrick, Cody, and maybe others) that it made no sense to keep Donny over her because Donny is going after some of them while she would promise to go after Frankie, Victoria and Zach (#1 was Frankie).  Even though Cody seems to keep saying he wants Donny out soon he wouldn't commit to keeping her.  Derrick gave the standard "if you have the numbers I'm with you" answer that should be a clear sign to her that its looking bad.

Derrick did do something that he did with Jocasta (but didn't have time to do with Hayden), he promised to let her know if she was staying or going right before the show.  Think of that as a game move.  One of these HGs is coming back and assuming Nicole goes Thursday both Nicole and Jocasta will have Derrick to thank for letting them know they were going when everyone else was not being honest with them.  So the player that comes back may see Derrick as the only one they can trust and the others still in Jury will see him as the only one that was honest with them in the end.  Its a great move on his part and no one else is doing it.

A lot of the conversation that went on overnight had to do with future plans, I'm not worried about that right now as they can plan all they want but it all changes depending on who wins what.  The important stuff to me at the moment is that Nicole seems to be heading home.  There is still a chance Derrick may change his mind if he feels he can save Nicole, because I think he would prefer Donny leave since Donny is the only remaining HG that constantly talks about Derrick and Derrick/Cody as being strong players (and the only two that have still never been nominated).  There have been 38 chances to be nominated and Derrick and Cody never have been.  Someone in the house needs to throw out that stat.  It says a lot.

This morning in a talk with Frankie Derrick told Christine and Frankie he thoguht the vote would be 6-0 to evict Nicole.  I'm still waiting to hear him waver and the Zach flip last week took place Wednesday evening so anything is possible still.  Just don't expect the unexpected this week.

Two other items....

An interesting idea tossed out by @Sunflo_BB to me via twitter today - will there be another double eviction?  Might CBS bring back TWO HGs with the extra long season (all of Sept this season instead of ending early Sept), and throw in a second double eviction?  While the chances are slim, its fun to think avout.

And finally - there has been loads of chatter on social media about Christine and Cody's flirty ways the last few weeks, some outraged that Christine is close to any male in the house since she is married.  My answer to that is what does it have to do with the game? I feel most of the 'hate' being thrown at Christine and her husband (leave HG family OUT OF IT folks) is because Christine's game is not helping their own favorite HGs game, whomever that might be.  (rief item here: - its worth a quick read and expresses similar opinions on the situation as mine.

Comment away or holler at me at @BBGossip on twitter.  Ash is online at Twitter @ashes2ashes13 - so make sure to follow here there and she will post again soon.  I can't come close to filling her shoes but wanted to give you an update :)

Reader Comments (7)

Couple comments and I know I am being a crabass today. If Ash does not want to consistently publish an update daily, find someone who will.

Family of houseguests are warned to stay off social media. If family members decide to interact with others on Twitter, etc., then they should not complain about negative comments. That is the nature of the game and it was their choice to join in.

Same thing with this site; if you do not want my snarky comments, don't allow commenting.
August 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterZoe
Thanks Mike for the update it is very much appreciated. I read the post on, and while I'm not a Christine fan, the author makes some good points. Being stuck inside the BB house really screws up a person's psyche and Christine probably doesn't realize how she's coming off on TV. It's something she and her husband will have to deal with on their own, I'm not interested. I think for now I'm giving up the CBS show, I can't stand how the producers manipulate it. Frankie should have gone home week one- this pandering to the teenyboppers is ruining the season for me. I will continue to read this site for all of your great commentaries.
August 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBBFan
If you are someone who feels it necessary to contact Tim on Twitter to tell him you hate his wife, you are a crazy person, and you need to reevaluate your life. Likewise, if you feel personally offended by what you perceive as someone cheating (or coming close) on their husband, you need to take a step back and realize there are only 2 people in their marriage, and you are not one of them. To that extent, I agree. (To disagree with the Bustle article though, it seems from what he's said on twitter, Tim is really NOT fine with it.)

But I think it's fair game for people to comment on Christine and Cody's relationship within the context of talking about the show, because it IS a part of the game. The game is 16 people who are cut off from society, interacting with each other, and each hoping to be the last person standing. The WAY that they interact with each other is extremely relevant. When Christine and Cody are all over each other, it affects the game. Each of their motives is important. Her being married is a part of that. And especially since the other houseguests have commented upon her acting inappropriately for a married person, it's relevant.

I don't hate Christine because of the Cody thing, but I really hate how she's playing the game. She has helped facilitate this sexist season where the men have picked off most of the women, and it's hard to believe she's dumb enough to not see that she's playing for like 5th place. It makes me cringe how she lets herself be controlled by those guys. I hate that she's cuddling all over Cody, because it seems like he's playing her- using his looks and charm as a way to control her. And she's going to get a world of shit from everyone (including her husband) because of it.
August 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKristen
Wow Zoe, you really take the cake for biggest douche today! How about if you want to whine about Ash not making overnight commentaries, you start paying for the service? Or better yet, start your own BB site where you can write your own fucking commentaries for douchebags such as yourself to complain about? Peeps like you make me want to crawl through the internet itself so that I could punch you right in the mouth!
August 13, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterbarahir
1. Everyone assumes monogamy is the ONLY construct. It's not. There are a wide variety of non-monogamous arrangements that individuals abide. To assume that each couple defines fidelity and love identically is naive and mono-centric.

2. Convinced there are no super fans in the house. If there had been, there would've been a single contestant in the Otev contest who would have stockpiled their previously rubbed off answers for use later. NONE OF THEM thought to do that. WTF? Didn't Andy do that last season?

3. Derrick should be handed the money. Anyone who aligns with Derrick is helping him win the money. Anyone who doesn't align with him is helping him win the money. He is a master strategist, though as Ash pointed out, the puppets he's controlling are not the most intricate to manipulate. At least he makes them look like putty.

What I find bittersweet, is that he obviously made an excellent undercover officer but he'll never be able to do that again, now that he has celebrity status. Perhaps the prize money will make him feel better. Never thought I'd meet a worthy match after 14 seasons of duds, but Derrick is Dr. Will worthy.

Nobody else deserves to win more than Derrick.

Think, to be fair, CBS should also have two "Fan Favorite" awards this year. One for the contestant who brought his fan votes with him (Frankie) and the other for the actual fans of BB. It's really not fair to the houseguests, all of whom thought they had an equal shot at fan favorite, to find out there was a predestined producter fave slotted for the spot. That could have been why Zach was making all his obnoxious speeches - he was pissing off the houseguests but figuring he'd make fans creating drama. Too bad his fans would be irrelevant against Frankie's army.

I thought the funniest line in tonight's show was when Frankie was asked, "Are you even gay?!?"

Not terribly disappointed Nicole is on the block - her game play has been naive and disappointing. And all the other players are just counting time until they hand Derrick the victory that is his.
August 14, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn

calling it as I see it as well. Surprised production allowed the DR session with Zach where he screamed at them about Frankie already having America's Fav locked up and that he was basically wasting his time there.

And they certainly made it look, from the DR segments, that the others are not as smitten with "media mogul" as was being seen on the feeds. If only it is true and they remember when it's time to backdoor Frankie (next week please please please).

Unless production really rigs it, yes, Derrick should win, and, yes, his undercover career is over, and one has to wonder if he and his family will need extra protection (some of those he caught may have grudges...)

Still, I'm expecting a Rachel Effect for Frankie to try to keep the teenyboppers until the next shiny object comes along and she is Ari who?
August 14, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterlmb02
I'm doubting many will see this but....

Zoe.... just find another site if you aren't happy with this one. I'll be ok with it :) Really.

I only commented on Ash not posting because others would have asked if she was ok.

I keep seeing people saying Derricks 'undercover cop' days are over. My guess is they were over a while ago, at least as soon as he had a child as it is a higher risk job and, if he is like some I have known, often required stays away from home - something he wouldn't want to do as a new parent. But "undercover cop" sound cool and so that's why CBS put it by his name.

Thanks to everyone else for reading and commenting :)
August 14, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterindymike
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