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The Night Owl - Friday Night

Well, today started early with nominations.  Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta as expected, and Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria..also expected.   Shortly after nominations the BOB comp was played.  When the feeds returned, Zach was really unhappy and Victoria was on top of the world because she and Caleb won the BOB.  This makes Nicole the reigning HOH for the week and leaves Zach and Jocasta on the block.  Apparently the BOB was a really close race involving dominos being lined up through paths with punishments on them.  The winners had to take the punishments.  So, Victoria and Caleb are both on slop for two weeks.  They are chained together dressed as Adam and Eve for 48 hours, and Caleb had to shave his head.

Zach went into nomination hibernation for most of the afternoon/night leaving some of the others to game talk about targets etc..

Frankie spent a good bit of time in the HOH room (of course) with Nicole telling her that people were on board to get Zach out.  Helping her count votes. etc..   Same song and dance we usually get from Frankie when he sees the prospect of Zach's eviction on the horizon.

Hayden and Nicole talked for a while about what would be best to do this week.  Nicole kept going in between how much she does NOT trust Frankie and how she can't decide if she wants Frankie or Zach out more.  She takes Zach super seriously when he jokingly tells her that she is his target now, so she kept saying that maybe she just needs him to go.  Hayden told her that he thought maybe Zach was serious about her being his target too, so for her game it might be better to get Zach out, BUT, he said for his own game, it would be better if he won veto to take Zach off the block and make a deal with him, and backdoor Frankie.

Cody and Derrick managed to get a few minutes in the HOH room with Nicole to solidify their alliance with she and Hayden.  They call themselves (cringe) The Quad Squad.  Cody and Derrick talked a lot with Nicole about being on board to backdoor Frankie, and at the end of the conversation they agreed to wait and see what happens after the POV, but that they all would like to see Frankie go because he is an almost unbeatable competitor and so they would like to get him out while they have the chance.  Nicole's ideal is to have Jocasta pulled off the block and have Frankie and Zach sitting next to each other (I explained in my blog last night why that would be so dangerous).  But, Derrick kept dropping little subtle hints to Nicole that lets me know that for now at least, he is trying to save Zach.  He told Nicole that she might want to consider the fact that he and Cody can manipulate Zach and protect her from him, but they can't control Jocasta because she will vote however she wants to and do whatever she wants to.  Then in true Derrick fashion he backed off of it and said "just something for you to think about."

Later on in the night, Cody and Derrick got a minute to talk, and the mocked the idea that they are now in another alliance with Nicole. They called it a joke and said there was no way they could say no to the HOH about being in an alliance with her, so they have to roll with it and then when it comes time to cut them just say "hey we already made a different deal".  Cody also said "Frankie is trying to fuck us" and Derrick instead of responding with speech, just made a shooting motion about Frankie...essentially saying he is about to kill his game.

Potential problems are that Zach is kind of miserable already because he is on the block.  He knows he is about to be a Have Not because Nicole said she is definitely making him one.  I don't know if you guys recall, but he was definitely the most miserable have not I have ever seen.  Derrick practically had to airplane spoon feed him to keep him alive that week.  So, being kind of miserable, he is also being a little more mean to Nicole with his joking about her being his target.  This could easily make her decide that she would rather have him out than Frankie, and might get Zach evicted if he stays on the block.  I'm hoping he will either settle down and listen to Derrick, or win that veto (preferably the latter).

Other than that, most of the night was spent listening to Frankie's hellacious loud accents and screams.  Everyone hung out in the living room together and then everyone went to bed ..except of course Frankie who is still in the HOH sucking up to Nicole.

I'm crazy nervous for this veto comp today.  Zach is a very capable player and I know he CAN win the veto.  I just hope he does.  I don't want to have to worry until Monday and rely on the idea of someone else taking him off the block.  And I'm praying to the BB gods that Frankie won't even be drawn for veto, much less win it. But I know how these things usually go when I want them to go a certain way.  I'm calling it a night and hoping to see good results after the comp today!   As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (6)

Why in the world do you care about Zach? He is one of the most emotionally fragile, manipulative pseudo-straight people that has ever been on big brother. He would suck up to a pig if he thought it would help his game and them complain that he hates ham. Total douchebag!
August 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterWhatsit
Because to the feed watchers Zach is often a break in all the boredom.
August 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCraig
Whatsit, I don't see Zach as emotionally fragile at all. I'm not sure where you got that idea. He likes to light people up to amuse himself which I think is hilarious. He isn't malicious or hateful about it. He just jokes around a lot. Two of the three times he has lit people up on the actual show it's been a Team America thing...not his own idea. So there's that too. Most of the other HGs don't bother much with entertainment where as Zach keeps people on their toes and it's a LOT of fun to watch. Especially for someone like me who watches and blogs this stuff. He definitely isn't a suck up. In fact, that may be his downfall. Each time he has been nominated he hasn't been willing to suck up to the HOH to save himself. I also don't have any idea what him being straight or not has to do with him being a douchebag. You lost me on that one.
August 2, 2014 | Registered CommenterAsh
I like Zach. He's funny, he's a livewire. He's quite often the only entertainment on the feeds. However, he and his pal Frankie are now attracting the more moronic side of the Big Brother fanbase. They're on attack mode on anybody not 100% behind him/them, and they're already bragging they're done with BB if one of them go. That's ludicrous.

The one thing about Big Brother that I respect is the process. I never care who wins. I'd rather somebody I hate win than have production step in with diamond power of vetoes, coup d'etat's, etc. That's why I'll never respect Rachel, as she was handed a victory in that manner. If Zach or Frankie goes this week, it's because somebody saw an opportunity and made it happen...just like they did last week with Amber and kind of wanted to do to Caleb this week. That's what the game is about. Do we really want it to be Jocasta/Donny/Victoria on the block every week?
August 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterScott
And I'll add that no player is evil or "wrong" for targeting anybody else. If they do want to go after Jocasta, or Cody, or Donny, or the beloved Zach, they have every right as part of their personal strategy.
August 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterScott
I Agree with you, Scott. I really really really don't want to see Zach go because he is entertaining, but I don't think people are evil for targeting each other, even if it's my favorite player. I'm not a fan of Nicole, but she is doing what is best for her game in her eyes. Hayden is also targeting him, and I like Hayden.

I joke from time to time about production throwing Zach a bone (like a DPOV or something) because he has had to do so much for the Team America tasks and it's hurt his game, but in reality, if I am being completely serious, I want NO MORE production interference to help a person win, and I wouldn't want to see that happen. I would rather him win veto on his own and take himself down, or for the house to decide to keep him.

I also, as you know, am not a person who expects other people to like the same people I like. I LOATHE the twitter trolls that come after you for liking someone they disapprove of. I really do love Zach for his entertainment, and when people ask me "Why do you like/care about him?" I'll explain it, but I certainly wouldn't want everyone to agree to like the same person on BB. Differing opinions make things more fun. I even embrace those who like Frankie...and we all KNOW how I feel about him. lol
August 2, 2014 | Registered CommenterAsh
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