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The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Well, Tonight was a real nail biter for me, and I still don't know for sure where things are going to end up.  The feeds were down most of the day and all the way into BBAD tonight for the Veto competition.  Players were Jocasta, Zach, Nicole, Christine, Victoria, and Caleb.  It was one of the veto comps where they are sequestered alone until their turn and then they have to complete some kind of puzzle the fastest.  When BBAD came on, the feeds were still down but BBAD had one camera on the HOH room with all the non-veto players talking, and there was audio leak from the players.  It just happened to be Zach's turn to go, and he was heard going crazy, being excited, hitting buzzers, and then COMPLETELY melting down. The last we heard from the audio leak after many yells of frustration was Zach saying he quit and production asking him if he was sure he wanted to.

A little while later the feeds came back on and as it turns out, Zach didn't quit, but Christine won the veto!!

This of course means that the Frankie backdoor option is off the table as Christine is one of Frankie's closest allies and has no intention of using the veto because she wants the noms to stay the same.  She and Nicole celebrated briefly in the storage room about beating the boys in the competition, but Nicole's displeasure with Christine winning was still pretty obvious.  Nicole has stopped trusting Christine lately because she doesn't trust Frankie and because she feels like Christine and Frankie are trying to screw her.  Pre-Veto competition, Christine told Nicole that she hopes Jocasta wins the veto so that Nicole can put someone up next to Zach that will for sure send him  home IE Cody or Derrick.  She also told Nicole that Hayden hooked up with Victoria and that she thought all the boys including Hayden were voting for Zach to stay. 

I'm not ENTIRELY sure what Christine's motives were here, but I do know that Frankie had previously told her to tell Nicole the Victoria/Hayden lie to turn Nicole against Hayden, and I THINK, or I'm guessing really, that her telling Nicole that Hayden and the boys were voting to keep Zach was to cover her own ass if she votes to keep him.  I could be wrong though.  She might just really want Zach out and actually have been hoping for that scenario to happen.  It's very hard to tell with Christine.

While Christine celebrated her victory, Zach explained his meltdown and said he was embarrassed that he had thrown a frustration fit and was worried that in his frenzy to find all the pieces (to a puzzle?) he had thrown one and may have broken a Camera.  He also talked a little with Cody and Derrick to feel them out and make sure that they didn't imply he was going anywhere this week.

For the rest of the night it was hard to catch game talk because for one: there wasn't much of it happening because they were still on lockdown and everyone was close to each other, and two: The feeds were really screwing up and stalling and pausing.  However, there were a few important little tidbits.

Cody and Derrick talked alone for a while.  Prior to the Veto come they had talked about the fact that they thought that either Christine and Frankie or Hayden and Nicole were trying to screw them.  They were just not sure which ones.  Derrick explained to Cody how he was pretty sure that Nicole and Hayden were playing them with this new alliance (formerly The Quad Squad and now called The Rationale).  Derrick said he thinks that they are close with Donny and won't cut him, but that they will still cut he and Cody soon, and that if they evict Zach, they would be stupid, because Zach is a number for them.

Post Veto comp they talked a little more and Decided that Christine and Frankie probably are indeed coming after them soon, but that they would go after them first.  They decided it would still be better for them to keep Zach, and just out Christine and Frankie's nonsense to Zach and in front of Frankie to pull him to their side. This whole calling out thing could really go either way for Zach depending on when it happens.  I believe that he would likely turn on Frankie if he was told the stuff that Frankie says about him, BUT, Frankie could easily turn around and tell Derrick and Cody he knows about LTA and that he and Zach have a fake final 2 deal and a fake final 3 with Christine.  I'm hoping the call out doesn't happen until after the votes are in on Thursday night...if neither Frankie or Zach goes in the DE.

For a while Christine, Frankie, and Zach joined the Cody and Derrick conversation.  Christine said she was not going to use the veto and that she was going to tell Nicole she wasn't using it and that the target needs to change.  She SAID that she is going to tell Nicole that she is voting for Zach to stay and try to make Nicole okay with it.  I don't even know if Christine is really going to do that, but if she does, it will just make Nicole want Zach out more since she doesn't trust Christine or Frankie right now and already thinks they are plotting against her to keep Zach. In the room, Frankie, Christine, Derrick, and Cody all agreed that it would be stupid for any of them to go against what they have going th is week and lose a number because if they vote Zach out, that would give Nicole, Hayden, Donny, and Jocasta equal numbers with them, and the advantage numbers wise if Christine flips.

Derrick later had a conversation with Frankie telling him that they would be "fucked on the Team America thing" if they vote out Zach.  Which is essentially true, BUT, I think there is only one more Team America mission if I heard right at the begninning and there are only 5?  I will have to look that one up.  Either way, Derrick is working to try and keep Zach in the house for now.

For the rest of the night they have all been just hanging out in the living room talking about movies and football.  I expect there to be a ton of flip flopping around about who to vote out before Thursday.  I still don't necessarily think Zach is safe.  A LOT can happen between now and then.  For now I'm just going to hope that Derrick stays determined to keep him.  I do think that Derrick keeping Zach in the house may be contingent on getting Victoria's vote, because I'm not entirely convinced that Christine will vote with the Detonators unless she knows the majority are keeping Zach already and doesn't want to go against them.  It shouldn't be that terribly hard for Derrick to persuade Victoria though...once she is unchained from Caleb.

That's about it for tonight.  I'm worried but hopeful.  I doubt this week will be all that explosive, but I've been wrong before.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter for more overnight updates @ashes2ashes13.  Until tomorrow night...

Reader Comments (3)

Now, who was it again who was claiming that Zach wasn't emotionally fragile? The guy is a complete flake.
August 3, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterWhatsit
lol! My opinion on "emotional stability" definitely has not changed over some competition frustration, but you are more than welcome to your own opinion.
August 3, 2014 | Registered CommenterAsh
Christ. You must be his mother.
August 3, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterWhatsit
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