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Big Brother Season 16, Episode 20 Recap

Strap in, folks, as we’re due for a wild ride tonight. Double eviction night is easily the most exciting evening of the Big Brother season, and tonight should be no exception.

This is especially true after a wild turn of events last night that saw the target of the first eviction change. If you’ve been online at all in the last 24 hours you probably know what I’m talking about, but it was quite a shocking development.

Too bad you won’t see much of that tonight. Double eviction means there’s only room for one short segment of what’s happened in the house. Squeezing four days of footage into ten minutes is next to impossible, so you should probably tune into this week’s edition of The Big Brother Gossip Show on Saturday night for the full story.

So let’s not waste any more time. We left last night with Christine’s decision to not use the veto. Tonight we start off with Julie Chen making a joke about how both nominees were sleeping while the rest of the house was plotting their fate. It starts off with Cody telling Hayden and Derrick that “this week is pretty much locked up”. Is it? Their next move is to let Caleb in on it, and we get a fabulously hilarious shot of Caleb playing air drums. They all decide that it’s important to be careful so Zach doesn’t figure out what is about to go down.

Now Cody is inside whispering to Derrick, but stops when Frankie walks in. Cody gives Frankie a little wink, and Frankie admits the diary room that he’s a bit concerned, especially given the three-person alliance (LTA) that Zach told him about weeks ago. His plan is to ask Derrick what’s going on.

He does just that, pulling Derrick into the HOH. He asks Derrick why Cody is acting so paranoid towards him, and Derrick masterfully sways him. Derrick acknowledges that he has to do some “damage control”, and asks if Frankie feels dissension among the Detonators. They both talk about how Zach has made many promises, and Derrick adds “he may be manipulating you more than you think”. Yes, he’s good. He pretty much convinces Frankie that Zach needs to go home.

Frankie and Derrick now inform Caleb about the plan. “We want him out this week.” Caleb isn’t so sure. “At the end of the day, is he a number?” Derrick says that Zach talks too much, but Caleb still believes in the numbers. “I would be dumb to vote him out, as I have his vote no matter what”, he says in the diary room. Good job, Beastmode! He still agrees to do whatever the other boys decide.

We move on, and Derrick is now taking a shower. Derrick says that Caleb’s comment about numbers has resonated with him. “He might be a snake, but he’s my snake.” When Cody joins him in the bathroom, they talk about how they may need Zach after all. (Interesting editing going here, by the way.)

Finally, we get it. “Should we keep Zach”, asks Cody. “I think we should”, responds Derrick.

Cody then goes in and tells Christine that they need to talk. He tells her that Nicole had been planning on putting up Frankie if the veto had been used. Both Frankie and her were Nicole and Hayden’s new targets. Nicole interrupts them to get a sweatshirt, and then Cody carries on with the story. “This is unbelievable”, says Christine. Frankie joins them, and Cody also informs him that Nicole and Hayden are playing them. “So Zach is staying?, asks Frankie. “Let’s do it.”

Derrick then walks in, and the decision is finalized.

It’s now time to go to the house. Julie reads bullshit about the greatness of the twists, and then announces that the double HOH twist is now dead “for the next hour”. It’s double eviction night! Not only that, but tonight’s evictees are heading to jury. She also reminds them that “just because you’re out of the house doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of the game.” Ugh, I hate returnees!

Time for the nominees final pleas. Jocasta goes first, and it’s the usual shout outs to Jesus and her family. Please, CBS, ban this practice! She tells the house that she loves them all, even though she knows their decision has already been made. “I hope you keep me because I appreciate it.”

Now is the plea we’re waiting to hear. “Julie, I don’t have anything planned.” Yeah, right. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Everyone here is great. I love each and every one of you. You’ve all touched my heart, and for that I’m so grateful. Maybe I’ll change my ways and not be so hateful. We’ve all made it to jury. We’re on the right track. Viewers at home, please hash tag Zach Attack. House guests, I’m begging you. Please give me another chance.” He then gives out his twitter and instagram nicknames. “Your decision tonight is crucial. The wrong choice may cost ya, so when you walk into that diary room please vote to evict Jocasta.” A little tamer than how he practiced it, but very nice.

Voting now starts with Donny, who votes to evict “Zach Attack”. Caleb then votes to evict Jocasta, as does Christine, Derrick, and Cody. A clueless Hayden votes to evict Zach, though, but Frankie and Victoria (who?) vote against Jocasta.

Julie then reads the results, and you can see a concerned look on Hayden’s face. Zach starts clapping as Jocasta begins hugging the cast. Nicole is also visibly stunned.

No need to recap Jocasta’s interview. It’s as idiotic as her diary room babbling. Thankfully, it’s a short segment.

Now it gets fun, as it’s time for the HOH competition. It’s a question comp with a classroom setting. The questions are math-related about happenings in the house, and they have to guess “more”, “less”, or “exactly” for each one.

Everybody except Caleb, Christine, and Zach get the first question correct. Wow! Zach starts “woo”-ing extremely loudly. Unfortunately, however, Zach is out on the next question. They’re both correct on the third question, but Christine is wrong on the next. Beastmode is the new HOH!!!

After commercials, Caleb has to make his nominations. The Detonators all run in from the bedroom, and “at the end of the day” Caleb chooses Hayden and Donny to “take the hot seat”. Hmmmm, interesting.

There’s another set of commercials before the veto competition, and when we return the it’s the old ball pit competition. They have to pull out three rubber ducks, and hit the buzzer to win.

Who is this strange unknown girl?Zach is first with a duck, followed by Donny. Zach has a second duck, followed by Hayden, Christine, and Caleb with their first. Donny gets his second duck, followed by Caleb. Victoria finally finds a duck, and Donny grabs his third. He must now fidn the veto, which he does, and collapses!

There’s more commercials before Donny inevitably uses the veto on himself. Caleb then replaces him with Nicole “based on what everybody’s been saying”. There’s even more adverts before we get to the serious business at hand. Hayden gets to plead his case first, and complains that he hasn’t been informed of everything that’s been going on in the house He then throws Frankie and Christine under the bus  for “planting seeds since day two”. He tells Zach that he thinks he’s a “cool dude”. He’s clearly flustered, and wants to stay to fight “them” (Frankie and Christine).

Nicole then stands, and immediately drives me nuts. “Wellll, ummmm, this is crazy. A lot of people are playing super dirty, obviously. Christine and Frankie did plant the seeds that they wanted Zach out this week, and obviously this is what they wanted to have happen. I really want to stay. I love being here, but I hope you vote to keep me.” The voice trails off as she finishes that last sentence.

Voting then begins with Cody, who chooses to evict Nicole. Christine, however, votes against Hayden, as does Derrick. Donny votes against Nicole. Frankie goes against Hayden, as does Zach and Victoria. Hayden is thus evicted, 5-2.

Julie gives the news to the house, and he hugs a teary Nicole. Derrick whispers in his ear as he heads to the door, and somebody sounds like they’re hyperventilating. Nicole is heard yelling at Christine as we wait for the interview.

Hayden was completely blindsided by the evening, from the very beginning with Jocasta’s surprise eviction. He knew that he was going up at that point, and says that he’s the most angry at Frankie. “They were my next targets, and the fact that they got me before I got them kind of sucks.”

Of course, we then have to hear about his phony showmance, which Julie describes as “the Jeff and Jordan of this summer, kind of”. Fuck off, Julie Chen. That’s the worst sentence you’ve ever read on the show. Hayden says he has no idea if the city boy and country girl will have a future after the show. The interview concludes with Julie reminding him that he may not be going to jury permanently. “Expect the unexpected”, she’s forced to erroneously read one more time.

There’s one more little clip before we head out, and it’s Derrick giving instructions to Victoria. Meanwhile, Nicole is bitching at Cody. The feeds are going to be good tonight!

That’s it, folks! What did you think? Were you excited Zach survived? Were you shocked that Hayden was evicted? Tell us what you think!!!


Reader Comments (5)

Hey BBG folks- I appreciate all you do.
Now, did you see Derrick ask Christine who she voted for?
Is that allowed?
August 7, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterhemwilli
I have a few quick things:

1. Dear Nicole, you claim to be a superfan of BB. Yet, you become a little brat when you realize that people in the house play dirty. I'm sorry but even a novice viewer knows that Big Brother thrives on big plays that throws people under the bus ( sorry for using the cliche, but I had to). Yes, you must be frustrated by the blindside. But,keep in mind who was doing it. These are people who are really good at playing strategy against the remaining house guests. The sad thing is that Nicole could have used her hoh for a true power move and instead, it was wasted on getting out Jocasta. Yay? (I also had to explain to my parents that playing Hayden and Nicole dirty was a smart move because they had the numbers to do so. They still disagree with me.)

2. I believe on the Bb Gossip podcast, Colette has spoken out against all bros at the end in the past. I was just reminded of that tonight when there was only three women left.

3. Julie was terrible tonight. What sort of revisionist history is it when Jocasta always had a smile on her face? I clearly remember her crying for like two days straight and Jocasta working on her social game?. As far as I can tell, victoria has more social game than jocasta. that's right, someone who is invisible has better relationships in the house.Also, the Jeff and Jordan line was terrible.

4. Was anyone else concerned about Donny when he collapsed and had to be carried in?

5. Scott, (or anyone else more aware of the BB lore), how normal is it for people to tell each other what their vote was? On the second eviction, I noticed that Christine clearly mouthed Hayden to Derrick while Derrick said something to Donny (probably Nicole). Is that allowed?

6. Arguably my favorite moment of the show was how Victoria was the last to vote in both evictions. Why, you may ask? I had two theories. Either production forgot she was not on the block and had to throw her in quickly or her vote really didn't matter in both evictions. A clear sign of Victoria's true worth in the house right there,
August 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLiz
20 minutes after the live show and the celebration has changed to paranoia already. The only one that isn't worried seems to be Victoria and I think she is so clueless that she is waiting for Julie to come back and talk to them again. Nicole and Christine seem to be besties again and realizing the guys have control. Frankie is paranoid about either Cody or Zach, maybe even both. Big change from him dancing into the living room after the HOH comp. It went as expected but if Hayden or Donny had won hoh it would have been better because these people that stuck together for all of 4 minutes would have slashed each others throats and depending on who wins hoh (hope Donny or Nicole wins it to put the fear into the house again) they will be pushing each other off the cliff in no time while coming up with stupid names for the 8 alliances they will come up with this week.
August 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse
Liz - I'm curious to know the answer to your 5 as well. I hate that in a show that boasts its mantra as "Expect the Unexpected" it has devolved into anything but. I think that before the second HOH is chosen all the houseguests should have their mouths duct taped and their hands tied behind their back to prevent them from discussing their votes on the double eviction. I'd like 'em to do a triple eviction - and really shake things up. Won't take any longer - the DE HOH puts up three nominees and HGs vote on ONE and the two with the most votes go home.

Glad Jocasta is gone. Not glad Hayden is gone. If the viewers have any say in who returns, I'm sure it will be Hayden and not Jocasta. Guess Jesus didn't love her as much as she wanted - since he didn't answer her prayers.

When do they do the next HOH? I thought they got that started after the second eviction. They haven't even started it yet?!? So hoping Donny wins.
August 7, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterobjkshn
Liz, I dont' think they're supposed to, just like they're not supposed to do shout outs in their final pleas. Yet nothing is ever done to stop it. It's one of those annoying traits about how the show is run.

Julie did have a terrible night last night. I'm not a big fan of her anyway, but last night she was atrocious.

It was an interesting night last night. Thanks to the ease of skipping around with the BBViewer, and my usual source of background noise at work being on vacation, I'm now all caught up!
August 8, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterScott
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