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Double Eviction Episode Guide - Who will follow Jocasta or Zach out the door?

After weeks of dull and predictable (last night on the feeds being a definite exception), #BB16's first double eviction might be just what we need to shake things up. It's a whole week of Big Brother stuffed into an hour ... but not the week we're used to this season because the dual-Head of Household twist should be history.

(By the way, if you haven't read Ash's Night Owl post which brilliantly covered last night's unexpected vote-flipping, you should click right here to read it.)

Here's how things will probably go down during the live Thursday show.

First, CBS will present recaps of all the predictable stuff which happened after Christine chose not to use her Power of Veto. Zach will whine about how stupid he was to volunteer to be on the block and how poorly he did in this week's comps. Jocasta will dutifully portray the outgoing, dynamic, charming, God-praising character written on the cue cards (or is it a teleprompter) in the Diary Room (but which is nothing at all like the quiet weepy wimpy house guest that she is every day on the live feeds).

Various other house guests will get screen time during recaps. Nicole, as HOH, will lament that she couldn't backdoor Frankie and how her agreement with Derrick to get Zach gone unravelled. We will hear from Christine and Frankie and possibly see the most recent made-for-TV Hayden/Nicole smooch (unless CBS saves that for Sunday filler). And CBS will attempt to invent drama which suggests the eviction vote is anything but already decided.

Or ... hold on a sec! The pattern I'm so used to, even after being a Big Brother watcher for only a year, is that the Powers That Be (Derrick and Cody this year, Amanda and Helen at this time last year) have decided by about three minutes after the POV meeting who the target is, and nothing short of heavenly intervention changes that decision between Tuesday and Thursday.

Then last night happened. (As I said earlier, read all about it in Ash's Night Owl.) The result is that tonight's double-eviction should be even more fun!

Anyway, expect the recaps to take about 10 or 11 minutes.

Julie will talk with the house guests, telling them that the person being evicted will be the first jury member. She will officially reveal the double eviction to the house guests (as if they don't already know, at least those of them who had heard of the show before they got on) and the end of the dual-HOH twist. Will Julie also reveal that one of the evictees will have a chance to rejoin the house, repeating the twist which was new last season?

Jocasta and Zach will give their “save me” speeches, Julie will call for their votes, we will witness another boring unanimous vote -- oof, hold on yet again. Will it be unanimous after last night's unexpected gaming? There will be no time for taped goodbye messages ... so after Julie interviews Jocasta or Zach, we'll go to commercial.

That should take us up to about 25 minutes past the hour, give or take a couple minutes.

Coming out of the break, the house guests will be already set for the Head of Household competition, which will start immediately and take probably 3-6 minutes. Julie will tell the winner that he or she will have to put people on the block after the next commercial break. And the HGs will scramble. (Last year, Aaryn won HOH, and she wasn't happy about it at all.)

After commercials, we'll watch a minute or two of live strategizing, and then Julie will call them to the living room for nominations.

(This is when the first televised drama of the entire season could potentially take place. But it really depends on who wins HOH! If it's one of the Detonators, it could be boring if the targets are Jocasta, if she's still there, and Victoria again, or perhaps only one of them plus, say, Donny as presumed pawn. If Caleb goes on the block, I would be thrilled. But I will be hoping again for a non-Detonator to win, and I'd like to see people go on the block who haven't been there. What if Christine or Hayden wins, and they decide to go after Derrick or Cody? Or Derrick and Cody? I know, I know ... Both as targets is highly unlikely (because the HOH is always afraid of being targeted the following week), but one can dream.)

Another ad break, during which extra players for the Power of Veto competition will be drawn.

Then they will go directly into the POV comp. It will take just a few minutes to complete. We'll watch commercials while the POV winner strategizes about saving one of the nominees.

Julie will show us a minute or two of live strategizing again and then call the HGs back to the living room for the veto meeting. (Last year, Aaryn had won both HOH and POV. She saved Jessie and put Judd up, to gasps from the studio audience.)

After yet more commercials, the nominees will give their speeches and house guests will vote to evict the evening's second person. (Again, this has at least the potential to be dramatic. I'd love to see a split vote.)

Julie will announce results, the evicted will look shellshocked, and we'll see tearful (or not?) goodbyes. Then Julie will interview the dearly departed.

And ... that's it. The next Head of Household competition will take place off the air, so check back here periodically late Thursday night / Friday morning for updates! I will tweet (via @uselesstraffic) an update to the #BB16 Ticker graphic (which also appears over on the right side of this page) with the HOH winner as soon as we know, at least if it's not too late in the night. (Otherwise, first thing Friday morning.) Ash will have updates all night long @ashes2ashes13 and a full Night Owl post in the morning.

Who do you hope will be the second jury member? Think there's much of a chance that a significant player like Derrick, Cody, Frankie, or Christine will be following Zach — er, Jocasta - out the door? Sound off in the comments below or @uselesstraffic.

Reader Comments (2)

The (insert stupid ass alliance name here) could shake up the house but if they don't win that first hoh of the 2 tonight they also could be screwed. Now is Zach going to "Zach Attack" Nicole and Hayden because of this? I wish this happened a day or 2 ago so it made the feeds better. They have been pretty dull when the outcome is predetermined. Zach knowing this for 2 days would have meant he would have snapped before the show tonight.
August 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterIrishcurse
I would love it if Zack stays just for entertainment purposes. But, I fear for my other two favorite players,Donny and Hayden. My biggest fear is that Donny will be backdoored and out tonight. My hope is for anyone of the defunct Bomb Squad minus Zack to go, preferably Frankie, Cody or Christine. I'm hoping Hayden or Donny wins HOH and put up either Frankie and Christine or Derrick and Cody, with Caleb as the back up plan. Keeping my fingers crossed that my guys are safe tonight but I 'm not holding out much hope cause if Zach stays by a blindside vote, Hayden and Donny will be thrown off their game. And if Donny is put up first, I don't see his slow and steady way of playing comps being a good thing in the fast paced DE. I'm dreading that Donnie or Hayden will go out in DE tonight. My only hope is that they may have a good chance of coming back in.
August 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKim G
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